An incredible Red Rock dealership story from a 21 year old

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I got an email yesterday from yet another Red Rock Hyundai customer who had a story that was so incredible, I had to share it. It includes yet another charge of forgery, as well as the addition of thousands of dollars in extras to the contract without the customer’s knowledge or approval. I spoke to this person on the phone to verify that they were a real person, get more details about their story and clarify some of the terms they used in the email.

The person who wrote this is 21 years old and came from out of town to purchase the vehicle. The name is redacted to keep the sender anonymous, upon their request:

Hi Anne,

My name is ********** and I was duped by Red Rock Hyundai just like many others. I’d like to share my story with you as well as see what I can do about getting in on the investigation. 

On October 31st I purchased a 2017 Chevy from them. It went very well while I was here, they even offered to drive to Rifle to get my grandmas co-signature. Little did I know, I hadn’t signed a retail installment [contract] or an extended warranty. They brought these papers to my grandma not signed by me, she thought I was ok with the deal so she signed it. They then took it upon themselves to trace my signature onto the retail installment [contract] and a $5,000 warranty. After days of griping trying to get my paperwork, they finally sent it to me. Only then I noticed it had a $5,000 warranty that I wasn’t told about, and I was up-charged another $5,000 [on the vehicle]. I got with my dad and grandma and we headed down to the dealership. After an excruciating 2 hours of lying and gas lighting, they finally agreed to write me a $3,000 check so I “left happy” and sent us on our way. A few days later I noticed another $1,500 put towards the loan and when I called to ask where it came from, it was a “tax reimbursement” from the dealership. All-in-all I was paid about $4,500 to essentially stay quiet about the ordeal. As well as all of this, my vehicle was in the shop for the first month and a half after I purchased it. I got it back one week ago today, and it still seemed to have the same issue after they put a $4,000 part in it which I had verified by an outside mechanic. I brought it back today. I will say, the majority of the sales team is very nice and helpful. I don’t think they know what finance is doing to people. The service side is trying there best to take care of my issues so they aren’t terrible either, they just take awhile.

I’d like to stay anonymous if you will be posting this on your blog. Thank you for spreading the word! Maybe we can save more people from their ways.

Have a great day!

In addition to the $5,000 extended warranty and another $5,000 upcharge they weren’t told about, when they finally saw the contract, they noticed the dealership had added a $4,000 charge for “Resistall,” a coating treatment than can be purchased on EBay for less than $40 including shipping.

After serious mechanical problems kept the vehicle in the shop for 6 weeks, they ended up swapping out the vehicle for another one, and at that point were able to get Grandma off the contract as the primary purchaser, relieving her of the massive debt. So now at just 21 years old, the writer is saddled with a $56,000+ loan for the next 84 months with a payment of more than $650/month, all for a 6 year old used vehicle.

I directed the writer to the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Auto Industry Division Complaint form to report the forgery, the extras added to their contract without their knowledge, and for the dealership’s concealment of the page of the contract that has the cost of the vehicle, tax, handling and all the extras on it.


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  3 comments for “An incredible Red Rock dealership story from a 21 year old

  1. How on earth could a loan for $56,000 be registered by any bank for a used Chevy that doesn’t run. There must be collusion on the part of the loan company. I am stuck with a leased Honda and I will NOT deal with this local bunch. Shop the dealers that have been here the longest and starve out this bastard company.

  2. What a lesson for a 21-year-old! I hope he files his complaint. I would love to hear the outcome, especially if it is good. This seems to be a massive problem with the Red Rocks Dealerships. It deserves widespread information to the local public. We have to stop this practice dead in its tracks.

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