Newly-expanded Craig Gallery in Palisade gets twenty new artists

Artist Gail Evans by the big red heart sculpture in front of the Craig Gallery in Palisade

After an ownership change at the Blue Pig Gallery in Palisade drove artists away earlier this year, more than twenty Grand Valley artists will now display their work in the newly-expanded Craig Gallery Palisade at 128 East 3rd Street in the heart of downtown Palisade. The Gallery is easily identified by the big, red metal heart sculpture in front of the building.

Gallery owner Tammy Craig, who also owns Fruit and Wine Real Estate, has wanted to expand the Gallery for some time. 

“Then Kay Crane became available and I saw the opportunity to take the gallery to the next level with a full-time Gallery Director,” she says. “Kay’s expertise and experience are unparalleled. As the former Director of the Blue Pig Gallery and an artist in her own right, Kay is well known for attracting and working well with top-flight artists.”

Crane is delighted with the expansion of the Gallery and the phalanx of artists populating it. “Having another art gallery in the heart of downtown Palisade is good for all concerned — the arts, the artists and the community. This is going to be fun!”

Artists joining Crane at the Craig Gallery include Cynthia Duff, Dianna Fritzler, DJ Janowski, Mary Pat Ettinger, Ron Cloyd, John Anglim, Diane Anglim, Gerry Jensen, Kathryn McBride, Monica Esposito, Bud Marcos, Chris Eaton, Gail Evans, Jennifer Kass, Nancee Busse, Peg Oswald, Gayle Gerson, Lorelei, Carolyn Thome, Diane Saulnier, Tammy Craig and Christine Feller.

The Craig Gallery’s soft opening is August 1 and the grand opening is scheduled for August 19.

Dianna Fritzler in front of the Craig Gallery in Palisade

  7 comments for “Newly-expanded Craig Gallery in Palisade gets twenty new artists

  1. Just as having more than one winery in the Grand Valley is a good thing, so is having more than one gallery in Palisade. Wine and art. A felicitous pairing!

  2. Thanks for featuring the new craig gallery. It really is an all star line up. I’m proud to be in such good company and of course Kay crane is the perfect person to lead us!

  3. Interesting that in the finger pointing at the blue pig, none of those fingers point at Darin Carei and the vampiric real estate industry, which is the one who extracted obscene profits from that building and left behind monstrous debt (rent). Expect to see more victims of this extraction in all sectors as our finance capital system reaches is bounds and searches for more and more opportunities for profit and debt creation.

    • Appreciate your remark.

      My support of Palisade Art is pretty obvious. Tammy has been an Art supporter forever.
      The opportunity to contribute is well timed.

      Many of these are friends that I stop and visit on their old BP shifts.

      Ownership changes

      My biggest loss has been the lack of contact. I’d have supported Arts in Palisade even if it hadn’t represented so many talented.
      I remain here, and Stuff is changing.

      Thanks for sharing, Anne. Good post, Joel

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