Redlands residents get Jew-hatred propaganda on Christmas morning

Facebook message about anti-semitic, anti-LGBTQ fliers being left at homes on the Redlands on Christmas morning, 2022

Think anti-semitism (Jew hatred) and anti-gay sentiment doesn’t exist in Grand Junction?

Think again.

These fliers were distributed to homes in the Redlands area of Grand Junction by members of the “Goyim Defense League,” described by the Anti-Defamation League as “a small network of virulently antisemitic provocateurs” whose goal is to:

“…cast aspersions on Jews and spread antisemitic myths and conspiracy theories. This includes frequent references to Jews having undue power through their ‘control’ of major institutions such as media networks, the economy or the government, or disparaging Jews as degenerates who molest children and advocate for pornography, abortion and LGBTQ+ communities. GDL maintains that the Holocaust is a Jewish lie, and accounts of the Holocaust are merely propaganda or lies generated by Jews for their own benefit. Similarly, the GDL says that Jews were responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York and Israel intentionally targeted a U.S. warship during the height of the 1967 Six-Day War.”

Front of right wing hate speech pamphlet targeting Jews, LGBTQ people and immigrants that was distributed to homes on the Redlands on Christmas morning in Grand Junction


Photo of the back of right wing hate speech pamphlet was distributed to Redlands residents on Christmas morning in Grand Junction


The way the anti-semitic propaganda was packaged, with crayons, as though intended for children



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  1. You should actually read what old Bill said…it was all about Trump. In fact, you guys blame everything on Trump…I even read an allusion to the malfeasance at Red Rock being perpetrated by republicans. You live in an echo chamber. But I do have some sympathy because you certainly couldn’t be proud of the senile old fool you elected.

    And as far as J6 (which old Bill also mentioned) I’m sure no one here has wondered why Pelosi failed to protect the capital building when she knew (everyone did)
    that there were hundreds of thousands of people coming to Washington that day…go figure!

    This will be my last visit to this site, but I will always smile when I see a Trump bumper sticker, knowing how miserable it makes you.

    • Now, that is a response I’d expect from a Western Slope Trump fan;
      Tough stance, followed by a cowardly exit, and the usual “Don’t bother replying, I won’t be back, but I’ll be laughing” line..

      You’re not one of our local “Oath Keepers”, are you?
      That’s about their speed.

    • Great! Did you also report the lack of response by law enforcement? They are interested in helping to educate LE as well as track these incidents.

  2. Thank you for reporting on this. I was the one who took the photos used here. I also collected a handful of the pamphlets that were still in the street in the afternoon. I did have gloves on but may have touched them without gloves when I moved them into a different room so that I didn’t have to look at them anymore. I did try reporting to police, who told me they wouldn’t even log the concern (“however these dispatch calls are recorded so it is being documented in that way”). They told me all that I could do is throw the items away. I also got in touch with someone from the city (after they told reporters that they take this stuff “very seriously”) who informed me that my email would be forwarded to a Sargent. So we’ll see. Happy to help with more info if needed…

  3. Just found 4 of these on Walnut Ave in GJ. I only found 4 as my walk is short. Don’t know if there were others in the neighboring area. I did speak to one homeowner and told her what it was. We were both disgusted and angered.

  4. Please ask people who receive these to pick them up with gloves on and preserve them as they are so that if we need to, we can pull fingerprints and possibly DNA from them in the future. They may not have crossed the line into what is illegal, but my guess is that they are winding themselves and their families up into extreme acts. Preserve all evidence as we face their hatred and their acts.

    • I picked them up wearing gloves (because of the cold) but can’t remember if I was wearing gloves when I moved them into another room. I didn’t think about preserving evidence for DNA since police told me to just through them away. I did think it might be worth saving them anyway though I was so caught off guard by police not caring, that I honestly didn’t know how to handle things.

      • For the police to shun this as something to ‘just throw away’ is what we need to address. The good ol boys at the Sheriff’s department are lazy suns of bitches that are not aware of what this kind of activity leads to. Didn’t anyone have their security cameras on?

        • So I’ve been in touch with a reporter. This reported contacted the city for comment, and was told that the PD takes this stuff seriously. I contacted that city employee stating what I was told by PD, and she forwarded my email to Sgt Roquemore w/ the PD. He called me and said that the dispatchers must have been confused and that this was the first he was hearing about this. (I could understand to a certain degree how the dispatchers were confused, because I was pretty upset about the whole thing. But I was *very* clear that I felt this was dangerous and that it needed to be investigated. They just kept repeating that it wasn’t a crime and that it’s like having a yard sign that I disagree with or someone trolling on the internet. I asked if they could at least send someone down to take a look at the flyers and they said that wouldn’t happen.) Anyway, Sgt. Roquemore told me that an officer is going to come out today or tomorrow and take a report.

          • Having a sign in one’s own yard is not the same as someone stepping onto your property and leaving something. Trespassing? Littering? Maybe hate crime?

      • It is worth reporting this incident to the Anti-Defamation League at I would, but since I am not a direct witness, your account would be important.

  5. This is a mind-numbing nasty and insidious act that needs to be in the spotlight of bright exposure. Leadership needs to step up by denouncing this behavior. Law enforcement needs to be actively on the alert and all of us citizens need to say ‘No More!” in whatever ways we can.

    As with other community issues – it took the courage of those who received these vile missives to send them to Anne Landman and for her to publish them. We cannot and should not turn our eyes away.

  6. Thank you for your reporting on this issue. It’s hard to believe anyone would waste Christmas morning spreading garbage. Whoever did it should be exposed.

  7. Nazis will NOT replace US/us.

    Passive dismissal- “some are good people too”- is a wink & a nod not only by TFG but ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS. Locally, that’s Boebert as his most vocal mouth, but others as well- Ken Buck, Lamborn AND ALL OF THE BIGOT Christo fascists in Teller & El Paso Counties. We ALL KNOW who they are.

    Speaking of which- has DeSantis condemned nazis in Florida?

    • My thoughts, no more should! just report it, each one of you, especially who picked them up, if the law enforcement agency is ignoring it we need!, (not should, could or might) I didn’t get one nor pick one up, I am just aware of it, to go after their lazy asses!

  8. Thank you for making us aware of the the nano-*icked numb nuts who slithered out of Pandora’s box when the one-term former president opened the lid. And it’s not just The Former Guy. The “Freedom Caucus” of the GOP (Gaetz, Marge, and Qbert) broadcast this kind of hate to stir up their MAGAdonors. Indeed, local law enforcement should solicit security tape and eyewitness evidence. Some right-wing sheriffs (Garfield County’s Lou Valorio) are soft on certain crime that disgust most of us. I hope Mesa County’s mounties will do their jobs.

    • What a completely empty and scurrilous post.

      You people are obsessed with Trump.

      I guess if I voted for Biden, I’d be obsessed with Trump, too.

      • Alice, how apropos that in the evening of January 6, you are condemning people for obsessing on the disgraced one-term former president. If you think his legacy is not one of self-serving hate, open your eyes. Por favor.

      • Your comment appears to be empty and full of nothing, what is your point? Your comment seemed to be from the level of Trump’s audience. Why are you bringing up Trump? The post is not about him! His followers have no substance nor reason to idiotry.

        • Trump’s followers spew a lot of antiSemitic rhetoric.
          Trump’s followers are the ones who held the Speaker’s vote hostage until last night.
          Trump’s followers are the ones who tried to overthrow the government just over 2 years ago.
          Trump’s followers are still in this valley; you don’t see the signs, the flags, the stupid bumper stickers?
          Stop pretending it’s not relevant.

    • The first ammendment protects obnoxious speech

      If you want to live in a place that punishes “hate speech”…move to Europe.

      • Alice, I believe you are confusing the spirit of the Constitution and the Amendments. Fostering and protecting those acts and utterances that endanger our populace may be some person’s idea of a just social code. But most of us disagree.

        • I hereby resolve to avoid responding to Alex. When I see bumper stickers which celebrate the overstuffed Orange Toddler, I think “outa the gene pool.” Every anti-vax, anti-mask MAGA-bot propagandist, including the nocturnal emitter of the insipid antisemitic third grade-reading level coloring book, is one less to draw social security and medicare. Nothing defines a cult like following one’s leader to one’s own early grave.

  9. Will the local peace system do anything to investigate this? I watch a lot of true crime investigative shows and I am sure they are capable of doing something to keep peace in the Valley, erasing fear! This is very threatening to people and should be stopped by our law enforcement agencies!!!!!!

  10. This vulgar Nazi hate propaganda should make everyone’s stomach turn. It’s spread by half-literate fools too cowardly to openly stand by their lunacy.

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