District 1 Commissioner candidate Dr. Tom Acker to speak at Edgewater Brewery May 9 @ 6:00 p.m.

Retired CMU Professor Dr. Tom Acker is running for the District 1 Commissioner seat, against Cody Davis

If you need a breather from Mesa County Republicans who use their elected offices to violate morals and ethics, deny reality and promote conspiracies, commit felonies, engage in religious grandstanding, double-dipviolate state laws, mindlessly spout racist tropes in public hearings, say things that draw national embarrassment onto our community, engage in cronyism, compromise voting equipment, take credit for the contributions of others and spend hundreds of thousands in taxpayers funds on exacting revenge on people they take a personal dislike to — if you want to consider electing people with integrity for a change, then come and hear what Tom Acker, the only Democrat running for Mesa County Commissioner has to say.

Dr. Acker is a retired Colorado Mesa University professor Emeritus who taught Spanish at CMU for two decades. He is running against Cody Davis for the District 1 county commissioner seat.

Dr. Acker wants to

  1. Increase work force housing.
  2. Ensure farmland is not overrun by developers and support a land trust for farmers.
  3. Improve women’s health services in Mesa County.
  4. Support access to healthy activities for all Mesa County youth.
  5. Increase support to seniors (e.g. maintain Orchard Mesa pool).
  6. Ensure Mesa County workers have a right to a living wage. (An hourly pay rate that allows full time employees to cover to their basic needs of living, like costs of housing and food, without requiring financial assistance. The goal of a living wage is to assure employees can maintain a satisfactory standard of living and stay out of poverty.)

You can hear Professor Acker speak at an event at Edgewater Brewery on May 9th. Come at 5:00 p.m. if you want to order dinner before the speaker starts. Dr. Acker will start speaking at 6:00 p.m.

Please RSVP to Charley Allen A.S.A.P. at pocgotv@gmail.com to attend this event.

Republican Mesa County Commissioner in District 1, Cody Davis, shown here trespassing on the Grand Valley Canal bank in one of his 2020 campaign TV ads

  4 comments for “District 1 Commissioner candidate Dr. Tom Acker to speak at Edgewater Brewery May 9 @ 6:00 p.m.

  1. Let’s not present some false equivalence here, as Dr. Ackerseems appears to be running a real and credible campaigns whereas ignoramus Crony Davis still doesn’t have anything remotely resembling a platform nor can he barely string two coherant words without inane right-wing buzzwords. Though maybe he’d care to first denounce his fellow party ilk that recently suggested feeding migrants to wolves, in a LOCAL CHURCH…never mind of course what literal Bible verses say about that, and after all that virtue signaling and Christian rhetoric he spouted after flip-flopping on his Bimbo-Boebert endorsement.

    The Mesa County GOP are figuratively all false prophets, charlatans, and compassionless fools that not even God could love given such blasphemy. It sure seems like heaven won’t help us here, so perhaps a Dr. can/will..

    • “Russ Andrews, a businessman from the Roaring Fork Valley, said his priority if elected, is to build “Trump’s wall,” and, feed the “predators, and drug dealers” crossing the border to “our new wolves” .”

      This is such an old trick but one that is ubiquitous amongst your ilk…Misquotes and straw men arguments. But don’t worry, your friends won’t think badly of you or care.

  2. Reducing min lot size in estate zoning from 10 acres to 5 is having bad effects in the valley and is definitely not improving housing availability.

  3. Tom Acker likes work force housing. Cody Davis likes affordable housing.
    Both sound great but the devil is in the details…IOW,
    how is it going to get paid for and enforced?
    Without specifics it’s just campaign rhetoric.

    Same with “the right to a living wage.”

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