Tina Peters fired by Badlands Media, calls getting Covid on the start day of her criminal trial “a miracle”

Tina on her 2/12/24 internet talk show on Lindell TV after getting fired from Rumble.com’s Badlands Media for violating their policy.

On her 2/12/24 internet TV show, Tina Peters tells her fans she was just fired from Badlands Media, which uses the MAGA video platform Rumble.com.

“I got canned,” Tina says, “because I didn’t ask permission to have someone else host the show” on the day she was supposed to be in court for the first day of her criminal trial. “This is what they did on the day I was in court,” she tells viewers.

After getting fired, Tina moved her show to Mike Lindell’s internet TV platform, FrankSpeech.com and renamed “The Tina Peters Show” to “The Truth Matters with Tina Peters.”

Tina tells her fans how she managed to avoid being in court for the first day of her criminal trial:

“How was I not in court?” she says. “It was God’s plan. It was a miracle. In the middle of it, I got sick! The doctor prescribed me with Covid,” she says.[sic]

She emphasizes that she was “really, really sick,” and appeared in court over a video link in her bathrobe, sniffling, with her head down on the desk.

Tina also tells viewers why she fired her attorneys:

“They were not going in the direction I thought God wanted them to go, but when I brought that to them, I wasn’t being heard,” she says. “They’re great attorneys and I love them, but it was a breach.”

She tells viewers,

“I was the elected clerk of Mesa county and God used me to expose the biggest fraud on the American people ever.”

She again asks supporters to send her money and urges them to buy merchandise from Mike Lindell, saying she “needs income for attorneys and travel.” She implored people to go to MyPillow.com/tina where they can get a discount on Lindell’s merchandise by entering the code “TINA.”


  6 comments for “Tina Peters fired by Badlands Media, calls getting Covid on the start day of her criminal trial “a miracle”

  1. I think that Peters is sincere in her convictions otherwise she would just give-up. If someone believes in what they are doing, the only way to endure such subsequent hardship is often by trusting in a higher power. CO SoS Griswald is also trying to keep Trump off the ballot. There is a great political divide in this country regarding the way elections are run. There should be transparent processes which are easy to validate. It is not just about counting the votes so much as what votes are counted and how?

    • There is a transparent process. There has been a transparent process.

      There are people with a vested interest in sowing confusion and doubt, and spreading misinformation. It is incumbent upon you and your critical thinking skills to recognize them and not fall for it.

    • I think the District Attorney is the MOST sincere in his “convictions”. Because the Justice System, which is predicated on tangible ideas like intent and evidence…supersedes such foolish biblical notions of faith, as prison is clearly the only “higher power” a Christo-fascist like Tina Peters actually fears. Though we all appreciate you stopping by to peddle this sermon on virtue for the stupid, false doubt, and sympathies for the devil. If only there was a chapter in that big book of fables could have warned us against such charlatans…oh wait…

      Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
      (Matthew 7:15)

  2. I hadn’t heard that doctors could prescribe COVID. I had heard that they are getting really good at diagnosing and treating it, but wow! Next time I need an excuse to not go to court I guess I will call up my doctor and see if she can prescribe me some COVID so I won’t have to go and it will buy me a few more months so I can fire and hire lawyers.

    As for needing more money for income and travel, I could use some too since my partner died and he had been my job for 25 years. Please send your donations for me in care of Anne, she will make sure I get them. Don’t worry Anne, I will give you a percentage. Oh, I almost forgot, praise Jesus! That should really rack up the donations.

  3. Tina sure likes to bring up God. She’s become quite adept at peddling and huckstering. There’s a sucker born every minute. “I’m quite sure there’s more than one born every minute.” George Carlin

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