Local Postal workers warn of changes coming that will further slow mail delivery

A brand new sorting machine lies in a dumpster at the Postal Sorting Annex on Patterson Rd. and Burkey St. on August 24, 2020. Employees said it was ordered dismantled and disposed of by Postmaster Louis DeJoy, who has been carrying out changes that are leaving the U.S. Postal Service in disarray

Local Postal Service workers shared a memo distributed to employees at the Burkey Street Sorting Facility on January 10 that warns changes are likely coming to the Burkey Street facility that will threaten jobs and further slow mail delivery by moving mail processing and distributing (PD&C) out of these facilities to Denver.

The 6 page memo, called a “Stand Up Talk” (pdf), warns of an impending facility review that will likely lead to consolidation of plant operations here in Grand Junction and the relocation of parcel operations from here to Denver. It indicates Trump-appointed Postmaster Louis DeJoy will likely take steps that will further erode mail service in Grand Junction and mountain towns. A veteran postal worker said the plan “will definitely slow down mail processing and probably cost some jobs in our areas,” adding that “They seem to cut service then lower their standards so it looks like they are ‘fixing things’.”

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Changes to the Postal Service under DeJoy have led to a higher stamp costs and a noticeable erosion of mail service, especially in mountain towns. In 2020, DeJoy admitted his attempts to overhaul the Post Office had resulted in “unintended consequences” including mail delays, backups at mail handling facilities and increased scrutiny of his actions from Congress. Locally, it has resulted in closures of outlying post offices, overwhelming mail pile ups at the Scarlet letter carrier annex.

And amid the continued erosion in service, under DeJoy the cost of stamps is set to increase yet again. On Jan. 21, 2024, the price of a First-Class Forever U.S. Postage Stamp will increase from 66 to 68 cents, and prices for domestic postcard stamps will also increase by two cents from 51 to 53 cents.

Happy talk

The Stand Up Talk memo couches DeJoy’s latest proposed changes in happy talk about making “improvements” as part of a plan to turn the USPS into an “efficient, high-performing, world class logistics and delivery provider.” The memo says the proposed changes will “elevate the level of service provided to the public; drive innovation and enable a broader array of postal products and services; enhance organizational competitiveness; improve efficiency and lower the cost to operate; and provide better workplaces and careers for Postal Service employees.”

But postal workers across the country aren’t buying it. Two days ago postal workers in Portland, Oregon rallied against the changes.

Postal workers in Grand Junction are currently organizing people to rally against the proposed changes as well.

First page of 1/10/24 “Stand Up Talk” memo distributed to local postal workers that proposes moving mail processing facilities out of Grand Junction to Denver

  20 comments for “Local Postal workers warn of changes coming that will further slow mail delivery

  1. Another of Trump’s terrible choices while he was in office with a guy that knows nothing about the mail business, another reason Rump should never hold office again!

  2. Any of you ever work in the post office? I have and they could get rid of a third of the employees. Lazy good for nothing employees. I did 3 times the work speed than most and I worked in a large facility. Shortly after leaving there they were building a bigger facility and further out of the area and threw out a lot of the old equipment and put in new machines in this facility, I know this cause my sister worked there. And also lajoy wasn’t the head of the uses then. The postal service does this all the time by getting rid of old equipment and buildings and build newer buildings. Sometimes they can’t build near the older one but also having the size property in the city like they did in Kalamazoo, mi. I live in the UP of Michigan now and my mail comes from halfway across the UP on the Wisconsin border. Don’t let these idiots fool ya cause they only tell you part of the story. A lot of the postal offices have outdated equipment.

    • This is more of a question than a comment is this same procedure going to come all the way to upstate New York and all across the country upstate New York where I’m from how do we get rid of this dejoy person

    • I just retired and worked at several post offices. Calling people lazy is not really accurate. Nice try though. In 36 years I’ve seen everything. Stop trying to blow Dejoy nuts and be realistic.

    • Yep your right. I worked at south Jersey bunch of bums. Starting with bosses. They depend ed on us to make them look good most of the bosses were screw ups that couldn’t be fired so they made them bosses and payed them more. Don’t blame mr Trump PO is Democratic and stupid. Sam

  3. DeJoy is a big Trump donor and a money grubbing so called business man. He knows nothing about the USPS or any SERVICE ORGANIZATION that is only striving to break even while providing a CRITICAL SERVICE across the country per LEGAL MANDATE. He wants to privatize so he can profit more himself! Biden can appoint Postal Board members who will fire DeJoy, if he only will.

    • I agree he is bound and termend to destroy our postal service. He is making all the wrong decisions and it’s leaving things worst than ever

  4. Taxpayers money paying this man than the taxpayer should be able to get him out but unfortunately it is realistic to believe the taxpayers have no say about much of anything these days. Dejoy has been a mistake since day one

    • Decoy has done nothing but raised prices and completely destroyed the post office Joe Biden needs to make hast and appoint the people necessary to remove him

    • The post office doesn’t get anything from the taxpayers.But I think since all taxpayers are benefit from the Post office we should. But my understanding we donot

      • The post master generals salary is paid from tax dollars. The rest of the USPS is not. So you are correct that no tax dollars are used to run the PO but HIS salary is definitely tax dollars.

  5. What does it take to get DeJoy out of that position? I know USPS is a semi quasie government agency, but does that mean he has to be impeached before he can be made to leave? The guy has been a dumpster fire since T appointed him (or hired him, whichever…).

    I just saw the petition above. I will go sign it.

  6. DeJoy has an agenda – take a profitable, stand-alone federal agency that actually serves the public, and cripple it so severely, that the service it provides can be privatized in spite of the Constitution.

  7. Didn’t the Inspector General’s Office do a study recently of the lousy service to mountain towns including Grand Junction? Congress should be looking at that now…oh, wait… Congress is busy looking for someone to impeach!
    I always tell folks who are going to ship something to me that it will be a minimum of a week, no matter what. Now, it will probably be a minimum of two weeks!
    I have lost checks *more than one!* in the mail. I avoid using the mail unless I have no other alternative.
    Can you imagine mail being sorted in Denver and then the truck that carries it over here encounter one of the myriad delays that happen on I-70? I bet DeJoy has no idea what the travel situation in Colorado is like! 250 miles? Well, no problem! Should only take 5 hours, except when it takes 8 or 24 hours! Sigh.

  8. Christ on the cross, if this guy isn’t removed from office soon, the Post Office is poised to become just like an Amazon Distribution Center. Because DeJoy is the absolute epitome of conservative cronyism, and like all their appointees from the business world whether local, state, or federal; they are not selected for competency or acumen, rather their unabashed arsonist qualities. So its far far from an “unintended consequence” let alone an accident when they burn something down to then profit off the ashes.

    I mean WHO could have possibly guessed that throwing away a new multi-million dollar mail sorting machine, might slow the mail? Doing so right before an election, when ballots needed to arrive promptly for counting, wouldn’t be self-servingly political let alone deeply suspicious. Or that any subsequent PO re-organizations, esp those claiming to somehow improve customers service, apply more efficient “strategies”, all the while saving costs; are merely promoting the same shamelessly contrarian myths of capitalism. All part of DeJoy’s Doom Loop Plan to sow greater disfunction, sacrifice local jobs, as well as support more outsourcing…such as more sweet sweet transportation contracts to his ol stockholder friend XPO Logistics. Let’s all hope this is destined spear upon which he falls to finally get himself ousted.

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