Lauren Boebert files for divorce

Lauren Boebert, embarrassing Mesa County by shouting rudely at President Biden during the State of the Union address, while Biden was discussing his deceased son, who contracted brain cancer after being exposed to toxic burn pits in the military

Updated 5/17/23 to add affidavit of process server.

Colorado House Rep Lauren Boebert filed to divorce her husband of almost two decades, Jayson, on May 11, 2023.

Boebert had long championed conservative family values and claims to be a Christian. She has claimed we are living in the “end times” and hinted that Jesus could have prevented his crucifixion if only he had owned an AR-15 rifle.

While citing no specific cause beyond irreconcilable differences, in a statement emailed to the Denver Gazette, Beobert said “I’ve always been faithful in my marriage.”

The Daily Beast describes Jayson as being “furious” upon getting served with the divorce papers. According to The Daily Beast, which obtained the affidavit of service of the papers, Jayson was cleaning a gun and drinking a beer at the time he was served, and was caught off guard by the development. According to the Daily Beast, the affidavit of service says, “He chased away a process server with an expletive-laden tirade and let his dogs loose when he was served with the divorce papers.”

The Colorado Sun reports that Boebert’s divorce petition is 46 pages long and was filed in Mesa County Court on May 11. The Court filing says the couple’s separation started on April 25, 2023.

Affidavit of service of divorce papers against Jayson, by the process server.


  12 comments for “Lauren Boebert files for divorce

  1. I wonder if she’ll speak out against the men in her party who want to do away with no-fault divorce.

  2. That process server must be a brave person to approach the Boebert household. “Cleaning a gun and drinking a beer” and “Chased away a process server with an expletive-laden tirade and let his dogs loose.” Oh yes, please sign me up for that job! Lauren and Jayson seem like a couple of nut jobs perfectly suited for each other. This is a head scratcher.

  3. Imagine Lauren not paying proper homage to Joe’s lies about Beau’s death and instead directing attention to thirteen American soldiers losing their lives because of Biden’s incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    I bet you all forgot about that, eh?

    So much easier to mock Boebert’s family.

    • Textbook whataboutism. Well done. I think most people would be inclined to ignore her divorce were it not for her Christo-fascist views she never shuts up about. Funny how she wants people to stay out of her business when she makes it her business to be in theirs.

    • Your response is, “What about Biden?” ?
      Joe and Jill Biden have been married about 46 years. To date, neither one of them has acting like a flaming bag of redneck garbage.

  4. I am bummed about the striking going on, for just this one reason, Late Night Guest Host shows would have a hay day with this one.

  5. She has a perfect right to divorce, or course, and it’s only because she’s a public figure that we care. But by her publicity–most of it sought by being outrageous–we know not only about her marriage/divorce but also about her incredible need for attention by saying virtually anything that crosses her sick mind. That is the issue here, not a divorce. The issue is that rural Colorado voted for a very disturbed individual to represent them in D.C.

    • For all of us who have long term successful marriages and/or relationships, the dissolution of a marriage is sad. Boebert has been conspicuous in her holy-then-thou attitude and is now faced with her failed marriage and her failure to raise her children with the values she has “recommended” for her “parishioners.” All I can say is Lauren be careful what you preach about as it WILL return to bite you when you judge others. Now that you will be divorced, many of your “friends” may not to “include” you as you will be a dangerous single woman.

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