Peer 180 Community Recovery Support offers free addiction recovery & support services downtown for individuals and families

Building at 201 South Ave. next to Union Station that houses Peer 180 All Recovery Community Center

Just south of the old Grand Junction Union Station Train Depot at 119 Pitkin Ave. (that is soon to be be refurbished) is another, smaller building at 201 South Ave., that also says “Union Station” at the top and is also kind of historic in its own right.

This building is now the location of Peer 180 Community Recovery Support, a new, grant-funded non-profit organization that helps people recover from addiction by providing services, support, education, advocacy, activities, and non-religious recovery programs. What sets Peer 180 apart is that it welcomes not just individuals, but entire families and even their friends, is free to everyone and is not religious-based. They even have a play room for children so parents can easily attend recovery events and activities. The building is located downtown, just a 4 minute walk from the downtown Van’s Car Wash.

Entrance to Peer 180 Recovery Community Center

Peer 180 offers meetings and social activities like Art in Recovery (a social gathering where attendees get to create art), movie nights, game nights, holiday celebrations, bonfires, sledding, life skills training, dances and more. The Circle of Parents in Recovery group even includes dinner and child care at no cost.

The people running the organization are all in long-term recovery themselves. Peer 180 works on behalf of all those affected by addictions, meaning they also welcome family members and friends. Their aim is to enhance not just the the quality but also the quantity of support available to people trying to recover from addictions to substances, and to increase long term recovery.

Peer 180 offers all their services at no charge to attendees.

Phone is (970) 644-5020.

Email address is

Sample Peer 180 monthly calendar, from April, 2023

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