Tina Peters tries to con someone out of a parking pass so she can park illegally at the state Capitol — and it wasn’t just anyone

“Support America”: Tina Peters trying to get someone to abet her parking illegally at the state Capitol in Denver. (Photo: Taylor Corpier via Facebook)

Heidi Hess was at the state Capitol for lobby day February 13 when she was approached in a parking area by none other than former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who tried to con Hess out of her parking pass.

Not just any guest

Making the encounter even more ironic was the fact that Hess had been Mesa County’s registered elector who served as the plaintiff in Secretary of State (SOS) Jena Griswold’s 2021 lawsuit to block Peters from administering elections in 2021. That August, 2021 lawsuit asked the Court to remove Peters as the County’s Designated Election Official and install Wayne Williams and Sheila Reiner in that capacity instead.

The Court granted Griswold’s request.

So Peters had previously faced Hess in Court when she had testified against Peters in that case in 2021. Peters lost, and never again ran an election.

But Peters didn’t recognize Hess. Instead, Peters told Hess she “would be supporting America” if she would just let her use her parking pass so she could park in an area she wasn’t otherwise allowed to use. Hess and her companions got a good chuckle out of the situation and left.

Peters told them she was at the Capitol to lobby on a wireless bill.


(Photo: Caleb Ferganchik & Heidi Hess via Facebook)

Photo: Caleb Ferganchik & Heidi Hess, via Facebook



  5 comments for “Tina Peters tries to con someone out of a parking pass so she can park illegally at the state Capitol — and it wasn’t just anyone

  1. Anne, please keep us updated on Tina’s solid 30 days of trials that just started. Also, please consider joining Mastodon.social and linking to articles on your blog!

  2. People need to stop making excuses for this person. Illegal behavior shouldn’t be explained away as mental illness or dementia. Nor should her family members, especially her children, be held accountable for preventing or managing her illegal and immoral actions. Breaking the law is breaking the law. IMO the narrative that she’s somehow a poor little old lady who must be mentally ill or have dementia is classist, sexist, and ageist.

  3. Her mental status mirrors the rest of the extreme right’s divorce from reality. How to reach them has yet to be elucidated. Willful obliviousness.

  4. Tina is not well and her family should seek a court appointed conservator to manage her affairs and get her treatment. She is ruining her life, looking at the rest of her life in jail, and cannot stop undermining her best interests. She makes it too easy to make fun of her, but if you had someone in your family self destructing, wouldn’t you want them to get help? I don’t know whether her mental issues rises to not knowing the difference between right and wrong (which would get her off on the numerous criminal charges), but in her present state she cannot mount an effective defense. Things are so crazy here that I expect the County Commissioners to try to replace the very accomplished Jeff Kuhr with her.

    • I wrote this article a year ago, proposing that we assume Tina is not mentally well and that she should be encouraged to get help. After I posted this piece, at her talks before right wing groups, Tina started insisting that she was perfectly fine mentally, that she was not anxious, depressed, suicidal, etc., and was perfectly fine, thus undermining any case that might be made in Court or elsewhere that she might, in fact, be mentally ill. So we’ve walked that path already and there doesn’t seem much that can be done by anyone about Tina’s mental status, whatever it is. https://annelandmanblog.com/2022/02/its-time-to-admit-somethings-wrong-with-tina/

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