Lauren Boebert, Sherronna Bishop, Tina Peters and “a county commissioner candidate” dined with Conan Hayes, the man who illegally took the images of Mesa County Voting machine hard drives

The Colorado Times Recorder is reporting that Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, speaking at a conference of anti-government sheriffs in Las Vegas July 12, called Gerald Wood, the Mesa County man whose identity she is accused of stealing, “a liar and a cheat,” and confessed to the audience that she had dined with former pro surfer turned professional-election-denier Conan Hayes, the person who made the illegal images of Mesa County’s election equipment.  Peters says other guests at the dinner included “one of the candidates for county commissioner,” (presumed to be Republican Bobbie Daniel), Sherronna Bishop and Republican House Rep. Lauren Boebert. When people in the room applauded at the mention of Boebert’s name, Peters said tersely “No, do NOT clap for her. Do NOT clap for her,” indicating a rift now exists between the two women.

Peters has told news media outlets that Rep. Boebert encouraged her to tamper with the county’s election equipment. Peters told the New York Times, in an article published June 26 entitled The Strange Tale of Tina Peters, that her congresswoman, Rep. Lauren Boebert, “encouraged me to go forward with the imaging.”

A press officer for Boebert denied Peters’ claim.

A July 13 article in the Daily Sentinel about the arrest of former Mesa County elections manager Sandra Brown — now the third County employee to be  arrested in Peters’ election-tampering scheme — indicated Sherronna Bishop had used her own credit card to reserve a hotel room for Hayes. Brown was arrested on felony charges of conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation and attempting to influence a public servant. Bishop has not yet been arrested in the scheme. Bishop and her husband recently sold her house in Garfield County and left for Texas.

The recording indicates Peters attended the Las Vegas event in person, even though the terms of her bail have said she’s not supposed to leave the state.

  8 comments for “Lauren Boebert, Sherronna Bishop, Tina Peters and “a county commissioner candidate” dined with Conan Hayes, the man who illegally took the images of Mesa County Voting machine hard drives

  1. Time to get the popcorn out. Things are getting even more interesting. Bishop left town; Brown was arrested; Peters is openly upset with her Stop the Steal buddy Boebert. An ex-pro surfer is involved, along with an innocent bystander from Fruita. Then there’s the pillow guy. Hollywood is not going to pass on this drama. This is a made for television. I wouldn’t be surprised if 60 minutes comes a knockin.

  2. In the endless race to the bottom, the GOP and its denizens are being optioned for a Blair Witch Project-style low-budget horror film. Sounds depressing, but Tina, with her cotton candy coif, and noire vibe, will keep us chuckling.

  3. When are court dates going to be set for these indicted people??

    Accountability please – somebody!

    Hopefully at this time next week treasonous pardoned criminal and human slug steve bannon will be taken to the slammer directly after being found guilty once again.

  4. TP’s days are numbered. She can’t maintain her appeal while throwing her own people under the bus. Calling Gerald Wood “a liar and a cheat” will not sit well with her Grand Valley supporters, and they will not stand to watch her bad-mouth Boebert.

    Now I see she wants a recount of the SOS primary vote because …well…the local Republican Party said I was their favorite (or something like that).

    Will be happy to see her go. She’s being used and Mesa County residents are forced to watch this spectacle from a front-row seat.

    • Pretty soon, we’re gonna start hearing how the whole thing was a setup by the Deep State (in Mesa Conuty) just to make Tina look like a fool.

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