Red Rock elevates former owner, who presided over frauds and arrests, to General Manager over all five dealerships

Red Rock Nissan at 2582 Highway 6 & 50 in Grand Junction

In February, 2024, the sole local owner of Red Rock Auto dealerships, Bryan Knight, was removed from the Auto Industry Division’s list of owners of the business. The change came about after two years of customers and former employees  speaking up about the questionable business practices the dealerships were found to be using under Knight’s ownership. Yet despite Knight getting booted as an owner, he was reportedly still present and working at the dealerships. So with all that has been revealed about how Red Rock was operating in Grand Junction to the detriment of the community, why would the other owners of Red Rock Auto decide to push Knight out, only to keep him around with a hand in the business?

New information explains why.

An anonymous source contacted AnneLandmanBlog to explain what has been going on.

The source says that while Knight was indeed removed as an owner of Red Rock Auto, he wasn’t pushed out of the business at all. Instead, members of the Dahle family of Salt Lake City — the other owners of Red Rock Auto — elevated Knight to General Manager (GM) over all five Grand Junction Red Rock dealerships and made sure Knight would keep getting paid the same amount he earned while he was still an owner.  At the same time, the Dahles demoted the existing General Managers over the five stores to General Sales Managers (GSMs) and cut each of their pay by $12,000/year. The five former GMs were given only a day’s notice of the change, along with a stark choice: either agree to the demotion and take the reduced pay for a year, possibly more, and stay on with the company, or “walk out the door and not come back.”

Tim Dahle, patriarch of the Tim Dahle  dealerships in Utah, whose family owns the Red Rock dealership chain in G.J.(Source:Auto News)

The GMs who agreed to be demoted and take the pay cut were ordered not to talk about it or make any changes to their employment titles or status on their social media accounts. Red Rock has not made any public statements about Knight being removed an owner, or revealed publicly that they elevated him to GM over all five dealerships. In fact, a “Contact the Owner” button on Red Rock Nissan’s website still opens to an email composition screen addressed to Bryan Knight, as though he was still an owner.

At around the time all this happened, the source says, Knight took a trip out of the country, adding, “I’m guessing this was to put his owner shares in an offshore account until the whole Red Rock [situation] ‘smooths over.'”

The changes were reportedly made to address mounting legal troubles.

The Colorado state Attorney General has been investigating Red Rock Auto for more than a year now. A criminal investigator from the AG’s office made multiple trips to the western slope and interviewed over a dozen Red Rock victims, has put together a case and submitted the findings to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

Otis Tyler Slade, a minority owner of Red Rock Auto, who resides in Utah (Source: YouTube)

In addition, in August of 2023, Grand Junction Police arrested (pdf) two Red Rock GMC financial managers, Tiffany Miller and Matthew Morris, and charged them with felony forgery, criminal impersonation and identity theft. The two allegedly committed the crimes in the course of selling a vehicle to a couple, Mia Bozof and William Burton III. According to the arrest affidavit, Miller and Morris fraudulently posed as Bozof and Burton in a phone call to the Canvas Credit Union, using the couple’s personal financial information to gain access to information about the status of their loan application. The credit union also reported a potential forgery on the loan application Miller and Morris had submitted for the sale of a vehicle to Bozof and Burton. After their arrest, Miller and Morris told law enforcement that Red Rock GMC General Manager Tyson Chambers and Sales Manager Caleb Stillman not only knew about their fraudulent activities, but had encouraged them. Morris told investigators that in the few months he worked for Red Rock, it was common practice to make such calls, that he had made 3-4 of them total, and he had felt pressured to make them. Morris told law enforcement he was terminated from Red Rock “not for making the call, but for being caught.”

Also, in January of 2023, another local couple, Jessie McNeely and Eric Girten, sued Red Rock Auto over fraudulent practices allegedly perpetrated on them in the course of buying a vehicle at Red Rock Hyundai (pdf): the couple said a Red Rock Hyundai salesperson told them to sign a blank IPad screen without showing them any actual documents. The couple discovered “someone at Red Rock” had created fake XCel Energy and AT&T bills in their names and submitted them to lenders with their credit application. Red Rock also added a $579 “documentation fee” to their contract that the couple didn’t agree to, and made nine unauthorized “hard pulls” on Ms. McNeely’s credit that damaged her credit, her ability to get financing on another vehicle and her ability to even use her credit at all. Red Rock also charged her 21% interest on a loan without consulting her. The lawsuit charged Red Rock with “unconscionable actions” under Colorado’s Uniform Consumer Credit Code, two counts of fraud, civil theft and breach of contract. McNeely and Girten demanded a jury trial and sought over $100,000 in damages, exclusive of attorney’s fees.

The suit was settled for an unknown amount. The full text of the complaint is available online. The suit was brought by Denver attorney Eric R. Coakley.

Excerpts from Page 4 of McNeely and Girten’s lawsuit against Red Rock Auto, filed Dec 29, 2022, describing how someone at Red Rock Hyundai had fabricated fake XCel and AT&T bills in their name and then submitted them with Ms. McNeely’s credit application. Ms. McNeely and Mr. Girten saw the fraudulent bills for the first time after they asked Red Rock to supply copies of all of the documents from their purchase in advance of filing a lawsuit.

Bryan Knight, former local minority owner of Red Rock Auto, was reportedly removed as an owner and made General Manager over all 5 dealerships

Bryan Knight and Red Rock Auto are also currently facing yet another lawsuit, this time brought by a former employee, Derek Paiz (pdf), for breach of contract, unjust enrichment and other claims. Mr. Paiz says Red Rock failed to pay him most of the wages he earned while he was employed with them as a detailer. At first, Mr. Paiz filed his lawsuit pro se (by himself) in late 2023, but in March, 2024, the Denver law firm of Whitcomb Selinsky, P.C. took up Mr. Paiz’s lawsuit, and now, in addition to the allegedly withheld wages, Mr. Paiz is seeking financial compensation from Red Rock for emotional distress, harassment, inconvenience and anxiety, and compensatory and punitive damages. The suit could now potentially mushroom into something much more expensive for Red Rock than when Mr. Paiz first filed it late last year.

Tough times at Red Rock

Amid the lawsuits, investigations and arrests of their financial managers, business is reportedly down at all of the Red Rock stores except Honda, which is selling about 3-6 cars per day and is the only store still making any money, according to the source. The chain is currently suffering a loss of “at least $80,000 to $100,000 a month PER store,” says the source, who added that “lots of employees have been quitting” and Red Rock salespeople “are barely even making $5,000 a month. They can barely even feed their kids right now.” Also, a year and a half ago Red Rock had planned to demolish the old Ashley Furniture/former church building next to the GM dealership and across the street from the Honda store, and build a new Kia dealership on the lot, but now Red Rock lacks the money for the project because of “everything that’s been happening.”

The old Ashley Furniture building on First Street next to the GMC dealership.

Despite everything that’s happened in the last two years, it appears customers are still having problems with the dealerships.

Despite advertising blitzes, local sponsorships, and purported efforts to shape up, Grand Junction’s Red Rock dealerships are still getting some negative reviews that reflect the same types of problems customers have along had, and apparently still have with the businesses:

Google review


Google review


Better Business Bureau review. The problem was resolved after the person complained to BBB.


Google review. The family ended up not being out any money after the negative review.

Only time will tell what is in store for Grand Junction’s Red Rock dealerships, but it’s unlikely that elevating the former owner, under whose watch so much fraudulent activity has taken place, is going to make the chain any more popular with their local customer base.





  3 comments for “Red Rock elevates former owner, who presided over frauds and arrests, to General Manager over all five dealerships

  1. Anyone who reads your blog regularly knows all of these stories, although the unpaid detailer is a new one to me. Back in February you confirmed that Knight had been “pushed out”. Now you have learned from some unnamed source that he is managing the five dealerships, the former managers took a haircut, and Knight left the country to hide his money. Who knows?

    I agree with you that Red Rock is a shady operation because I witnessed it firsthand. I made my stand in the “finance” guy’s office and told him in certain terms that he would be refunding me the charges I had never agreed to. He tried to bully me but I am a much bigger bully.

    Who the hell knows what’s going on over there? I know that the car I wanted was competitively priced because I looked, so I paid.

    They use all the tired, worn out tactics such as making you wait hours for stuff that should take minutes and running across the showroom to “ask the manager”…who doesn’t exist.

    Maybe that’s to make you less alert when you sign the papers because you just want to get the hell out of there.

    I also agree that they train their staff to engage in shady practices but maybe that’s the way car buying is.
    Most people will say they hate buying a car.

    There should be heavy penalties if a customer leaves the dealership without a printed copy of their paperwork and the time to read through what they signed.

    And lastly, people should be educated to stand up for themselves and be willing to walk away.

  2. I went to Red Rocks Hyundai looking at a Hybrid car.
    This was back when cars were hard to get beacuse of the computer chip shortage.
    Red Rocks said there would be $4000 added to the sticker price on almost all their cars. We left and no longer shopped at any Red Rock dealership.
    Thankfully we went to Fuoco Motors before Red Rocks bought it and have our nice CRV Hybrid.

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