Keep the momentum going! Help elect sane candidates in Mesa County! Dems plan two more literature drops, seek volunteers to help

Mesa County voters have had enough of Tina Peters’ pillow talk

Mesa County Democrats had about 50 people turn out for their last literature drop event last weekend, a tremendous success.

The literature drops are aimed at educating voters in Mesa County about alternatives to voting for Republicans, who have racked up a remarkably long record of failure as elected officials, and caused Mesa County taxpayers much grief and expense.

Dems plan two more literature drops, seek volunteers to help.

The next opportunity to help is Saturday, October 1st. Volunteers are asked to meet up in Sherwood Park at 10:00 a.m. The literature drop event is short, from 10am – 12:00 noon. The literature distribution areas for this event will be at homes around Sherwood Park, Lincoln Park and the Redlands.

After that, the next literature drop event will be on October 15th, in the northeast part of the valley. To join this one, meet up at Columbine Park (544 28 1/4 Road in northeast G.J.) at 1:00 p.m. The this event will run from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

People have had enough of Republican “angertainment,” seek to elect people from “Team Normal” again

Lauren Beobert, shouting and the President during the State of the Union address

There seems to be a real effort to push Mesa County away from its long pattern of electing inexperienced, right wing ideologues like Tina Peters and Lauren Boebert, who use their positions to rip off taxpayers, promote crazy conspiracy theories, insult their constituents to the point of absurdity, get famous by ginning up outrage and grift off people they fooled into trusting them, and instead elect rational candidates who are grounded in reality and committed to serving the public competently, respectfully and without drama — in other words, Democrats.

Please notify Charley Allen if you plan to be there by emailing him at


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