The right wing’s Project 2025, to be implemented in a 2nd Trump presidency, will impose Christian nationalism, restrict reproductive & LGBTQ+ rights, dismantle the FBI & DOJ and move America towards a more authoritarian regime

The stakes couldn’t be higher for the entire country, as Trump supporters have created comprehensive plan to curtail American freedoms, impose Christian ideals on all citizens and end human and civil rights as we’ve known them in America if Trump re-takes the presidency in the November general election.

Trump-linked hate graffiti scrawled on a bathroom door at the Horizon Drive Safeway in November, 2017

Everyone is talking about Project 2025 (pdf), a plan long in the making by the Heritage Foundation and other right wing groups, to seize and re-shape American government by imposing conservative policies on the entire nation if Trump wins a second presidency. The plan is to immediately start consolidating federal power in the executive branch, weaken the independence and political neutrality of public agencies, replace tens of thousands of civil servants with far-right wing loyalists, repeal climate change initiatives, abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and gut the entire system of checks and balances that has protected America from authoritarian rule since its founding.

Conservatives plan to implement Project 2025 starting in the first 180 days of a new Trump regime, a time when they believe the president has the most power to effect change. It includes defunding the Department of Justice and dismantling the FBI (the agencies that investigate and prosecute corruption and white collar crime), allowing the president to target political opponents and critics by pursuing legal action and using mechanisms of the state, with a particular focus on suppressing dissent by media outlets. Project 2025 will push a Christian nationalist agenda into federal government and onto citizens by adopting and enforcing strict anti-abortion policies, restricting Americans’ access to contraception and mandating an emphasis on “fertility awareness” to women instead, increasing monetary awards to religious groups, eliminating training in how to perform abortions from medical schools and restricting government health agencies from being able to declare public health emergencies. Project 2025 would increase taxes on the middle class, let corporations stop paying workers overtime and raise the retirement age for Social Security, and more.

Trump speaking in a White House appearance during the Coronavirus pandemic

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts commented that the recent Supreme Court ruling that broadened presidential immunity will reinforce his organization’s plan for this “second American Revolution,” which he said would “remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.”

The full Project 2025 plan (pdf) is 922 pages long and while Trump denies any connection to it, it mentions Trump’s name 312 times.

The above video summarizes the plan in 7 minutes. 

  9 comments for “The right wing’s Project 2025, to be implemented in a 2nd Trump presidency, will impose Christian nationalism, restrict reproductive & LGBTQ+ rights, dismantle the FBI & DOJ and move America towards a more authoritarian regime

  1. PS if notice the timestamps…badhatharry is bold faced liar, a consummate troll, and compulsive early-bird poster who literally must have the first/last dishonest word here however inane or crazed. Seems like a familiar conservative rheotrical strategy; from small town blogs all the way to the national debate stage.

  2. PS.
    I’ve been hearing about Project 2025 for at least a year but certainly haven’t read the 900+ pages of it.

    I would say it’s a conservative wish list which seeks to curtail bureaucratic over-reach and the expense which comes from it, in the way of salaries, facilities and life time pensions. And since these bureaucracies exist in the executive branch the president does have power over them…like it or not.

    Heritage has been on this for a very long time. It’s had some wins and many losses but they keep trying. Realistically, it’s a stretch and yesterday the RNC issued its ten page platform.

    What I find interesting is that the dems have now put the project on the front page…everyone is talking about “losing our democracy” and an imminent dictatorship if Trump wins. But these same people didn’t care when Biden signed countless executive orders in his first days as president.

    Project 2025 is becoming the next big thing to complain about and mischaracterize. There will be no serious discussion…just lots of hand-wringing.

    And it has the added value that Biden might remember its name.

    • You haven’t read it, but you’re positive it’s nothing to worry about.

      That’s not surprising.

    • I used to trust the former president, with money, females, our nation’s security. I used to believe he cared about anyone but himself. He IS alleged to be the Second Coming of Christ, and all, which is nice. But the endless tide of evidence points to his having some character flaws, so I’m voting Democratic, and urge all of you to do so, as well.

    • Take your pills Harry, as whatever reality you live in is clearly becoming increasing untethered from the one the rest of us inhabit. Its utterly hilarious though you can assert “countless” Executive Orders yet know exactly how many pages the Project 2025 manifest is…almost as if your laziness and confident incorrectness knows no bounds. But go on…give us all another long-winded and laughable lecture about the “hysteria” surrounding an utterly incoherant convicted felon and rapist running for president. Because your entire tirade and tenuous rhetoric is still Joe Biden is somehow older/worse/forgetful, even after a debate where Trump failed to answer a single question coherantly let alone comprehend the questions asked.

  3. It is imperative that people are made aware of Project 2025, the people behind it, and the extensive damage it will do. You are getting the word out, and other columnists and bloggers need to do the same. I would like to think that once people are aware of this blueprint for the utter destruction of our republic, they will end their support for tRump. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

    • Trump supporters are impervious to logic and facts. They talk ” constitution” this and that yet they support it’s destruction. It’s been my experience that they follow Trumps orders and believe his statements without question. They are traitors to the nation and a part of a mindless cult.

    • The Heritage Foundation has been issuing policy papers since 1980. They were advising getting rid of the Dept of Education even back then. Obama attributed a lot of the Affordable Care Act ideas to Heritage.

      Heritage would like to improve the way that the government works.

      Too bad it’s pretty much a hopeless case.

      • Heritage wants to turn the United States into a thinly veiled theocracy. Stop pretending you don’t know that. It’s literally written down.

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