Tina Peters’ unhinged talk in Las Vegas

By now everyone has probably heard that Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters had her bond revoked today for leaving the state without first getting permission from the court, which violated the terms of her release in her criminal case. Peters traveled to Las Vegas for a July 12 conference of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, a group of anti-government sheriffs who are also election deniers.

While there, Peters gave an unhinged 9 minute talk that appeared to even confuse her audience.  In her talk, she made a slew of bizarre statements, like:

  • “Our crooked DA arrested [my election manager] knowing today is her birthday.”
  • “They arrested three grandmothers for defending your elections.”
  • “They’re stealing our elections.”
  •  DA Dan Rubinstein “is the guy who let 26 pounds of fentanyl go.”
  • “Our candidates were offered to step aside and they would be propelled over the finish line if they did not talk about election security.”
  • “They took away my husband, too. 36 years we would’ve been married. The DA went in there and had him sign divorce papers in a nursing home. He has advanced dementia. These people are criminals.”
  • “They’re coming after you.”

Tina Peters’ mugshot for her arrest on 3/9/2022. She is charged with 8 felonies and 3 misdemeanors related to election tampering

(In reality, Peters’ ex-husband, Thomas Peters, was the one who filed for dissolution of their marriage on November 17, 2021. He is currently suing Tina for theft of his house, in a case that won’t be heard until December.

Tina also referred to Gerald Wood, whose identity she stole, as “a liar and a cheat.”

Tina is scheduled to appear in person tomorrow, July 15, at 3:30 p.m. at a hearing at the Mesa County Justice Center, in Courtroom 9 with Judge Matthew Barrett, according to the Court Docket (Case No.D392022CR371).

Tina’s attorney, Harvey Steinberg, filed a motion to quash her arrest warrant at about 1:00 p.m. today, saying the violation of the terms of her bond was all his fault, so Tina could escape accountability for her actions yet again.


  18 comments for “Tina Peters’ unhinged talk in Las Vegas

  1. Golly, I guess he should have raped a 10-year-old girl…
    Then you creeps would have just called her a liar.

    • actually , you join the “Mother of 10-Year-Old Rape Victim Claims ‘Everything is a Lie’ About Ohio Abortion Story ”

      So now we have an illegal alien
      impregnating a woman and her 10 year old daughter.

      Mom insists No Problems Here!

      and instead of reporting the situation to LEOs, CPS, FS, ect,

      some abortion pushing alarmist spirits the poor kid across state lines
      and calls ….. A PRESS CONFERENCE, still not te cops

      when the kid could have had all possible care in OH due to rape & health considerations.

      What a wonderful case to ride upon , seamy ol moloch
      great way to s

  2. John Paul Mac Isaac Says Hunter’s Laptop Has Proof the Biden’s Were Getting Rich from Ukraine

    “I had seen enough information on that laptop to know that there was a blatant pay-for-play scheme. The Biden’s made out like bandits during the 2014 Ukrainian conflict. And in my opinion from what I had seen, President Trump had every reason to call Zelensky.”

    but Tina gets prosecuted while the Biden criminal can gets to start WW3 & impoverish the USA .

  3. Most of the commenters on this post have hit the nail right on the head. Tina Peters is mentally ill, but also, as crazy as a fox. She’s probably made more money doing this than anything else she’s ever done. I hope she goes to jail, but also, she needs something. Medication maybe? Somethin’ ain’t right there.

  4. you kids should try Snoop Dogg’s new weed strain: Sleepy Joe OG
    “You won’t even remember what country you’re in”

  5. I suppose eating popcorn is the wrong thing to do. It is a sad state of affairs. Tina’s supporters are fleeing like rats on a sinking ship. I am no longer hearing about “I Support Tina” and “I stand with Tina” rallies. The pro Trump signs around the Valley have decreased, though not enough. Now it’s all about advertising “F*%# Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” signs. I travel quite a bit and interestingly, I do not see “F*%# Trump” signs and there are millions of people in this country who have a disdain for Trump. I think the moderates and most of the left understand the importance of being the bigger person. So yes, let’s refrain from eating popcorn and practice being less divisive. It sure beats the alternative. I mean, if you have to advertise “F%#^ Biden” and “Let’s go Brandon” then you are taking yourself and life way too seriously.

  6. When she put on her tinfoil hat, she didn’t realize it was made of aluminum foil and that it wouldn’t work.

    You don’t have to be a licensed psychotherapist to see Peters is disturbed and is in the process of ruining her life and after she is released from prison, she will have to live in poverty unless she is made a spokesperson for Pillow Guy. Another reason for looking how we jail people who are disturbed when that just makes them worse.

  7. This loon knows exactly what she is doing. What she is doing is a distraction from the real issues of the crimes she has committed. The same crap goes on at a national level as well.

    Always the victim Republicans one and all. Bannon trial supposed to begin on Monday. Get this woman on trial NOW and if found guilty put her away so these lies that spew non-stop from her face opening are no longer fodder for local media that will not state just how damn guilty she and her partners in crime are!

  8. I think a large part of the problem is that need for people that think they’re political candidates to make their candidacy into some kind of a spectacle. A spectacle that offers viewers a really deranged look into reality. If you check the comments you find all sorts of things about making popcorn. I don’t think politics should be this exciting and I think the excitement is a big part of what’s dividing this country. Tina Peters, on the face of it, is mentally ill. A lot of her behavior is very similar to cult members and honestly, at this point, if she wasn’t making such terrible mistakes that impact our County and our country, I think she’s in need of some serious therapy. I do not mean that in a condescending way. My mom and my grandma were both severely bipolar and her behavior is pretty similar to theirs. But I am totally unlicensed and haven’t even read anything that gives me authority.

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