Vehicle Buyers Beware: Many former Red Rock employees have moved over to Grand Valley Auto, and are plying their trade there

AnneLandmanBlog has received credible information that a large number of former Red Rock employees have moved over to Grand Valley Auto, where they are continuing to use the same tricks they learned at Red Rock.

A former Red Rock employee texted a heads-up about this in March:



Text referring to a former Red Rock Hyundai sales person Kaete McKinnon

An email received just today issued an even starker warning:


Note: Jesse Kirstater has not previously been mentioned in my blog.


Former Red Rock Hyundai sales person Kaete McKinnon is now at Grand Valley Auto:

UPDATE 5/16/23: A source inside the industry sent an update regarding the whereabouts of some of these employees: “Justin Gedstad and Tony Calvillo have not worked at Grand Valley Auto for some time. They both did come from Red rock over a year ago, but Tony left GVA to go to Carville’s approximately 9 months ago, and Justin went back to a Red Rock store at least 4 months ago. However, the vast majority of Grand Valley Auto’s current staff are all very recent hires from Red Rock. Mostly Red Rock Hyundai as the new General Manager was the former manager of Red Rock Hyundai. Seems like he brought most of his staff with him and cleaned house at Grand Valley Auto. A quick look through posts made by Salespeople currently at Grand Valley Auto will list most of the staff who all came with them from Red Rock. As it seems they all tag each other in all of their posts.
Former Red Rock employees Justin Gedstad and Tony Calvillo also went to Grand Valley:

…and according to his current social media, former Red Rock Hyundai employee Christopher Velasquez works at GVA also:

These are all employees who were implicated in problematic Red Rock behaviors that have been highlighted in this blog.

Grand Valley Auto seems to be the new home for former Red Rock employees who know a lot of tricks to pump up contracts at the expense of customers.

So be extra vigilant for sales and contract tricks if you happen to shop for a vehicle at Grand Valley Auto.

And remember, buyer beware. Due to this exodus of employees from Red Rock to Grand Valley Auto, it could now be just as problematic to patronize Grand Valley Auto as it has been for people to patronize to Red Rock dealerships.

  15 comments for “Vehicle Buyers Beware: Many former Red Rock employees have moved over to Grand Valley Auto, and are plying their trade there

  1. Ever thought maybe these people left Red Rock because they wanted to do better for their customers and themselves? Not everyone was condoning the behavior that was being investigated. Maybe look into Bryan Knight and the Tim Dahle group rather than the people who work/worked under them… I have bought from Grand Valley Auto recently since all of these kind people have made the switch and experienced absolutely no issues. They go by the book and will even deliver paperwork to you at work or anywhere for you to sign if something was missed. They explain everything in detail. No hidden tricks. Maybe get your facts straight about the people you’re putting down before putting them and their personal Facebook profiles on blast. Have a nice day!!!

  2. Thanks again for warning us about potential malefactors in the car sales business.These forgers and liars commit their white collar crimes, either at the order of their employer, or out of an intrinsic grifter urge. Unless they are white, and can afford legal representation, they could end up on the “short” end of the stick of the criminal justice system. Charged, bond issued, fines missed, court dates missed, and, voila, they’re incarcerated, and it is even steeper downhill from there.

      • You asked WTF did race have to do with being imprisoned or not. I’ll tell you WTF: people of color are approached and searched by police disproportionately. These searches, incidentally, have a lower rate of contraband detected than when whites are searched. People of color disproportionately lack effective counsel when charged. More frequently imprisoned. More frequently on death row or life sentences than whites. Part of it is linked to poverty. Much of non-white poverty relates to widespread discrimination, such as red-lining, higher mortgage rates, higher rates of IRS audits. That’s of WTF.

  3. It’s so weird that you feel OK publicly bashing local young people trying to make a living based on flimsy statements from your little cadre of aggrieved anonymous informants.

    • Have you bothered to see documents and contracts on this blog illustrating Red Rock crimes? Have you read verbatim accounts from victims of theft, fraud and forgery? I have, and I do not see this as “publicly bashing local young people trying to make a living….” If you can document the missteps of “your little cadre of aggrieved anonymous informants,” please do so.

    • These “local young people” knowingly took part in large-scale fraud, cheating a lot of hard-working Grand Valley residents out of their money. This is okay with you?
      Why am I not surprised?

    • These guys could get an honest job at anytime…. There is overwhelming evidence supporting the fake Google reviews and shady contracts they put together.

      • Hey Frank do you drink bud light and support 8 year olds getting trans gender surgery?
        You and all these other idiots talking crap about people who actually have a job and are working for their money, not relying on the government would make so much more sense if I knew the answer to my first 2 questions

  4. It may be best to buy a car elsewhere than Grand Junction. These people move from dealer to dealer and the state does nothing except a light slap on the wrist. Prices are better elsewhere because the dealers keep them high in Grand Junction. There are honest salespeople here, but most dealers are expensive or corrupt or both.

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