Lauren Boebert doesn’t understand what “wanton killing” is

Everybody is talking about how, while reading a passage from the Bible, Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert mixed up “wanton” and “wonton,” jokingly admitting that she didn’t understand what “wanton killing” was.

Remember that point in the Club 20 debate between Boebert and her opponent Adam Frisch, where Frisch asked Boebert why she didn’t attend the Club 20 Steak Fry, an event to honor the candidates participating in the debates?

Boebert answered Frisch by curtly saying, “Dinners aren’t my thing.”

What  she didn’t want people to know was that she wasn’t at the steak fry that night because she was across the state in Woodland Park, preaching at the Truth and Liberty Coalition’s “From Vision to Victory” conference at Charis Bible College, hosted by faith healer Andrew Wommack.

Wommack is a Colorado-based millionaire dominionist TV evangelist who says “Christ’s words mean that world governments should be brought under Christian control, starting right here in America.” A December 18, 2020 article in the Colorado Springs Gazette says Wommack “has described liberals as crazy, malicious, evil and demon-possessed.”

In July, Boebert said publicly that she was “tired of this separation of church and state junk,” thus showing her poor grasp of American history, the U.S. Constitution and the founders’ effort to keep the U.S. from becoming a theocracy.

Boebert dropped out of high school to have babies and got her G.E.D. just before running for Congress two years ago.


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  1. It’s embarrassing to watch someone read a basic, well known, cautionary story from the Bible —- to a Christian crowd —- and everyone laughs because nobody knows the story.

    Romans 1:28 says in part —- “they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God.”

    Boebert can’t be bothered to spend the time to study one simple passage about what happens to people who can’t be bothered.

    What she’s doing there is heretical (look up biblical heresy) and just plain lazy and attention selling. And gross.

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