Tina Peters taking advantage of delays in her trials to sell “Tina Peters-as-Hero” swag

Tina Peters “Patriot Whistleblower Truth Teller” dog hoodie

Tina Peters has wasted no time in taking advantage of the most recent delays in her criminal and civil trials to milk her status as a darling of the Trump Party and rake in more money. She has started broadening her appeal to the MAGA crowd by praising people convicted of participating in the deadly January 6 insurrection, lovingly referring to them as “our J6ers.” She condemns “the military-age men who are coming across our border with debit cards and buying $5,000 worth of new clothes” “and saying in no uncertain terms “… we need an authoritarian in office.”

While she repeatedly insists in her videos that she hasn’t profited from anything she’s done, Tina has also quickly rolled out a huge line of Tina Peters-as-Hero themed promotional gear for sale through her website, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, “Patriot-Whistleblower-Truth Teller Tina Peters” greeting cards (pack of 5 for $25), aluminum Tina Peters-themed vanity license plates with her website on it ($14.85), Tina Peters Sherpa Fleece Blankets ($70.40 – $97.70), “I stand with Tina Peters” scented candles ($38.10), dog hoodies ($37.35), backpacks and whiskey glasses, “I Stand with Tina – Strength

Tina Peters tote bag

Tough” cellphone cases, stainless steel water bottles, color-morphing coffee mugs, a “Tina Peters Legal Fund Plush Blanket,” ($25.85 – $63.23),  “Tina Peters Legal Fund Faux Suede Square Pillows,” “I Stand with Tina” AirPods, Tina Peters-themed tote bags, weekender bags, grocery totes, door mats, duffle bags, sticker sheets, fanny packs, doormats, accessory pouches and more.

In addition to her legal defense fund, Tina also has a fundraiser on the religious site GiveSendGo, raising money for her personal maintenance, with over $40,000 raised so far and a stated fundraising goal of $1 million.

Tina apparently isn’t hurting for cash. She said on one show that she recently purchased a 2013 RV for $70,000.

Tina Peters scented candle


Tina Peters’ personal fundraising site


  6 comments for “Tina Peters taking advantage of delays in her trials to sell “Tina Peters-as-Hero” swag

  1. thanks for the free advertising. I’ll buy to support this long suffereing patriot. I’ll dontate too ! Join Tina in saving our nation from foreign-controlled elections.

    You DO know that Tina Peters poll machine data, (yes remember waaay back when Dominion tried to wipe out the evidence of foreign interference ) is incorporated in the SCOTUS case this week.

    buckle up butterballs. I hope there is enough crow to go around, cos a lot of folks here need yuge servings

  2. Everything on her store says “Assembled in the US from internationally sourced ” including the stickers and license plate frames. What assembly is required? Put them in a plastic pouch? Is the MAGA-verse really that gullible?

  3. I just hope she declares and pays income tax on all of these “sales.” As far as I know, legal fees are not deductible.

  4. Why do these Homefront Heroes of Christofascism always have the absolute worst, most tacky (China-made) merchandise? Has Tina not considered also commemorative plates, or maybe minting some collectable (fools) gold star-shaped coins?

    Sure seems like neither patriotism nor (dog) whistleblowing is selling a lot of pillows right now…unless perhaps Putin is buying this crap.

    • I’m not at all surprised that the MAGA-verse is so attracted to this crappy merchandise that is made in China. So shallow and gullable.

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