Tina Peters: “Why aren’t they arresting Jena Griswold, the A.G., the D.A., the judge in my case and the County Commissioners?”

In an unhinged appearance September 6 on Lindell TV Tina Peters asked,

“Why aren’t they arresting the people that have already proven to be subverting our elections? The Secretary of State Jena Griswold, and the Attorney General for covering it up, and D.A. Rubinstein, and this judge here, Barrett, why aren’t we prosecuting them? They’re covering up…the Commissioners … they’re covering up that 29,000 vital election records have been deleted.”

“…They kicked me out of office unlawfully…the only way they can removed an elected official from office is recall them. A judge cannot remove an elected official.”

Tina either doesn’t understand, or is lying

Tina either completely misunderstands, or is intentionally lying to the public at large about her situation by saying she’s been “illegally removed” from office.

She has not been removed from her elected office. She remains Mesa County Clerk and is continuing to collect her full taxpayer-funded salary for that office, plus benefits including health insurance, but because of her alleged criminal behavior, a judge ruled that she can not be physically present in any of her Clerk and Recorder offices or contact any of her employees. The Court also ruled that she cannot run elections any more.

We were told Tina would be a great Clerk, & the Mesa County GOP defended her to the hilt

Current county commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel endorsed Tina Peters in 2018, assured us Tina had “a wealth of knowledge” and we’d “be in really good hands ” if Tina was elected Mesa County Clerk and Recorder.

Left to right: Sherronna Bishop (right wing extremist who is currently a subject of an FBI investigation into election tampering), Tina Peters, who has been indicted on 7 felonies and other crimes related to election tampering, including official misconduct, and current County Commissioner candidate Bobbie Daniel. (Photo taken from a 2018 YouTube video in which Bobbie Daniel endorsed Tina Peters for Clerk)

Mesa County Republican Party Chair Kevin McCarney also defended Tina (video) even after she lost and failed to count 574 ballots from the 2019 election, and even after her alleged criminal actions as Clerk.

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