City of Grand Junction election results, 2023

Below are the results of the April 4, 2023 City of Grand Junction election. These are marked on the City’s website as the final election results. There will be a ballot curing period of 8 days following which the official final results will be viewable by going to this link on the City’s website.

Referred Measure 1A is the Community Recreation Center and 1B was to lengthen the lease on a parcel of City-owned land.

Winners of seats on City Council are Cody Kennedy, Jason Nguyen and Scott Beilfuss, and incumbent Anna Stout skated to re-election running unopposed.

The Community Recreation Center measure passed by almost 4,000 votes. Voters also passed the measure to lengthen the lease on City-owned property.

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  1. $140,000,000 / 30 years / 65,000 population (18,000 in the city voters 40%) is $72.00 per year per person for 30 years just to build it. And the other 93,000 residents in the county can use it. Have you seen the City Parks manage other facilities?

  2. There are so many things in life (and politics) that we accept as “That’s just how it is.” But really, it’s choices that we make. These elections prove it: The assumption that Mesa County is “Red” is a choice that voters have rejected this time around. I’m proud of us!

  3. We still need to take care of the affordable housing and homelessness problems. Grand Junction will soon have the second highest sales tax in the state next to Aspen. I don’t have the answers but I wonder if the rec center project could have been paid for more efficiently and differently. We may have missed the boat on the marijuana tax mother lode!

  4. 33 years in the Grand Valley, I didn’t think this day would ever arrive. I’m happy about this. Maybe the good ol’ boys of Mesa County are fading away.

  5. Like many, I don’t live in the City, but what the city can and does do has a direct influence on my finances and some decisions I make. Very glad to see the more ‘progressive’ i.e. open minded candidates win. On the rec center, I don’t have a dog in that fight.

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