Tractor Supply throws LGBTQ+ customers and investors under the bus

Tractor Supply Company, a farm, ranch and feed company which previously had touted its efforts at diversity and inclusion, did an about-face June 27 after it issued a press release saying it will stop sponsoring events like gay pride festivals and voter registration drives, stop submitting data to the Human Rights Campaign, eliminate its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) roles, “retire” its DEI goals and will “withdraw our carbon emission goals and focus on our land and water conservation efforts.”

The company says they “work hard every day” to “represent the values of the communities and customers we serve. We have heard from customers that we have disappointed them. We have taken this feedback to heart.”

The company caved to a three week campaign started by right wing influencer and film maker Robby Starbuck, to boycott the company over its progressive programs to be more inclusive and accepting of different types of people. Starbuck released a documentary in 2024 called “The War on Children,” the official website for which says it “exposes the WAR that’s being waged on children today through gender ideology, ESG [Environmental, Social Governance], CRT [Critical Race Theory], sexualization of entertainment, sex trafficking, online exploitation, TikTok, Big Pharma and more.” Starbuck bragged on his Facebook page that he was the one who started the pressure campaign against Tractor Supply to “force them to end woke policies.”

Tractor Supply Company on the I-70 Business Loop at 24 1/2 Road

A far right wing faction of the Republican Party has been pushing divisive culture war extremes on topics like race, gender, abortion and immigration, and at the urging of its leader, Donald Trump, have been trying to make these issues the focus of Republican political campaigns. A July, 2023 opinion article in The Hill concluded that such extreme, moral crusades by the Republican Party are dooming it to failure and “will invariably cost them winnable races next year,” in 2024.

Tractor Supply’s stock dropped 4.57% in the past week.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about this topic since I last commented.

    The problem lies with the fact that you leftists insist that somebody/ businesses sign some useless document and if they don’t or withdraw, you call them racist, homophobic, anti-democratic, insane, blah, blah, blah. (just look at Anne’s search terms)

    That’s a fear tactic.

    People are seeing through that now and are refusing to play your game and that infuriates you.

    I mentioned Limbaugh and Breitbart in my last post but I had forgotten to mention the Tea Party.
    That is when the right finally got completely fed up with being told they are stupid and evil. And, as I mentioned before, they looked to Alinsky to learn how to push back.

    It might be interesting if you took the time to read, “Rules for Radicals” to see what the right is currently up to.

    • Funny how the left was accused of following Alinsky for years, and now the right is proudly admitting to doing just that.

      Of course, if the right doesn’t like being called stupid and evil, then they should stop being stupid and evil. Both are choices.

      • Yeah, like all Right Wing Tough Guys, my lil’ harry is a badass, until someone pushes back. Then, they squeal about how mean the other side is. They can’t take responsibility for their own actions.

        I am still disappointed in him, and desperately longing for the DNA test results.

  2. I’m mildly curious! I have submitted between two and four comments and or reply’s over a reasonable time frame! However, I have yet to spot any addressed as a reply or even published, for that matter!
    Would someone, namely, Anne Landman please drop a quick reply as to what I’m guilty of or not guilty of! If my memory is still my Alli, then I believe I am a ‘member’! But, [one] has to wonder any more! Did [I] cross my T’s; dot my I’s; apply the wrong user ID?
    I’m flying blind and have no clues as to who; what; where; when or how?
    The favor of a reply, individual or ‘Feed Bag’ style, will be the “epitome” of gratifications’!


    • This forum is not set up for conversation. And maybe that’s a good thing.
      Just publish and hope for the best.
      I will give Anne some credit for leaving contrarian views
      on the site…that is if it’s not “misinformation, disinformation or malinformaion”

      Whatever that means…

      • It’s means things that are false, misleading or untrue;
        I’m sorry that lesson never resonated with you.

  3. Shopped for only the second time at TS last week. I will not leave another penny there every again. We can vote and we can choose where we spend our money. Sadly, corporations now make their decisions solely on their bottom line. I am fortunate that I am in a position to make my purchasing decisions based on my values, morals and for the common good.

  4. We have spent thousands of $$$$ at Tractor Supply over the last few years. Now we will find somewhere not motivated by hate to buy feed and other supplies.

  5. I’m not sure exactly when Republicans/ conservatives shed their reticence and became active. Two leaders come to mind…Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart. It’s been up and down since then but now there is an impressive cadre of young people on the right who aren’t afraid to speak up and defend their views…many of them former liberals.

    They have learned the tactics of the left, taught by Alinsky, and are turning the tables.

    What’s amusing to me is to witness the faux outrage and hand-wringing displayed by those of you on the left.

    • Speaking for minority rights, or in other words, human rights, takes courage—that’s who LGBTQ activists are. Speaking against minority rights is abhorrent and thankfully earns a notorious place in history, and it’s not a good one. Above all, it’s intellectually lazy. Also, just stating something doesn’t make it a fact—’Many of them former liberals’? What does that even mean?

      • It means they realized they could make more money by sucking up to fascists; they’re so comically insecure, they’ll throw money at anyone who tells them they’re right for being so small-minded.

    • Pandering to the Reich Wing is an easy way to make a quick buck, if you have no other talents or marketable skills; they’ll pay for someone to validate their bigotry and hatred, because the general public scorns them.

      As for Tractor Supply, it’s their choice (and their right, I suppose) to pander, as long as they’re within the law; after all, they know their core demographic.

  6. I have been buying my birdseed from TS for several years. I will not go back. I can find it somewhere else!

  7. Robby Starbuck is a pile of human waste, and I’m being polite. It’s too bad that people like him channel so much energy and resources toward division and hate. My consolation is that he will never be on the right side of history, and in the end, no one will remember his pathetic existence.

    • I am SO wringing my hands, but it is out of concern for the mental health of every wildly anti-LGBTQ… MAGA-type. Their deep-seated anxiety about their own, and others’ sexuality leads them to destructive thoughts and acts. I’m also drinking every Bud Light I can find to support diversity. Salud!

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