Dispelling the misperception that Tina Peters’ son died in combat

Tina Peters often begins interviews by saying she is a Gold Star mother, and that her son, a Navy Seal, died in 2017. Her Gold Star Mother status also often generates sympathetic headlines like this one from “Creative Destruction Media” on November 17, 2021:

Steve Bannon introduced Tina on his show by saying she was a Gold Star mother whose son gave his life “in defense of the country.”

But while Peters’ son was in the military and did serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, he did not die in combat, nor did he die defending his country.

Peters’ son, Remington Peters, was killed on Sunday, May 28, 2017, in a parachuting accident that occurred during an air show in New Jersey on Memorial Day weekend. He was part of the Navy Seal Leap Frogs team that was giving a parachuting demonstration for the people gathered to see the air show.

Remington Peters jumped out of a helicopter over the Hudson River at an altitude of 8,500 feet with a team of parachutists around noon that day to perform stunts like carrying a huge American flag through the air and leaving trails of colored smoke in the sky. Peters wore a wing suit and had a smoke bracket attached to his leg. After jumping, Peters’ parachute lines became entangled. He struggled to free himself for about 40 seconds, then gave up and cut away the tangled parachute in an attempt to use his reserve chute. But he acted too late, and encountered another problem when the lines to his reserve chute became entangled with the smoke bracket attached to his leg. Without a functioning parachute, Peters then plunged into the Hudson River. He was pronounced dead less than an hour later, after the Coast Guard and Jersey City Fire Department pulled him from the water and transported him to a local hospital.

An analysis of the accident done by the military said “The Navy is working through ways to prevent such a case from happening again … For example, officials are alerting units that smoke brackets could snag on uniforms, making it harder to conduct emergency parachute procedures.” The report also said that each member of the Leap Frogs packs his own supplies the day of a demonstration.

While the military ruled Remington’s death was in the line of duty, he did not die in combat, nor did he die “defending his country.”

Sadly, it was an unnecessary death that occurred in the service of entertainment.

Reporting on the incident, the New York Times quoted a woman attending the event who said, “It’s so unnecessary, just to entertain people, for someone to have died.”

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  1. ***Warning: This comment contains false information and unproven claims about election fraud.***

    Paste away; I suppose you can get those boilerplates on big discount …


    you know?; THAT LAPTOP – the abandoned (by a junkie whoremonger & bagman for the Biden criminal enterprise) treasure trove of evidence detailing the grift integral to the depraved & criminal clan now occupying POTUS office as pretender-in-chief. Whats appalls me most is the piddling dollar amounts these criminals accepted to destroy trillions of dollars OF OUR MONEY…

    while your grinding teeth fracture from reading up (2 years LATE) on the salacious details, you can also ponder why the FBI had this laptop for YEARS yet can’t look into it.

    You could question why over 50 deep state and clearly complicit or compromised Intel ‘officials’ assured us all with full page ads that HUNTER’S OWN LAPTOP was Russian disinfo LOL.

    hoooo boy you people are soooo stupid, or simply corrupt, you would happily see a nuclear exchange kicked off to protect the deepstate’s money laundering operation that is Ukraine.

    heres some more crumbs for you to ignore

    2000 Mules (oh boo hoo, this scorcher was produced by someone maliciously prosecuted by the corrupt obama hussein justice department. go figure ! Now, enjoy the coming prosecutions over zuckerberg’s 400M in bribe money used to buy the election …)

    WISCONSIN – Special Prosecutor recommends election be nullified over rampant criminality state wide.

    PA- crooks everywhere. Start with Delaware County.

    CO – SoS Griswold and Dominion illegally erased election data. Opps, more grounds for nullification.

    WARNING- ” contains true statements on the stolen election that the insane or deluded Left wont accept ever, no-how and
    NOTHING can stop what is coming

    • ***WARNING***This comment contains false and unsubstantiated claims regarding elections***

      I find this article appalling. You don’t get Gold Star Mom status unless you loose a child that is serving our country in the military. The low life author trying to make light of the death of a military member and her son needs to attend a few military funerals. This article is shameful and disturbing to anyone who has served in the military or a family member who has lost a love one. Many military casualties occur during routine operations outside of war. Military members are expected to participate in activities described in this article. The use of a military helicopter and pilot requires military orders. My husband is a retired AF squadron commander and the use of airplanes and pilots are used when available to participate in air shows or fly a plane to events to promote the military. Most pilot casualties occur during practice drills. Does the author think that makes the death less military or upsetting? Has this author ever heard of The Blue Angels. There job is to fly around showing their amazing skills and military readiness to crowds mainly on the weekends. Any military death is painful not only to the family, but fellow soldiers. It is obvious Jena Griswold is behind these attacks trying her best to distract from the recorded data Tina Peters & two other elected officials uncovered after SOS trusted build deleted voting files. The legal system works slowly, but I have no doubt the truth about what was found on Dominion before Ms Griswold destroyed voting data making an audit impossible will come to light. It is obvious Ms Peters is the target of a personal smear campaign and legal attacks. This is a common tactic used to discourage whistle blowers. I look forward to the day Jena Griswold joins the AZ SOS who is now under criminal investigation for voter fraud. Both SOS were part of a Secretary of State program funded by Sorros nonprofit. Both seem to have deleted data. Several SOS in this program are under fire for voter fraud allegations or breaking state voting laws. It seems to many there was a coordinated plan with the Sorros funded SOS’s. Katie Hobbs Ms Griswold does not want to show the data so the other can see if their county voter data was deleted like Ms Peters. Both SOS’s are using the legal system to try to stop any analysis to determine if votes were manipulated.

      • Totally agree, Holmes.

        Apparently because patriot Tina Peters’ son Remington didn’t die overseas defending Brandon’s scam in Ukraine (and possible crimes against humanity – we will know more when the extent of the biden’s et al depravity in Ukraine is uncovered) there is a clusterF here belittling his sacrifice as ‘entertainment’.

        They have no concept that his jump team was engaged a) a legitimate training opportunity b) a recruitment tool to fill the ranks of our volunteer defenders c) a morale boost for decent US citizens.

        ‘Entertainment’ my ass. Remington died performing duties.

        If anything could be more appalling than these numbskulls mindlessness, its these people who think US elections should be done in secret, on hackable machines, overseen only by people with obvious conflicts of interest, on private corporation’s equipment.

        They are either foolishly naive or working an agenda. Odd they belittle a air show jump, but seem very eager to defend actual nazis ( who have been attacking their ethnic Russian fellow countrymen for years) .

        So strange how the left have unrecognizably perverted classic lib principles to justify a temporary win at any cost.

        • Yes, the Russians are the “good guys” in this war, and the Ukrainians are the “Nazis”.

          You spineless Putin Puppet.

          • sure fire method; How To Identify a Libiot.

            Claims that having even a basic knowledge of world, regional, russian etc history makes one a Putin Puppet.

          • FJBLGB:

            There’s no history that justifies your buddy Putin’s actions, except right-wing lies.

            I’d say you should be ashamed, but you’d have to have some modicum of self-respect in order to do that, and that’s a proven impossibility.

    • I would like to know who is adding, “ ***Warning: This comment contains false information and unproven claims about election fraud.***?

      In EACH comment, there is NOTHING FALSE ABOUT Them. And would remind those issuing those ridiculous warnings that:
      NYT now ADMITS the Hunter Laptop from Hell is NOT “Russian disinformation”
      That the Russia HOAX CREATED By the Hillary campaign, fomented by the corrupt MSM and the DNC HAS BEEN PROVEN AN ABSOLUTE FRAUD
      Oh and Edu al “experts” now ADMIT HCQ IS effective against Covid (they ALWAYS KNEW this, EHY they banned it)

      So everything you claim to be false or unproven today, WILL BE VERIFIED TOMORROW

    • Hear Hear … Well Done my friend. What you’re seeing hear is a woman, managed to put together an obscure little blog and somehow now sees herself as an authority.
      BTW folks, don’t bother trying to appeal to their sense of integrity (they have none) or shame them. To feel shame, one must have a conscience, a soul … which they also lack.

  2. People who diminish or ridicule a voluntary’s soldier’s death in the direct performance of their military duties truly must have no bottom limit which they wont stoop below in their pursuit of power.

    The Air Show teams are ‘only entertainment’ … to the drooling masses.
    The rest of us (in particular, the great Red Tide descending on the corrupt demoncratic, foreign-owned ‘machine’ … ohh this is going to be GOOD come Fall !)

    understand that Air Shows are a obvious recruitment effort required to staff a volunteer military in these days celebrating every pampered whining brat as “special”, are morale-boosting for those in Service, veterans and loyal citizens, and yet another chance for military members to practice vital wartime skills.

    Hopefully we wont waste the lives and equipment our fantastic military in pursuit of securing , say the Ukraine, as a corrupt play ground for certain swaths of our current power structure ( can you say “Hunters laptop” Anyone? ANYone?? heck does anyone here understand the ClA / US State Dept illegal “Maidan” color revolution? )

    The ‘karening’ of Navy Seal’s Remington Peters death is as sickening as is the election fraud exposed when Tina Peters WHISTLE-BLEW A CRIME , as reasonably required in her duties in an elected capacity.

    LOL ” dominion is just going to check the batteries in the computers” …oh yeah they also might corrupt vital components of their system to cover up one of the 2020 election frauds ” Dominion’s head is exploding. Griswold will eventually be charged & hopeful jailed now that the adults are Awakened.

    what hath you wrought ?

    • “what hath you wrought?”

      Justice. It’s a concept Republicans have long since abandoned, along with decency, patriotism, and honor.

      I remember when the GOP stood for something other than kissing Trump’s bloated rear end.

      Be proud.

  3. CV-2022-000032 Moton, Hoopes, Stenstrom vs Boockvar, Kathy et al

    Complaint Section:
    Para 239: Gallagher and Ziegelhoffer conspired to destroy November 3, 2020, election data, and materials. The pair set up a long table full of November 3, 2020, election data and selectively destroyed the machines/proof tapes along with other November 3, 2020 records by tearing it into pieces and placing into the trash stating they will have a campfire to burn
    the data. [Attached hereto as Exhibit DD] https://patriotDOTonline/notice/AHBoLcwxYHrCvo5X0a

    this is not for seamus, the paid troll who demands an education in election fraud – in a comment section of some lame blog- while ignoring the mountains of evidence in the public domain

  4. “Irrefutable proof” of election fraud? just a few is enough

    CO- SoC broke election laws by trashing election records. Political prosecution of an opponent.
    GA- 1000s of ballots paid-for ( $10per was the usual rate). Illegal deposits ON VIDEO lol. Bigest precints overrun with unverifiable votes.
    WI- The BoE actually ordered laws broken, exploited incapacitated seniors, 100,000s illegal votes. Special Council recommend
    AZ- Maricopa – 750 ,000 illegal ballots. More Votes than voters.
    PA- Delaware county. Election officials on video destroying required records.

    I AM dealing with “it”, just like you are – you can ignore corrupt & stolen elections but you can not ignore the consequences; being on the verge of WW III in order to protect Biden and the rest of “the gang’s” money laundering operation in Ukraine is just one benefit of this DS puppet installed in the WH

      • LOL ‘claims unproven’. Sure, where ever censored by main stream media & captured internet. Love the censor boilerplate you added too. What a Fail.

        Once you get done reviewing the VIDEO of Delaware PA election officials plotting felony election law violations,

        please DONT miss “2000 mules” by denesh desouza .

          • yep that dinesh ( although he wasn’t behind the factual cell phone tracking & video proof of al least 2000 ballot buyers. get your popcorn out )

            That Dinesh, who got under hussein’s skin and in response got prison time for shell-donating $10K excess to an actual friend, a ‘crime’ that usually gets a nasty letter as punishment and never never prison time.
            ( heard about zuckerberg’s $400M into the 2020 s’election, the simmering charges of actual BRIBERY in process now)

            Im sure it is not lost on any one but the obviously paid off seamus character;

            that The D’Souza Affair shed so much light on the violations of “justice” that hero patriot Tina Peters is enduring. oh well looks like we have to build a bigger criminal’s docket. good thing we are busy

      • dont look now , I’m sure its nothing that there were ballot trafficking & election mfraud arrests in Yuma Co AZ. The investigations were underway, but Fuentes’ backflip to plea ” GUILTY AS CHARGED – I’LL TAKE THE DEAL” occurred due to …

        wait for it !


        after watching 2000MULES , Fuentes’ 4 [FOUR] DNC funded , out-of-area lawyers urged she take any deal to save her hide.

        The guilty plea coming Jun 2 of course has required that pig squealing on a more than dozen co-conspirators.

    • Blah, blah, blah. Here’s the real truth, as Reuters news agency has reported and as Trump’s own attorney general has said: State and federal judges dismissed more than 50 lawsuits presented by then President Donald Trump and his allies challenging the election or its outcome.
      There really is no one more pathetic than a sore loser. Your Orange Boil would rather burn down 200 years of democracy than admit that a majority of voters in 2020 were sick of his classless clown show.

  5. Tina Peters , in legal pursuit of her lawful duties, acquired irrefutable evidence that the CO SoS and Dominion altered election computers, corrupting the 2020 election. Her son died in the performance of his military duties. You are a disgusting traitorous worm and will doubtlessly enjoy the fruits of those choices.

    • “Irrefutable proof” of election fraud?
      Peters has provided no such proof, not has any other uneducated, ill-informed right-wing America hater. Trump lost. He is and always has been a loser. Deal with it.

      • ***Warning: This comment contains false information and unproven claims about election fraud.***

        silly lib. Trade away your most precious Right for pyrrhic victory.
        Corrupt elections were pervasive and determinative.
        just a few ; Maricopa. 750,000 illegal ballots. More votes than voters.
        Delaware County PA. Felony record destruction on untraceable ballots. Decided PA.
        The entire state of Wisconsin, including the BOE ordering election laws ignored while harvesting from incapacitated seniors. Zuckerbribes.
        You can ignore reality but you can not ignore the conseQuences.

        oh and hilliary cooked up the dossier and spied in the White House which could only have been possible with Obama’s collusion. Now we get to face WW III over Biden and rest of the lot’s cash laundering operation in Ukraine.

          • my job is not to wake the comatose. There is plenty of information out there for the able, adept , or merely curious. The sheep will come along soon enough

          • “my job is not to wake the comatose. There is plenty of information out there for the able, adept , or merely curious. The sheep will come along soon enough” –

            In other words, no, you don’t have any factual information, and you don’t have the courage to admit it. That kind of garbage only works on soft-headed, mouth-breathing, slack-jawed Trump fans.

            People with brains and spines rely on facts. Go find some.

            being fictious and unknown persons), and

          • so sit back & enjoy the fruits of Obama’ 3rd term.

            Say, did you hear the one where Barry congratulates Biden for 81 million votes breaking his own record?

            No, because neither ever happened.

        • Oh, lookie; the US Election Integrity Project; otherwise known as “That bunch of armed yokels who pretended to be Election Officials, going around bothering people about their voting history and taking pictures of all the “Democrat voters” houses…”

          Y’all still have that doofus doing the “Mesa County Liberty Report” from his basement?

          • what ever you say, yep, those are the people who are going to take your boss Grissy down. Are you implicated too? Cry more. Looks like your neighbor SoS has a little legal issue too.
            Wait until they get to the real crimes.

          • Yes, failed MLM “entrepreneurs”, addled septuagenarians, and bloated, doughy commandos from the Meatball Militia (aka Gravy Seals Team Six), they’re gonna take Griswold down, man!

            I mean, as long as she’s not at the top of a flight of stairs, or anything.

    • Being a Gold Star mom doesn’t give Tina the right to commit multiple felonies and try to frame an innocent man in doing so.

    • “In performance of his military duties.” Hmmm. Providing entertainment at an air show, okay.

      Let’s celebrate the servicemen and -women who are detailed to marching-band duty at a circus — and who get run over by the clown car. Heroes one and all !

  6. Steve Bannon covers a multitude of subjects each and every day on the WARROOM from all around the world, she should have stopped him when he said that,that’s on her fact.
    The fact that they are erasing all these files all over the country tells you all you need to know about Tina Peters. You break down her door pull her child down the stairs by the nape of her neck tells you all you need to know about our government

    • “Irrefutable proof” of election fraud?
      Peters has provided no such proof, not has any other uneducated, ill-informed right-wing America hater. Trump lost. He is and always has been a loser. Deal with it.

  7. Her son died in the line of duty. That makes her a gold star mom, in my opinion. Her son was a hero and so is she as she fights for America’s freedom, and gets all kinds of flack for doing so.

          • There’s no such thing as “active line of duty”; you’re conflating “line of fire/line of duty” with “active duty”. Remington Peters died in an accident while on Active Duty, performing his duties as a Navy Seal during a time of conflict. Those are the criteria for a Gold Star.

            Is it wrong for Tina to let people believe her son died in a hail of gunfire in Iraq or Afghanistan, conjuring up whatever heroic images they like? Sure.

            It’s also wrong to deny someone’s sacrifice just because his mother is a piece of garbage.

      • Air shows, including jumping out of airplanes is a fundamental recruitment effort. This is only simple ” entertainment” to people who have zero concept of the incredible need for an effective national military.

        I imagine you would rather hire 3rd world illegal transients to fight your battles while using the rest of the military wokeism projects.

  8. Our son-in-law is a Navy CB and was attached to a Navy Seals operation in Afghanistan. The whole tour was less than 2 weeks. Remington along with any individual volunteering for the military is considered to be in defense of our nation. Weather they died of gunshot, automobile accident, plain accident, or parachuting they all serve in defense of our great nation. As for our son-in-law we know he served in Afghanistan but to this date has never told us what their operation was about.

    • I didn’t say she wasn’t a Gold Star parent. Her son was an active member of the military, and she is a Gold Star parent. But her son did not die in combat, nor did he die defending the nation. He died providing entertainment at an air show in what amounted to a needless accident.

      • As much as I loathe Tina, as a veteran (for whatever that’s worth), I have no problem with her “Gold Star” claim. As Scott noted, the criteria are correct.

        Is she using the label disingenuously, to paint herself as a noble, grieving mom to a hero? Sure; but hell, I’ve seen worse. I say leave this one alone. There are so many other things to say about her.

        • I expected some would have this kind of reaction, and again, I did not say she wasn’t a “Gold Star” parent. But she does exploit this misperception constantly in her interviews (many of which I have watched in their entirety) apparently to generate sympathy, and it works.

          This is to set the record straight.

          • “Set the record straight” to what end?

            Whatever else she is (and there’s plenty to speak against), Tina Peters has the right to claim “Gold Star Mom” status. The distinction means something to you, but I guarantee you it won’t mean anything to her supporters.

            The only thing you’ll do by making an issue of this is galvanize her supporters against your “heartless disregard of her son’s sacrifice”.

            He was active duty military (a SEAL, even) who died on duty during a period of conflict. It counts. What she lets people think about it isn’t really relevant. I just don’t think this is a stone you should be throwing.

            Sure, you can point it out, but, again…to what end?

          • The truth is, Tina Peters is a loathsome, lying, criminal.
            She’s also a Gold Star Mom.

            Neither one cancels out the other, and making the distinction that most people don’t care about isn’t going to damage her reputation one iota among her followers, and will only serve as a way they can paint you as anti-military.

            But…I guess it’s your right to make a stink about it.

            Me, I pick my battles. This one doesn’t have a winning strategy.

      • She lost a child, an adult child. I lost my daughter at the age of 25. She has been gone 9 years, but the pain of losing her does not end. Losing a child is not something a person ever gets over no matter the manner or cause of death. It is painful beyond what most people will ever know.

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