Rally for the Grand Junction Post Office Monday, Feb. 19, & find out more about changes proposed to mail service

The drive-up mail boxes at the postal sorting annex at 602 Burkey Street, off Patterson and 25 1/2 Road

Local postal employees are inviting members of the community to join them at a rally tomorrow, Monday, February 19, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Grand Junction Mail Processing Facility at 602 Burkey Street to hear about changes being proposed to local postal services in Grand Junction and show support for keeping mail operations in town.

In January, Grand Junction postal employees warned of changes being proposed that could further slow mail delivery and eliminate postal jobs in Grand Junction.

The national Post Office is considering moving the sorting of local mail to Denver. This means local mail would be collected, put on trucks, driven to Denver, sorted at a processing facility in Denver, then put back on trucks and driven back to Grand Junction for delivery. With I-70 being closed more often due to inclement weather, accidents, rockslides, mudslides and other calamities, this could cause further unexpected and unpredictable delays in mail delivery in Grand Junction.

The change could also eliminate anywhere from 12-20 jobs at postal facilities in Grand Junction.

The national Post Office is currently conducting a study on how to improve their processing, transportation and delivery networks in Colorado.

Initial findings released February 14 (pdf) in regard to Grand Junction say “…the business case supports transferring mail processing outgoing operations to the Denver P&DC (Processing and Distribution Center),” but they also propose investing up to $3 million in upgrading the Burkey Street processing facility to modernize it and perform deferred maintenance, like upgrading lighting to LED, repairing and refinishing floors, “rehabilitating” dock areas and “refreshing” employee restrooms and locker areas.

To weigh in on what you’d like to see happen with the postal service in Grand Junction, take this quick online survey to give your opinion: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/mpfr-grand-junction-co

The Burkey Street mail processing center in Grand Junction, located at Patterson and 25 1/2 Road


  10 comments for “Rally for the Grand Junction Post Office Monday, Feb. 19, & find out more about changes proposed to mail service

  1. Don’t agree that this would be to the best interest of this move to Denver. This will cost more to send mail and time of delivery to those who live here. Jobs would be lost.

  2. I 70 is a nightmare to travel in all seasons. This move will increase pollution, traffic congestion and delayed mail service.
    The economic impact on the western slope will be significant.

  3. We are not in favor of this decision to process mail to Denver first then transfer to the Western Slope. It is duplicious, will take extra manpower time and as stated previously the success of this change will depend solely on the weather and transport difficulties of HI-70. This is a bureaucratic decision based on mis-information and disregard for our citizens. If budget concerns are challenging USPS they need to come up with a better way. How about carrier pigeons? They can fly over fires, floods, avalanches, traffic and vehicel accidents all of which offen paralyze travel on HI-70.

  4. When The Post Office closed the Salida sorting center mail from the Gunnison Valley takes two (2) weeks to reach Fruita , Don’t know about the rest of the United States. It would make more since to have the Gunnison Valley mail sort at a Western Slop Local than sending it to the Front Range and Grand Junction facility would be utilized better.

  5. My ballot never came. I get an email showing mail to expect each day and my mu spouse’s ballots were both shown, but mine never came.

  6. At least 3 more transit points for your mail-in ballots, slowing that process down and reducing the security of accurate tabulation. Thank your Postmaster General, then thank the man who appointed him, then understand that this is happening throughout the country. If you can’t achieve electoral victory through systemic honesty, disenfranchisement will work.You’ve been given the blueprint via accusations of how previous elections were ‘stolen’.

  7. Yes indeed, I took the survey! Now, I think I just wasted my time! Time I’ll never regain!
    Can anyone hazard a guess as to why we even bother to spill the ink?

  8. Some survey! No questions, just a box for type of business and another for comment. I call bullshit on the USPS.

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