Tina’s election tampering trial delayed again

Tina Peters’ trial on felony charges for election tampering has been delayed again, this time until October 17, according to the Daily Sentinel.

The reason given was that the federal government still hasn’t turned over the electronics they seized in the case.

Kyle Clark of 9News in Denver interviewed Tina on March 30, and at the 1:15 mark into an 11 minute interview, Tina said,

“Today they just moved my trial out again, until October 17, so this could be moved out for decades…

Clark asked Tina about her take on Donald Trump’s indictment. Towards the end of the interview he asks Tina if a year and a half from now, she and Trump might both be in prison.

She answered,

“Just like Donald Trump’s indictment, my indictment has nothing to do with the facts.”

Tina now has her own show on Rumble.com once a week in which she hawks deeply discounted “My Pillow” merchandise:


There is also now a page about her on Wikipedia.


  9 comments for “Tina’s election tampering trial delayed again

  1. Please everyone, the DA has to have the two witnesses that worked in the office with Tina. They will spill the beans on all the illegal acts that Tina did. The witnesses will seal her fate. All good convictions take time!

    • Oh forgot to include this. These two election officials MUST take this required training for the next election. All that Tina NEVER took!

  2. I guess your commenters don’t actually read the articles you write. The trial has been postponed, not because of of anything Tina Peter’s has done, but rather because the prosecution isn’t ready.

  3. F-ing disgusting! And like trump mouth running like a ducks ass. Is the judge going to put some restrictions on trump when arraigned Tuesday? Isn’t there a sentencing going to happen on the 10th? If only there would be some jail time but a decent Republican judge will not do that to one of his own.

    • She was convicted of a misdemeanor. She has no prior record of convictions. Jail is not called for in such cases, like it or don’t. But should she be convicted of felonies in the big case against her, the hammer will come down.

  4. White skin color plus big money (i.e. My Pillow Guy) equal “getting away with murder.” Tina and The Former Guy share the magic ingredients for scoffing at the law as they grift, grift, and grift. Walk into Mesa County Jail some time. Inmates are, in large part, poor people. Their public defenders are underpaid, understaffed, and underfunded.

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