2 comments for “Review of Red Rock Hyundai received from a reader

  1. Wow!
    As I have said previously, we need to end the existence of these dealership owners in this valley. This is a huge problem in an isolated area.
    Legal action is required, though I admit that I don’t know what exactly that would be.

    • Fraud. If the contract states bumper to bumper or some other warranty statement, and they cannot or will not service the car as stated in the contract, they are perpetrating fraud.
      ” Fraudulent misrepresentation is a civil tort arising out of contract law. It is a false statement of fact that causes or induces someone to enter into a contract. A defendant commits fraudulent misrepresentation when he or she lies or misrepresents an important fact about in order to cause or induce the other party to enter into a contract.” (definitions.uslegal.com)

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