Adam Frisch, the Democratic challenger for CD-3 seat, raises quadruple what Boebert raises in 3rd quarter

Adam Frisch is running for 3rd Congressional District House Representative

It seems Lauren Boebert’s bad behavior and poor representation of Colorado in the House of Representatives is catching up to her.

In an article published this morning, Colorado Politics wrote that “Colorado has never seen a campaign finance report like the one filed last week by Democrat Adam Frisch.” Its headline reads, “Boebert challenger Adam Frisch rewrites record books, vies for national fundraising title,” and the article says “The magnitude of Frisch’s fundraising is hard to express.”

It’s not an exaggeration.

Frisch, who is running to unseat 3rd CD Rep. Lauren Boebert, filed a 3rd quarter fundraising report (from July 1 to September 30, 2023) showing he raised $3.4 million — exactly four times more than what Rep. Boebert was able to raise in the same period. She raised $850,000, about the same amount she had raised by this time last year.

For the third quarter running, Adam Frisch has now raised more than all the other CD-3 candidates combined.

Colorado Public Radio reports that “Small donors, those who donate less than $200, made up about $472,000 of Boebert’s [3rd quarter] haul, while they made up $2.2 million for Frisch.”

Rep. Boebert gives her strapless gold dress a yank as security guards escort her out of the Buell Theater in Denver due to bad behavior

In the last election for the CD-3 seat, Frisch had the closest contest in the country for a House seat, coming within 546 votes of unseating Boebert.

Boebert also faces a stiff challenge in the primary from Grand Junction attorney Jeff Hurd, who raised over $412,000 after announcing in August that he was challenging Boebert for the seat.

Boebert is among the most extreme right wing members of the House of Representatives, having supported the January 6, 2021 insurrection against the U.S. government and the QAnon conspiracy movement, lied to constituents about her votes and condemned separation of church and state. Her behavior has drawn praise from Kremlin TV and ridicule to Colorado’s western slope.




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  1. The U.S. National Library of Medicine, Genetic Home Reference, p. 138, has facts and statistics for Frank and the others whose minds are closed to the realities of life.

  2. Google “difference between biological sex and gender”.
    Bio sex is the solidly researched and documented physiologies of males and females. Physiology is Function -which begins at the cellular level.
    Genders exist globally and are social constructs.
    In regards to humans as mammals, no one human is 100% male or female. This fact is based on the variable physiologies of all humans.
    Intersex is yet another biological sex which includes females and males.

    • * My suggestion–to Google the “difference between biological sex and gender ” was a response to Frank’s theory that there are only 2 genders !

  3. Bobo’s lack of attention to detail continues to astound. Currently, she called Lewiston, Maine -Lewistown ! Even if written by staff, their stupidity reflects her and vice versa.

    I’m still w Frisch. He has made a solid inroad towards the election, is gracious, self-versed on what serving at a federal legislative level means and is poised to go.
    All of the endorsements for Hurd in the Sentinel and Hurd’s responses , amounted to a love fest replete w the boosting of all egos involved in the exchanges.
    I found it sickening and disappointing…but not surprising.

  4. I am a Colorado registered independent voter. I will not vote for Lauren. On another topic, I read that Chavez is OK with males and females competing together in school sports, how foolish, there are 2 genders, just 2, who would vote for him/that, I won’t and didn’t.

    • * My suggestion (above)–to Google the “difference between biological sex and gender ” was a response to Frank’s theory that there are only 2 genders !

    • Biological sex is chromosomal, but even then, there are more combinations than XX and XY.

      Gender is a sociological construct, and has far more variety than just male or female.

      But science is hard; perhaps you should stick to whining about school sports.

    • Frank, what say you go troll Fox News with the rest of the grumps. You’ll find we’re a bit too smart for you here. And you’ll never agree with us on anything even though some of us might agree with you on a few things.

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