D-51 School Board candidate Barbara Evanson says she wants to ban “a ton” of material from school libraries

In this excerpt from an interview with “Ruth” and “Lisa” (who do not provide their last names) posted on a YouTube account named “MesaCountyCompass” on October 8, 2023, “District 51 School Board candidate Barbara Evanson says she would ban “a ton of material” from school libraries that she feels is inappropriate.

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  1. Turns out she can’t even write a coherent thought without her creationist pastor husband doing her homework for her. These two should go get jobs at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky but stay as far away from Colorado chilled as possible. Talk about groomers!

  2. These luddite lunatics that think banning books is somehow going to stem the flow of information to children are hilariously out-of-touch. Which merely reflects just how wildly untethered to reality they really are. This is more about guarding their devout ignorance, isolated thinking, and downright delusion to believe that ability even exists to those with an eager, curious mind…esp when the vast internet or a simple Google/Wiki search has long supplanted the printed word in terms of free-access. Kids don’t need a library full of books to learn anymore either, esp when a simple Chromebook/tablet will do! Because in the increasingly connected and diverse world in which we all live now; this right-wing paranoia about outside influences, indoctrination, or (antithetical) dumbing down of our education system by expanding curriculum really only speaks to those who feel increasingly displaced and alienated by it so are desperate to replace their insecurity with anger/outrage. So perhaps there is some solace this aging demographic of such narrow minds can only shrink over time, because there’s nothing new or remotely interesting about “conservative thought” to the young generations other than for the LOLZ.

    Case in point, our resident trolling fool aka “Frank”. Thanks so much for that laughably stupid sport metaphor! Seems like you were more of a gym coach that an actual educator. Exactly the kind of fuddy-duddy that still thinks a tablet is where those 10 Commandments were written. Because if there is one singular text that has proven more dangerous to societies and should be banned above all, it’s surely that big book of fables called the Bible. Just look at what’s happening in Israel!

  3. Why the great rush to ensure school libraries are completely empty of any book that describes a lifestyle, gender preference, idea that doesn’t fit with what Ms. Evenson thinks is “appropriate”? Any candidate that leads with that sentiment ought never to hold position on the school board. I’d say her thinking is very myopic if there is “a ton” of material that needs banning. Just an FYI – I remember being very compelled to read “banned books” from my high school with my parent’s permission.

    With permission, I am posting books that were banned during my high school days. The 1966 ban list consisted of some of America’s most-loved and popular novels, including George Orwell’s “1984,” John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” and J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye,” as well as the non-fiction “The Great Dismal Swamp,” in which the author compares a swamp to an “alluring and seductive woman.” But it was the ban of Pulitzer Prize-winner Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” that proved to be the most controversial. (google search for banned books in 1966)

  4. My criteria for voting for BOE candidates: If the teacher’s Union endorses him/her, if the Daily Sentinel endorses him/her, if Anne Landman endorses him/her, then I’m voting for him/her. I like people who are pro education and can critically think. I trust our teachers who have an education degree and teaching certification. Banning certain books limits ideas and beliefs and creates in a more xenophobic and ignorant society. It teaches students that it is okay to stop an idea or viewpoint from being heard because they don’t agree with it. Sounds like you are endorsing a dumb downed society and that’s the last thing we need.

    • Just the opposite. I was a teacher and then a Principal for 35 years, all in one district. The teacher’s Union need to take the word “education” out of their name. Today’s election is not about book banning, it is about countering the present board. I do wish outside interests would stay out of our process, you would agree I think. Dumbing down, never. That’s what progressives want. Look what’s happening in Oregon.

      • How can you say banning books is not “dumbing down”? Not allowing someone to be educated by exposure to other points of view is the very definition of “dumbing down”.

        You are a champion of dumbing down. I feel sorry for the children you indoctrinated over your career. With your attitude there is no other word for it.

      • Your comment does not make sense, no matter how you spin it. It made me really sad to read you worked in education. Banning books is all about stopping the flow of ideas, information and viewpoints. Sounds like you would be a better fit to live in Communist China with your endorsement of banning books.

      • Frank, I think two of the candidates MADE it about book banning. Both said they would ban books and one said she would ban a “ton” of books.

  5. My criteria for voting for BOE candidates: If the teacher’s Union endorses him/her, if the Daily Sentinel endorses him/her, if Anne Landman endorses him/her, three (3) strikes and you are out.

    • Frank, no. Once again, you are out-voted. Want to ban salacious, gordian notical, nonsense, destructive books? Start with the bible, Frank, and then I might listen.

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