Kremlin state TV praises House Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) for refusing to stand and applaud Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

Tucker Carlson and Lauren Boebert praised by Russian state TV

Western Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert has a new fan — the Kremlin in Russia.

Russian state TV praised her last weekend for her refusal to stand and applaud Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his talk to Congress last week.

Screenshot from Russian state TV news broadcast

For the last ten months, Zelenskyy has been leading his country against a vicious, deadly and unprovoked war on his country by Russian President Vladimir Putin,  initiated last February 24.

Ukraine is a democracy. Ukrainians are fighting to keep Russia from annexing their country, so they can keep their freedom and preserve their democracy. Russia is currently a functioning dictatorship under Putin.

Human Rights Watch has documented at least 50,000 incidents of war crimes allegedly committed by Russian soldiers against the people of Ukraine, including torture, mutilation, rape, gang rape, executions, looting, use of ballistic missiles to target innocent civilians and destroy key infrastructure like power plants, bridges and water systems.

During her campaigns, Boebert has repeatedly claimed that she “stands for freedom.” Her display of disrespect for Zelenskyy and the praise she’s earned from the Kremlin because of it indicates that’s far from the truth.

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  1. What did you expect? She never graduated high school. She’s good for one thing and that’s mispronouncing the words that show up on the script that someone else wrote for her. She has no idea what history is. She can’t spell the word history. She has no idea what she’s doing. Alas,we the voters are just now getting what’s coming to us. We deserve bobert and all the fun things she’ll do to our country.

  2. Kompromat … we saw a bunch of Repubs gladly go to Russia as ‘guests’ of Putin-

    to celebrate Kiss-Putins-A$$ Day while true Americans were enjoying BBQ, family & RED WHITE & BLUE on July 4th- aka US Independence Day.

    This isn’t the first time that members of Congress as well as $$$ powerful people in US sided with enemies of the US. We need to make sure that this is ALWAYS part of US History.

  3. I live in France, though I am an American. In the town in live, in SW France, we have had an influx of Ukrainian refugees (all women).These women have NOTHING,they fled with what they had on their backs. My wife an I try to help them out. For all the money the US has poured into Ukraine, why is none of it getting to the people?? Where is it going? More importantly even, why has the US, as the long-standing arbiter for peace in the world been in terms of a negotiated end to this? I dont hear ANYONE of either party calling for the US to play it;s role as the world’s superpower and force this to an end and the logical conclusion is “Why not?” We all know the answer. Maybe you don’tin America, but the rest of the world certianly knows why.

    • United States, with significant contributions from Canada and the UK, has done more to support Ukraine and to oppose Russia than all of the EU countries combined. Moscow’s invasion of Crimea and Donbass back in 2014 was a first opportunity for Europeans to confront Russia but Europeans were disinterested and the general apathy toward Moscow emboldened it to conduct full fledged invasion of Ukraine in 2022. In fact, 2014 has demonstrated the EU’s ineptness in fulfilling its role to maintain security on the European continent. Despite the security assurances previously given to Kyiv under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, the EU failed to protect Ukraine both in 2014 and 2022. EU nations dependence on the energy deals from Moscow has in fact led to continuous funding of Moscow’s aggression machine in Ukraine. The question about massive failures to deter Moscow and to protect a European nation should not be directed to United States across the Atlantic but to the nations of the European continent. If it wasn’t for the U.S., Putin’s Russia would now share border with Poland.

    • Tell us more, comrade- mon ami. Just what does the rest of the world know?

      That some in the US are pro-Putin? We all know that. We’ve seen that repeatedly.

      That some in the US are fascists? Most all of us know that. We’ve seen that repeatedly.

      That the US isn’t perfect? Most of us know that. But unlike other nations, most of us are NOT afraid of admitting our flaws & weaknesses. “In order to form a more perfect Union…”

      vive la France
      vive la liberte’!

    • Well said!
      One of the things Boebert is asking for is an accounting of the money which has already been sent.
      Americans have a love/hate relationship with war and we do love charismatic characters like Zelenskyy.
      He is reading us well and he’s actually not presiding over a democracy…but he’s cute.

    • I fully agree with Martin Wiesiolek. In response to Vince R, there are lots of people from both parties including the President who support Ukraine. Ukraine is a democracy based on the democratic election of Zelinsky. Only those in the Dombass region and Crimea as well as Russia and Iran and some media trolls would dispute this. Many European residents including myself, a temporary resident in Europe, support Ukraine without demanding that the US force a role in a settlement. In my heart, I wish American boots and larger arms and war planes would be stationed in support of Ukraine’s defense as well as continued monetary support whether or not some of it is taxed via Ukrainian internal corruption. More practical recent work has been done toward bolstering NATO cohesion and preparedness. History should remind us of the outcome of Soviet and recent Russian aggression. It saddens me when the larger EU members of Western Europe want the US to pay and protect their interests, and then bad-mouth America for its alleged hegemony. Ukrainian refugees are intrinsically unprepared upon arrival. They are welcome to live in our home anytime, unlike larger EU member citizens who want them to remain in Poland, Romania, or Austria or if in France to be financed by America. A few years ago, German and French polls showed lower trust in the USA than in Russia. I was confronted by a couple of drunk French journalists in Brussels last year who based on my accent, assumed I was in support of Trump. I hope France will not complain when NATO asks them to contribute 2-20% of their GDP toward their collective security. Yes, the rest of the world does know why a Russian-negotiated solution will not work, and it is not because of a massive US military complex. Of course, we also know about Frances’s absence from NATO 60 years ago.
      Regrettably, some people including tools like Boebert in America or European nationalists living their dream care more about the price of fuel and their partisan posturing than the war crimes in Ukraine and especially the stability of the world. You would think that French residents or at least Macron would have learned this over the last 350 years of history.

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