Findings from the 2023 Colorado Latino Policy Agenda Survey to be presented on 3/11 @ 7 p.m. @ UU Congregation

What issues are top of mind for Latino voters in Colorado? How do Colorado Latino voters feel about the major political parties?

The public is invited to this review of the Colorado Latino Policy survey findings from 2023, with some very knowledgeable local panelists. The review has the highest number of findings from CD-3.

Started in 2021, the Colorado Latino Policy Agenda (CLPA) is an annual, nonpartisan report that provides insights into the demographic makeup and views of Latino voters in Colorado on a number of pressing policy, political, and social issues.

The 2023 CLPA is statewide survey of 1,600 Latino registered voters, and offers a nonpartisan snapshot of views of the second-largest and second fastest-growing ethnic voting bloc in the state. This report summarizes the main findings and policy preferences, and offers an ongoing look at the state of Latinos in Colorado at the statewide, regional, and congressional district levels.

A few highlights:

Respondents said they are:
1. More likely to have a worse financial situation than last year (+3% over last year);

2. More likely to believe that Colorado (+6%) and the U.S. as a whole (+5%) are going in the wrong direction;

José Luis Chavez

3. More likely to agree that Congress should pass a law to provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and DACA recipients (+4%) and that President Biden should issue an executive order to stop deporting undocumented immigrants who have not committed a crime, and who are working and contributing to the US (+4%);

4. More likely to support the state taking actions to make sure that cities and towns are building more affordable types of housing (+4%)

The survey also asks about approval or disapproval of the major political parties, health policy, reproductive justice, education and climate and environmental justice.

Download the full report and read it for yourself here. The presentation will also be taped and uploaded to YouTube for future viewing.

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