High cholesterol? Go to Bella Balsamic & the Pressed Olive on Main Street

A 750 ml bottle of Bella Balsamic’s butter-infused olive oil

Western slopers who are struggling with high cholesterol need to know about Bella Balsamic and the Pressed Olive on Main Street in Grand Junction.

We’re really lucky to have this store in Grand Junction. The only other one in the country is in Punta Gorda, Florida.  I love it because not only are its products unique, delicious and not available in grocery stores, but they could save your life.

In 2021 my LDL (“bad”) cholesterol level was sky high, way above the level even listed as “high.” My doctor wanted to put me on a statin, but I begged her to please give me a chance to lower my cholesterol through dietary changes, before going that route.

I kept up my regular exercise routine, started using all low or no-fat dairy products, cut back on red meat and stopped using butter completely. In place of butter, I subbed a butter-infused extra virgin olive oil from Bella Balsamic and the Pressed Olive on Main Street. I used the butter-flavored olive oil in cooking, baking, on toast and popcorn, in short, everywhere I used to use butter, and it was SO good I never missed butter at all. I also used Bella Balsamic’s regular-flavored olive oils in cooking and salad dressings.

My LDL level started to plummet, and at my summer, 2023 physical exam my LDL level was 61 points lower than the previous check up in 2022. After a year and a half, my doctor pronounced my cholesterol levels within normal range. A follow up coronary artery calcium scan done at Community Hospital confirmed I had zero dangerous deposits in my coronary arteries, meaning I now had an extremely low risk of heart disease.

I owe a lot of that to Bella Balsamic and its products.

Their olive oil isn’t cheap, though. It ranges from $37-$39 for a 750 ML bottle, depending on what you choose. A 750 ml bottle will last months, though, and even at that price, it’s a LOT cheaper than a heart attack or stroke. And it’s delicious.

Bella Balsamic also has a huge assortment of other extra-virgin olive oils infused with flavors like basil, organic lemon, Persian lime, as well as mild, medium and robust olive oils from around the globe. and they’ll give you free samples of all of them! One I particularly love is their garlic infused olive oil. It tastes exactly like you used fresh garlic in a recipe, saving the time of chopping up garlic in quick pasta dishes or salad dressings. They also have an incredible assortment of amazingly delicious, flavored light and dark balsamic vinegars that can change your culinary life.

I wouldn’t recommend something unless I knew myself it was was truly exceptional. Please give them a try. You could have some fun, expand your culinary world and it could even save your life.

They offer free samples of all of their products!

They have many, many different flavors of balsamic vinegars…some white, some dark, with free samples of all, and they’re all amazing. Check it out.


  6 comments for “High cholesterol? Go to Bella Balsamic & the Pressed Olive on Main Street

  1. Thank you for writing about this!! So important for health as we age and want to remain active. I will give them a try, and throw out the butter.

  2. My doctor put me on statins after my heart attack. I just hurt so bad that I stopped and replaced them with apples. By eating an apple a day, my cholesterol was lowered from 79 to 57. Also, I lost 45 pounds from 180 to 135. Included lots of salmon and jewel yams in my diet. I’m keeping my LDL below 35.

  3. Thanks for this information! I’m going to get down there this week! My cardiologist told me to stop using store bought salad dressing due to the high fat and sugar content, plus all the other additives.

  4. Congrats on your success w/o statins! Plan to try this give it a try with a nice balsamic to make salad dressings too. Thanks!
    Pay now or pay later as they say!

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