Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, where are you?

Sign promising the arrival of a Great Greek Mediterranean Grill at 2566 Patterson Rd.

Ever since the sign went up last spring at 2566 Patterson Road next to the new Coffee Trader announcing “The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill” would be “Coming Soon,” foodies have been watching with great anticipation, thrilled at the prospect of having delicious new Greek/Mediterranean cuisine in town.

Employees at the Coffee Trader said the place expected to open in September, but we’re going to have to wait for our lamb, chicken, beef or shrimp souvlaki, spanakopita, avgolemono soup, gyros, falafel plates, tzatziki, lemon potatoes and more.

After the sign went up, nothing else happened.

There is still no furniture inside, and despite the sign promising “coming soon,” little to no work has been done to turn the empty space into a restaurant. The entire floor inside is even still gravel.

In response to an email inquiry about what is going on with the promised arrival of The Great Greek, the building owner said,

“The operators were planning to open in September, but with no work being completed as of today, it will be the end of October at the soonest. They are already paying partial rents so I’m sure their motive is to open as quickly as possible. Contractor issues is apparently the problem.

You’ll see this is a franchise and their menu is incredible.  Hoping, along with you, that they will be opening soon.”

C’mon, Great Greek. Let’s get this done.

We’re dying here. 

The inside of The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill store front as it was on Wednesday, August 9.


“COMING SOON” sign in the window of the unit next to the Coffee Trader on Patterson Rd. teases the arrival of some new and delicious food — some day.


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  1. We are excited to open The Great Greek asap. We had a hiccup but are moving forward with construction now! We are looking forward to serving GJ some great Greek food hopefully in October! Thanks for the interest!
    Lynne aka The Great Greek

  2. Gyros are available at Bravo Pizza near CMU at 936 North Ave. Their gyros are really good and that is comparing them to ones I ate in the Middle East at REAL Greek restaurants. Shawarma are better.

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