Shake up at Red Rock

Brantley Reade (far left end of check)

As of today, Brantley Reade, Platform Manager for Red Rock Nissan, is no longer with the Red Rock Auto Group. He was formerly the designated person to call if you had been victimized by a deal at Red Rock’s Nissan or Kia dealerships.

So now, if you were a victim of a deal at a Red Rock dealership in which your digital signature was added to a contract without your being able to first see and expressly approve or reject any charges added to it (like extended warranties, maintenance agreements, protective coatings, key fob insurance, GAP insurance or other items), or if you found your signatures have been forged on any documents from your deal, or if your gross income, monthly housing payment, description of your vehicle or any other information was misrepresented to your lender on your loan application and Red Rock got you into a loan too big for you to handle, contact Red Rock owner Bryan Knight at (801) 792-3711 or email him at to make an appointment to discuss your situation and give him a chance to make it right.

Please disregard the contact information previously given for Brantley Reade.



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  1. This is good old fashioned journalism. Who what where when and why has all been answered in the annelandmanblog.

  2. Yes Anne, good work. The blurb in the Sentinel notwithstanding that two of the charges were dropped doesn’t comment on the several more incidents you have documented in your Blog. Red Rock does advertise in the paper, I believe.

  3. By now everyone at RR is looking over their shoulders. Who gets blamed next? Who is talking to investigators? The bosses will blame the workers, the workers will blame the bosses. How many more people will tell their stories? Will the manufacturers pull the franchises? Will Utah ever look into this? How has this gone on for so long?

    Thanks to Anne for all her work on this—many, many hours with customers of RR, checking all sources, interviewing people.

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