Dispelling the misperception that Tina Peters’ son died in combat

Tina Peters often begins interviews by saying she is a Gold Star mother, and that her son, a Navy Seal, died in 2017. Her Gold Star Mother status also often generates sympathetic headlines like this one from “Creative Destruction Media” on November 17, 2021:

Steve Bannon introduced Tina on his show by saying she was a Gold Star mother whose son gave his life “in defense of the country.”

But while Peters’ son was in the military and did serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, he did not die in combat, nor did he die defending his country.

Peters’ son, Remington Peters, was killed on Sunday, May 28, 2017, in a parachuting accident that occurred during an air show in New Jersey on Memorial Day weekend. He was part of the Navy Seal Leap Frogs team that was giving a parachuting demonstration for the people gathered to see the air show.

Remington Peters jumped out of a helicopter over the Hudson River at an altitude of 8,500 feet with a team of parachutists around noon that day to perform stunts like carrying a huge American flag through the air and leaving trails of colored smoke in the sky. Peters wore a wing suit and had a smoke bracket attached to his leg. After jumping, Peters’ parachute lines became entangled. He struggled to free himself for about 40 seconds, then gave up and cut away the tangled parachute in an attempt to use his reserve chute. But he acted too late, and encountered another problem when the lines to his reserve chute became entangled with the smoke bracket attached to his leg. Without a functioning parachute, Peters then plunged into the Hudson River. He was pronounced dead less than an hour later, after the Coast Guard and Jersey City Fire Department pulled him from the water and transported him to a local hospital.

An analysis of the accident done by the military said “The Navy is working through ways to prevent such a case from happening again … For example, officials are alerting units that smoke brackets could snag on uniforms, making it harder to conduct emergency parachute procedures.” The report also said that each member of the Leap Frogs packs his own supplies the day of a demonstration.

While the military ruled Remington’s death was in the line of duty, he did not die in combat, nor did he die “defending his country.”

Sadly, it was an unnecessary death that occurred in the service of entertainment.

Reporting on the incident, the New York Times quoted a woman attending the event who said, “It’s so unnecessary, just to entertain people, for someone to have died.”

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  1. Our son-in-law is a Navy CB and was attached to a Navy Seals operation in Afghanistan. The whole tour was less than 2 weeks. Remington along with any individual volunteering for the military is considered to be in defense of our nation. Weather they died of gunshot, automobile accident, plain accident, or parachuting they all serve in defense of our great nation. As for our son-in-law we know he served in Afghanistan but to this date has never told us what their operation was about.

    • I didn’t say she wasn’t a Gold Star parent. Her son was an active member of the military, and she is a Gold Star parent. But her son did not die in combat, nor did he die defending the nation. He died providing entertainment at an air show in what amounted to a needless accident.

      • As much as I loathe Tina, as a veteran (for whatever that’s worth), I have no problem with her “Gold Star” claim. As Scott noted, the criteria are correct.

        Is she using the label disingenuously, to paint herself as a noble, grieving mom to a hero? Sure; but hell, I’ve seen worse. I say leave this one alone. There are so many other things to say about her.

        • I expected some would have this kind of reaction, and again, I did not say she wasn’t a “Gold Star” parent. But she does exploit this misperception constantly in her interviews (many of which I have watched in their entirety) apparently to generate sympathy, and it works.

          This is to set the record straight.

          • “Set the record straight” to what end?

            Whatever else she is (and there’s plenty to speak against), Tina Peters has the right to claim “Gold Star Mom” status. The distinction means something to you, but I guarantee you it won’t mean anything to her supporters.

            The only thing you’ll do by making an issue of this is galvanize her supporters against your “heartless disregard of her son’s sacrifice”.

            He was active duty military (a SEAL, even) who died on duty during a period of conflict. It counts. What she lets people think about it isn’t really relevant. I just don’t think this is a stone you should be throwing.

            Sure, you can point it out, but, again…to what end?

          • The truth is, Tina Peters is a loathsome, lying, criminal.
            She’s also a Gold Star Mom.

            Neither one cancels out the other, and making the distinction that most people don’t care about isn’t going to damage her reputation one iota among her followers, and will only serve as a way they can paint you as anti-military.

            But…I guess it’s your right to make a stink about it.

            Me, I pick my battles. This one doesn’t have a winning strategy.

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