Relative of Tina Peters calls her “vile” in 2/28/24 Daily Sentinel article

Tina Peters and her financial benefactor Mike Lindell, the My Pillow CEO

In a February 28, 2024 article in the Daily Sentinel about a lawsuit against Tina Peters in which she is accused of stealing her ex-husband’s house (pdf) by converting the deed to her own name while she was county clerk, Sentinel reporter Charles Ashby interviewed Tina’s former brother in law, Jack Peters, whose brother, Thomas, died December 31, 2023. Tina and Thomas Peters were married for 36 years.

Jack Peters describes himself as “extremely conservative” and says he believes there might be election fraud going on, but says Tina “is unfairly using her former husband and her deceased son, Remington, to gain sympathy in her criminal case in order to gather legal defense money. Remington, the couple’s only son, died in a 2017 parachute accident as a Navy seal performing at an air show in New York City,” the Sentinel writes.

‘I’ve always been a bit at odds with Tina, she’s always been somewhat abrasive,’ Jack Peters said. ‘My brother-in-law John and my sister Kathy are being unjustly persecuted by this vile woman.’      —The Daily Sentinel

Tina filed a lawsuit against her former husband’s relatives to try to counteract the civil suit against her for allegedly stealing Tom’s house.

Tina repeatedly tells audiences that Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein went to the La Villa Grande nursing home in Grand Junction, where her husband Tom was a patient with Parkinson’s and dementia, and forced him to sign the papers finalizing his divorce from Tina. The story regularly draws gasps from her live audiences and has helped her keep donations rolling in for her legal defense.

But is isn’t true.

Tina also tells audiences she ran her husband’s construction business for 30 years, but John Peters says at best her duties were limited to being a part-time bookkeeper.

Former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters

Tina has also long told her supporters that she is a “Gold Star mother,” but Tina’s family members themselves point out that this isn’t true, either.

According to a 1947 Congressional decree, in order to qualify for a Gold Star lapel pin, a soldier must have died in an armed conflict in a named combat (like “Operation Desert Storm” or “Operation Iraqi Freedom”) on foreign soil, and fulfill other criteria. This wasn’t the case in the death of Remington Peters, Tom and Tina’s son, a member of the Navy Seal Leap Frogs team. He perished in a parachuting accident while providing entertainment at an air show during Fleet Week in New Jersey in May, 2017.

“It’s such a lie, and such a bald-face lie,” Jack Peters said. “This vile woman is spewing all these lies. She gets on these talk shows and platforms, these people are clueless. She’s mastered the art of deception. This woman is as vile as you will find.” — The Daily Sentinel


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  1. “Tina has also long told her supporters that she is a “Gold Star mother,” but Tina’s family members themselves point out that this isn’t true, either.”

    It’s no surprise she lied about this too. She seemingly lies about everything. Here hoping she’s tried and convicted soon. It’s good news that the orange one, or any other Republican president, can’t pardon her.

  2. I miss the good old days when leftist just hated the USA…

    I sussed out the reason you guys hate Russia so much;
    they gave Marx the pointy boot where the door should have hit.

    Probably true what they say;
    you can Vote your way into socialism, but you have to Shoot your way out.

  3. Why do people like Tina Peters & Donald Trump & Adolf Hitler even exist? A just god would never set such villainy upon US! They, if they exist, must not love US as much as is so frequently boasted. Isn’t it about time for us Progressives to take over? What our country is doing is plainly not working, and what Trump and Putin offer is not attractive to those who are educated and/or mature. Please vote deep and pure blue in the 2024 elections – all of those for which you qualify. And remember that the criminal operation formerly known as the Republican Party, has been culled and unified to a point where they never propose legislation. They are in place to jam up the works wherever possible with a unison vote.

    • Spoken like a person with profound ignorance.
      I think my IQ just dropped after reading such remarks. Where the hell have you been! There’s a world with far more going on than cnn and NBC etc

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