Need a job? Want to make a difference? Cobalt Abortion Fund is seeking to hire 2-3 more organizers on the western slope

Are you looking for a rewarding job that will give you a way to help people and make big difference in their lives?

Cobalt Advocates is looking to hire two to three more organizers on the western slope.

Cobalt operates the Cobalt Abortion Fund, a dedicated abortion fund that helps people cover the cost and manage the logistics of getting an abortion, like transportation, lodging and child care. The Cobalt Abortion fund is 100% donor-funded, and it is the only independent fund of its kind in Colorado.

Cobalt’s goal is to make sure no one has to endure any financial or logistical burdens when it comes to abortion.

Now hiring

Cobalt wants to hire two and possibly three more organizers on the westerns slope. No degree is needed for the position and they will train anyone, but they are specifically looking for people who have an innate self confidence, who value abortion as a choice and are willing to talk about abortion publicly all day, every day. The job involves appearing at street fairs, doing phone banking at election time, attending tables at festivals and other duties to spread the word about Cobalt and the Abortion Fund. You must be comfortable working remotely and managing your own work time, although there is the possibility of sharing a workspace with another employee if you really want to go to an office. The job can be either part or full time, as you choose, but the full time position comes with significant benefits that include health insurance coverage that allows you to add your family inexpensively, plus dental and vision coverage, a 2% retirement match, generous paid time off and 2 weeks vacation for which you’re eligible right away.

Cobalt has had a surge in the number of people contacting them for help since the Supreme Court decision earlier this year that ended the constitutional right to abortion after 50 years. In 2021, Cobalt fielded 7,000 inquiries. So far in 2022, they’ve had 70,000 inquiries.

Colorado is surrounded by states with “trigger laws” that went into effect shortly after the Dobbs decision ended people’s right to sovereignty over their own bodies. Colorado’s Democratic legislature, however, earlier this year enacted a law that protects every Coloradan’s right to reproductive freedom, but surrounding states’ trigger laws have greatly increased the number of women seeking abortions in Colorado.

In their decision, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority indicated next they will try to overturn other cases that have long protected other  American rights to autonomy, including the right to use contraceptives and the right to marry whomever you love. In response, the Democratic-led federal House of Representatives passed a bill last July to protect people’s right to use contraceptives, but so far Republicans in the Senate have not acted on the bill.

If you’re interested in applying for the job with Cobalt, email Cobalt Regional Director Kiera Hatton Sena, at or call or text her at (719) 248-5718.


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