Abortion access initiative makes it onto Colorado’s 2024 ballot

It’s official.

The initiative to enshrine abortion rights in the Colorado state Constitution will be on the ballot this November.

Since it seeks to amend the state constitution, it will need a vote of at least a 55% in favor to pass.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Election Office announced today that supporters of Initiative #89, the “Right to Abortion,” had submitted the required number of signatures to qualify the proposed constitutional amendment for Colorado’s statewide General Election ballot on November 5, 2024.

Backers needed to submit 124,238 valid signatures (pdf) and in addition had to gather signatures from each state senate district equal to two percent of the total registered voters from each district. Backers far exceeded that, submitting 225,688 petition signatures overall, and a total of 159,930 valid signatures overall.

Mesa County is in Senate District 7 and proponents needed to gather at least 2,561 valid signatures from our district. They far exceeded that as well, gathering 4,448 valid signatures (pdf) from District 7.  Senate District 7 is comprised of Mesa County and a small part of Delta County.

Map of State Senate District 7 (Source: Ballotpedia)



  8 comments for “Abortion access initiative makes it onto Colorado’s 2024 ballot

  1. Abortion shouldn’t be a form of birth control!! I’m 100% against it! Unless life or death orrrrr in the rare cases of rape.

  2. If this passes, it will be interesting to see how religious organizations will react.
    There was quite a battle when the ACA passed and I think they prevailed.
    The issue then, as now, is whether religious organizations will be compelled to provide insurance coverage for abortion for their employees…that and religious hospitals and clinics being compelled to perform abortions.
    When I first heard of this initiative I thought it should have been more narrowly taylored.
    I assume you think overturning Roe was atrocious but actually the Supreme Court was simply turning it back to the states to decide and battle through.

  3. Now we need to support Cobalt to support their work ensuring that ALL women, from any state, have access to health care as dictated by their personal circumstances of health. No one should be denied.

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