Lauren Boebert’s eldest son arrested on 22 charges amid alleged crime spree

Rifle Police Department’s Facebook post about the Tyler Boebert’s arrest yesterday.

House Rep. Lauren Boebert’s eldest son, Tyler Jay Boebert, 18, was arrested yesterday, February 27, 2024 (pdf) by the Rifle Police Department on a mix of 22 charges of felonies and petty offenses. The arrest came amid a spree of car break-ins and property thefts in Rifle.

Boebert faces four counts of criminal possession of two or more financial devices, three counts of first degree criminal trespass of an automobile with intent to commit a crime, four counts of criminal possession of identifications of multiple victims, four counts of identity theft with intent to misuse, three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, three counts of theft of less than $300, and one count of first degree criminal trespass of a vehicle with intent to commit a crime. Garfield County Sheriff lists Tyler Boebert’s bond at $8,250.

Tyler Boebert fathered a child last June, when he was still just 17, making Lauren Boebert a grandmother at age 36. Tyler and the baby’s mother, Naomi Rocha, who was also 17, did not marry and are reportedly no longer together.

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s eldest son, Tyler, impregnated his girlfriend when he was 17. His mother praised the situation.  Tyler was arrested 2/27/24 amid an alleged crime spree. He was charged with 22 counts by the Rifle Police Department.

In December of 2021, Lauren Boebert posed her children with assault-style rifles for a family Christmas photo that she posted on Twitter:




  8 comments for “Lauren Boebert’s eldest son arrested on 22 charges amid alleged crime spree

  1. A Go figure moment for this anarchist of a congresswoman!
    She has access to great- Federal Govt. Health Insurance- to get her boy mental health counseling.
    Might as well address Substance abuse considerations too.
    I wonder if son’s behavioral issues will prompt her to secure all-o-the house or otherwise, guns that this weapon crazed family possesses.

    • When is Colorado Garfield Co, going to charge Tyler Boebert, 19 this month (March) will child sexual explotation, over this sex tape he made with a minor, someone under 18 and distributed the video to others. This is another minor, he just had a baby with a 15 yr old girl… Why does he hang out with kids younger than him and why is he having sex with minors, hasn’t anyone like his parents taught him better. Both parents homes should be raided looking for more child porn.

  2. Maybe he was trying to provide for his growing family. And although he’s still only a kid, it’ll just be a few short years before he’s showing the ladies his own tattoo. s/

  3. 18 is such a special age for a devoutly stupid and entitled Degen.. it’s when you can both be charged as an adult to serve hard time and become legally responsible for paying child support. Next year’s Christmas card could be a bit bleaker, perhaps with a more desperate fundraising ring to it. What with mom/granny being run outta Congress, maybe they’ll be forced to load up the truck Beverly Hillbilly-style and carpetbag their way north to the greener right-wing pastures of WY. Figure by then, Jethro here won’t even be legally allowed to handle a firearm let alone own one…so instead of ammo, could be getting cartons of cigarettes in his (prison) stocking.

    • He’s 19 and stupid in days. This is the second minor child Tyler has had sex with , that we know of . LEARN THE LAW TYLER , LEARN RIGHT FROM WRONG, you committed a felony 2-6 years filming your sex with a child under 18 and distributing the video. That family is trash!

  4. Is this the same son that she left behind in a crashing vehicle as she bailed out to save her own skin?

    “What you do to others you do to me” — Jesus, Matthew 25:40

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