New website up for the effort to recall D-51 School Board President Andrea Haitz

Click the image to go to the new website for the Andrea Haitz recall effort

The public can now keep track of the effort to recall School District 51’s Board President Andrea Haitz by going to, where people can find out where to sign petitions, get trained in how to gather signatures, donate to the effort or volunteer to help. The organizers need to gather 15,000 valid signatures of registered voters within the next two months.

The website states the public’s grievances against Haitz:

  • Andrea Haitz was elected to the District 51 Board in 2021, promising transparency.

  • Instead, Haitz has turned local control of school dollars over to extremist organizations, turned fundamental parts of her job over to expensive lawyers, denied student pleas for mental health services, and used her office for family political gain.

  • The biggest decisions at District 51 are now being turned over to outside interests and fringe extremists who don’t represent Mesa County families.

The website says you can drop by Lincoln Park any day between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to sign the petition.

Organizers of the effort also created a Facebook page where people can go to get additional information, ask questions, etc.

  14 comments for “New website up for the effort to recall D-51 School Board President Andrea Haitz

    • Very similar to the Grand Junction scenario…
      What I find humorous is people being aghast that conservatives are finally waking up and fighting back.
      That’s what liberals have been doing for decades.
      They can dish it out…but they can’t take it.

      • I am aghast that those on the right don’t care about what is happening in the Republican party. And before you talk about the “Biden investigation” let’s also investigate the Saudi “investments” in the Trump organization.

        They vote for someone who is guilty of sexual abuse of a woman, and possibly more, and continues to say he thinks it’s okay to do that!

        Thinks that the Jan 6 insurrection attempt was a good thing.

        Derogatory to everyone, even while being interviewed! Wasn’t he just sued for slander?

        Thinks that Pence should have sent the delegates back to the states for a “re-do.”

        Is being investigated for so many things. Like taking classified documents and lying to the courts that he returned them all.

        Truly has no respect for the constitution.

        And those who are following the mis-information chain. Taking public money for private schools, saying that the public schools will indoctrinate our kids when everything they do themselves is indoctrination. Pushing their religious agenda on others. Banning books, telling people what they can and cannot study. Taking over school boards. Putting people in place that don’t listen to the teachers, the students and the community.

        • Ann’s website isn’t great for meaningful discussion so I’ll make it short.
          You missed my point.
          I am not arguing that libs shouldn’t hold the opinions they do…
          What I am noticing that they resent that conservatives hold the opinions they do and are actually using existing political strategies to obtain power in some small way through organizations like school boards.

          What is happening now is pushback from the libs ie: the recall. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. One thing is clear…the conservatives are going to have to hang tough and not give up. This is actually just the beginning.

      • What “liberal” organization has been coordinating taking over school boards and completely disrupting them they way they have done in Woodland Park? I’m curious.

        • Well, Joe…democrats have changed Coloradi from red to blue in a pretty short time.
          You’d have to be pretty naive to think that happened without lots of organizing and funding.

          • Liberals look at what’s best for the group, the country, everyone.

            Conservatives only care about what’s best for themselves.

            I’d like to think that most people are smart enough to realize that conservative policies aren’t really good for America.

          • Colorado has historically been a Purple state, now we’re leaning more and more towards Blue; because rational people are getting fed up with the Christian Taliban and their school-shooter pal. The howling from the pockets of deep Red don’t drown out reality, at least not for other people.

          • I think you meant to say “voters have changed Colorado from red to blue”. What I asked you about is the corollary on the left that has been strategizing to take over school boards across the nation (which had previously been a nonpartisan election) and have provided roadmaps for how to create maximum chaos, seeking to “divide, scatter, conquer.” Your answer, in your usual fashion, was to change the subject.

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