Hutchinson’s testimony was a blockbuster, but here’s the real “wow” moment from the last hearing of the January 6 Select Committee

On June 28, 2022, former White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson gave explosive testimony to the January 6 Select Committee: She described how an unhinged President Trump urged a crowd of his supporters — that possessed bear spray, guns, knives and spears — to march to the Capitol. She told how Trump lashed out at his Secret Service agents in the car, how he demanded they take him to the Capitol to be with his supporters, and how he petulantly hurled his lunch plate against a wall. She revealed that her boss, Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, had sought a pardon from the President before leaving the White House.

Everyone’s been talking about her testimony since.

Yet the testimony that drew the most audible gasp from the audience at the June 28 hearing Select Committee wasn’t even from Cassidy Hutchinson.

It was from former three-star General Michael Flynn, who had been Defense Intelligence Agency head, and had served as National Security Advisor under the Trump.

That testimony is in the above video clip, which is under 2 minutes and can also be seen here on YouTube.

The next hearing of the January 6 Committee is Tuesday, July 12 at 8:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time/ 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time and will feature testimony from Trump’s White House attorney Pat Cipollone, who was present with Hutchinson in the White House in the run-up to January 6.

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  1. lol but wont the peeps claiming ” cell phone geolocation data is meaningless”
    make the other people, governments, LEO agencies and companies great & small
    WHO SPEND BILLION$$ FOR THAT SAME DATA cry more for refunds ?

    By analyzing the data for time – known to the millisecond – and location -accurate to the inch-, they easily rejected the circumstantial passerby-ers (actually ignoring 1000s of minor ballot traffickers just to focus on the major criminals) . The debunkers uniformly ignore the actual data in favor of talking points gleaned from fake News

    LOL at the idea that at least 2000Mules just decided to stop & sip their starbucks at 20 ballot boxes ( mostly illegal under State law) per DoorDash delivery … to ballot harvesting NGOs.

    And then there is the hard-won videos of the same Mules stuffing dozens of ballots in a box. What an elaborate hoax. hiLIARy was right ! it IS a vast conspiracy – even the Russian spies embedded in her campaign organization agree.

  2. No major problems with ballot drop boxes in 2020! AP finds the expanded use of drop boxes for mailed ballots during the 2020 election did not lead to any widespread problems, according to an Associated Press survey of state election officials across the U.S.!

    This AP article contends that mail-in drop boxes are just fine because:
    1. Election officials told us so.
    2. There have been hardly any cases of drop boxes being vandalized or damaged.
    3. The D won so it must be legit.

    Everyone that has seen 2000Mules will recognize how pathetic and silly this is!

    • Anyone with a brain knows that those 2000 Mules don’t add up to one shred of actual evidence of fraud. Unless you think people in passing cars (which is where all those GPS tracks came from) were magically hurling ballots into the boxes as they drove by.

  3. People who ignore the January 6 hearings do so at their own peril. I can’t think of any democratic country where ‘high level of political violence’ and ‘economic prosperity’ go hand in hand. The warning signs of fascism are everywhere in the Republican Party these days (political violence, ultranationalism, dehumanization of the other), and so-called ‘moderate’ Republicans (including many in our own community) are aiding and abetting. How this event is dealt with will shape the future of this country, and people with money and means will leave the US if January 6 becomes ‘legitimate political discourse’. I’m preparing for that possibility and I know others who are as well. I just don’t see people waking up to recognize the real threats to democracy in this country.

    • I think the word “demoncrat” is not spelled “Republican”
      You better straighten up and fly right or Seamus will come spell-check you.
      The trheat to the USA is from a corrupt and entrenched political class, and the unelected administrative state who the feckless politicians chucked much of their power and responsibility onto. The “real threats to democracy” in this country are not even a fringe class of demoncrat zealots, it is the administrative state, a behemoth beyond citizen control and corrupt “leader” who are only serving to enrich themselves .

      A democracys always descend into a dictatorship. Thats why the USA is a Representative Republic. Get it straight please

      • The tighter the XXXL noose closes in on the bloated charlatan’s orange-tinted neck, the louder and broader and more desperate the deflections become;

        “It’s not Trump, it’s Cheney/Pelosi/AOC/Whatever!”
        “It’s not Trump, it’s the Demoncrats!”
        “It’s not Trump, it’s the whole system!”

        The truth is clear, simple, and too terrifying for them to handle.
        It’s Trump. The insurrection was his idea.

        • Again, with the “Nothing will stop what is coming”…LOL

          That’s what you thought last time, with the big, brave Proud Bois, (Oath Keepers), and all the rest of your “heroes”…and they FAILED.

          Again…0 for 2 so far.

          You go right ahead and waddle on into the fray.

          You’ll find more resistance than the Capitol Police offered.

  4. WTF. Just….WTF.

    These are questions to which “No” is the only correct answer for someone who has sworn to uphold the US Constitution. “The Fifth” can only be interpreted as “Yes”.

    Frightening to know that he’s held high positions in the armed services. We are not so far from being a Banana Republic as we’d like to think.

    • Flynn, like Trump, and as we see now, like Trump’s followers, has no courage, no patriotism, and no honor. Flynn isn’t a victim, he’s a coward and a traitor.

      I’d think you’d be ashamed, but you also have no real dignity.

      • Flynn won’t play the poor scamittee’s game. so sad.
        Stone refuted their game show presentation too.
        Hutchinson was proven a liar before she left the big screen.
        All that effort yet all they proved was the Capitol breech started while Trump’s audience was still miles away.

        We are here and stronger than ever. 2020 was a fraud and Tina has copies of a small slice of the rot.

        Thankfully there is no shortage of leftist tears,
        makes a great foot soak, especially if applied directly from the source

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