Trump-branded weaponry being promoted in advance of 2024 election

This ad for a “Take America Back” 10-inch Trump knife was displayed alongside a Tina Peters video on, a MAGA extremist video hosting site, on April 28, 2024

MAGA supporters are using Trump-themed weaponry to encourage malice and division and threaten pro-Trump political violence in advance of the 2024 election, a dangerous specter that is threatening the foundations of American democracy and civil society.

“God, Guns & Trump” flag displayed at a home in northwest Grand Junction on 5/5/2024.  A 4/1/24 story in the New York Times says Trump is working to “transform the Republican Party into a kind of Church of Trump” through his “insistence on absolute devotion and fealty” by his MAGA followers.

A “Trump election pocket knife” bears violent imagery and shows a Terminator-style Trump with a pistol in his hand.

Close-up of the blade of the Trump “election pocket knife”

A Trump “Head of State” stainless steel knife sells for $129.95

The knife bears the Great Seal of the United States — the seal of the presidency — on the blade handle. The U.S. Great Seal, logos, and other official insignia are in the public domain but may not be used or reproduced without written permission from the government. Use of the Great Seal of the United States is governed by Public Law 91-651, Title 18 of the United States Code.



  11 comments for “Trump-branded weaponry being promoted in advance of 2024 election

  1. Yeah, sure thing, @Badhatharry. Fascism and civil wars are fun. Until your brother dies in your arms. This violence, and the silly twats charmed by it, will destroy our country. No Muslims or Russians necessary. We did it to ourselves.

  2. “Or maybe he just gets a kick out of frat-boy flamethrowing and thinks everyone else should, too”

    This quote from the Bloomberg article is the only thing that rings true.
    Trump definitely gets a kick out of making people like O’Brian clutch his pearls.

    Ironically, all of these haters have made their careers out of writing about the dangers of Trump. Without him, they’d have to get a real job.

  3. This scares me. These people have isolated themselves from any free thought or people that have a different opinion. They see the rest of us as less than human.

  4. Those Proud Boys must be gearing up for a new insurrection with the endorsement of Trumps’ GOP and SCOTUS. Guess they get a pass on their “genuine” antisemitism!

  5. Just what all the MAGATs desperately need right now; a gawdy and dull “tool” to cut off their nose to spite the face. Maybe Tina can join in on the grift and come out with a Christian Crusader themed sword…because she’s poised to figuratively fall on one for Trump anyway. So she might as well get a couple bucks for that privilege too.

    • Like that tubby piece of human dung could even wield a knife correctly. Good grief.

      • You’re right; that was good for a laugh; those chuckleheads couldn’t get the job done on 1/6, even with an army of slack-jawed, drooling super patriots and minimal resistance. They won’t do well against anyone who bothers to push back.

  6. I hope Trump keeps eating at McDonalds. He has poor genetics. That’s our only hope. But then his kids are going to come along at some point and want fame and power, though his kids are pretty dumb.

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