Trump-linked hate graffiti found at Horizon Drive Safeway

Graffiti left in the restroom at the Horizon Drive Safeway this evening.

An employee at the Horizon Drive Safeway discovered hateful anti-gay graffiti scrawled in the store’s restroom tonight and posted photos of it on social media. The employee discovered the graffiti while changing out of work clothes in the restroom.

One message was “Trump 2020” with a swastika. The other message said “God hates all fags,” also with a swastika.

The vandalism occurred between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. this evening.
Donald Trump’s presidency is fueling divisiveness, emboldening supremacists and radical right wing hate groups and has led to an increase in hateful rhetoric around the country, including in Grand Junction. Trump’s negative comments and punitive policies towards immigrants, transgendered citizens and other minorities are also contributing to an increase in hateful rhetoric directed at these groups.  Our community is not immune.

Graffiti in the Horizon Drive Safeway restroom

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  1. Scott, I don’t believe I need to hear anything else you might have to say. And you’d better get your mind wired real tight most riki tic to the situation you’re creating. Hilarious you say?

    • Of course you don’t. You’re already convinced you’re right, and you can’t consider any other possibility. Which is what I’m laughing at, because I know you’re wrong. So you just toddle off and keep right making those assumptions.

      Yes, ap. You are hilarious. That you can’t see why just makes it funnier.

      Have a nice night.

  2. When the truth hurts, just delete it. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Aren’t you guys supposed to be free thinkers? Or was that just an assumed persona?

    • Good Morning Sunshine. And time for your daily Seamus toilet graffiti report. With reported graffiti hate crimes reaching unprecedented levels in the happy valley, never fear, the Seamus is near. And wherever you find hate filled toilet graffiti, that’s the toilet where you’ll find Seamus. Because inquiring minds want to know.

      And remember, it’s up to all of us to help debunk this type of shameless hate speech. If you see something, say something. Combating acts motivated by hate and terrorism is everybody’s business. What to look for; shadowy figures lurking near or around public toilets. Things that may seem unusual to you, such as someone in the next toilet stall asking how to spell Tea Party. People wearing dark colored trench coats (usually heavily tattooed), or carrying the incorrect version of a Gadsden Flag.

      Anything that may appear to you to be inappropriate bathroom behavior. The wearing of religious symbols, or the use of white supremacist code words or code foot tapping. These are the tell-tail signs of malicious intent. And you should be alert to activity that seems odd or unusual, such as a devout, card carrying Christian volunteering at or with a Satanic Temple or atheist community outreach group.

      Of course those are things that would set off alarm bells, and they should be reported immediately to the FBI. If you see reports on-line published by blog sites, copy and paste their report and send it to your local FBI office, along with a link to that blog site.

      This is serious stuff people. And after the recent church shooting in Sutherland Texas, we all need to stay alert and aware. You never know what those evil bible camp people might be planning with those campfire meetings or waffle breakfast events.

      Only with proper reporting can we hope to see the proper allocation of law enforcement resources. They’ll know what is important. They’re trained and experienced to recognize which reports present as a clear and present danger, and to investigate the validity of the reported information and to determine if it is a false flag operation. Where possible, you should snap phone photos and include those when you make your report to the FBI.

      We are the eyes and ears that will make catching the perpetrators of hate toilet graffiti possible. And you know how interesting such reports have turned out to be in the past. But that’s why you need to report sightings to the FBI, along with all the information you can gather.

      By due diligence and working together, we can help to stamp out the purveyors of hate and division. Our nation depends on it. And it all starts right here. Perhaps we could get Anne Landman to establish a designated space on this site where the incoming reports could be posted? That would give us an idea of where to look, and what to look for.

      Sunshine is the best disinfectant to use on the haters. And sooner or later, they’re bound to make a mistake, and expose themselves, and their hate-filled agenda. And the sooner you get the daily toilet hate graffiti reporting site set up Seamus, the sooner we can go to work. Let’s get to it.

      • C’mon, is it that hard for you and your fellow Upstanding, Godly, Koncerned Konservative Khristian TeaBaggers to find another public restroom to meet in for your …uh….”fellowship”? Rousing games of good Christian Men’s tush-kebob tag, or Touch Football (minus the foot) can be had in any number of locales, the only thing you’d have to concern yourself with not being within 500 feet of a Community Safety Zone, and no one here doubts that you’re intimately familiar with that restriction.

        • Aw there you are seamless. No, I’m not familiar with a “community safety zone”. Is that like free speech zones or designated Constitution free areas? Or the other one; you know where your shooters all go, to the “gun free zones”? Would that apply to a Baptist Church in Sutherland Texas? And of course, you are aware that shooter was a devout atheist, as evidenced by his Internet posts? Or is that just where you’ve set up a zone for misuse of the law?

          Well, be advised, if you have to hide to do it, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. But of course, that’s a matter for the FBI to determine. Or as they say in a poker game; kick a buck.

          • Community Safe Zones are established to keep children safe from people like you. As far as I’ve seen, the Sutherland Baptist church was filled with kind, well-meaning people. Since the shooter didn’t target creepy hypocritical old men with toilet fetishes, I think you’re relatively safe. As for the FBI, I’m not sure why you think other people are as afraid of them as you are. Not everyone has your “habits”, and your ignorance of the law is showing, again. The FBI wouldn’t be brought in unless you decided to chaperone a Sunday School trip across state lines.

            The More You Know…

          • Well, what I do know is how to find out. You reported a hate crime, posted it on the Internet. And you insinuated you knew who committed that crime. Well, now I think that’s a matter that should be investigated. And you did report it to the proper authority, right? Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt just to be sure. So I’ll just push send and I guess we’ll find out what they think?

          • You really are just making up your own skeevy, creepy, completely ignorant reality, aren’t you?

            Do it. Pull the trigger. Push SEND. I dare you. I DEFY you to. I don’t think you have the spine to actually do it. Send out a carrier pigeon. Pray to Jesus to send you a big, strong FBI agent who can let you sit on his lap and make you feel safe. You sad, creepy, deluded little old man.
            This is why it’s impossible to take you seriously. You’re even ignorant of your own insignificance. Everything about you is fantasy.
            Just like everything else about you, your threats are as impotent when they’re carried out as they are when they’re not.

          • You’re just a little bit late. But it is Saturday. And this is a serious matter. If you have information as to the person or persons committing a hate crime, I would think there would be some interest there. At the very least, I think the report would warrant an interview. All I was trying to find out for myself, (and have been for some time now) is why an atheist would be volunteering at a Bible camp? But no answers have been forthcoming.

            And as previously stated, the Baptist Church shooting in Sutherland Texas by an atheist, who reportedly attended that church, might indicate the attack was preplanned, complete with target surveillance. And that sort of adds a new urgency to the imperative; if you see something, say something. And I strongly suspect that the deletion of my post and the content of yours might suggest someone didn’t want to answer the questions. Which begs the next question; if they have nothing to hide, why not?

  3. Hey Anne, that doesn’t sound like bathroom wall graffiti to me. It sounds like a legal cause of action against an atheist blog….et al. Any questions? Ask the IRS. Seamus just made our day.

    • Oh, good…you’re as ignorant of the law and legal procedures as you are everything else. And since you’re claiming aggrieved status as a member of the GJ Result Teabaggers, everything you’ve posted gets brought in as evidence. Maybe they’ll let you wear your hood on the stand.

      • Well shameless, the depositions should be interesting. Sort of a who’s who in the atheist world. But you’d know all about that, being the legal genius who furnished the cause of action.

        • Your threats are as empty as your head. I welcome the opportunity to show everyone what a noble soul there is who claims to be a representative from the GJ Result Teabaggers. Cuts both ways, you know? Or do you really think you and your statements can remain anonymous in this process?

          • Anonymous? Why Shameless, you’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to convince your co-conspirators that my name is Tim. Have you got a last name to go with that? Why don’t you post it? And of course, we already know this blog’s policy of publishing identifiers. Perhaps you recall when I posted the name of a Bible camp where one of your constituents volunteered, and how quickly it was deleted by your blog monitor?

            Do you recognize the establishment of a policy? And the ensuing discriminatory application of said policy? Okay, now put your money where your mouth is. Be a man. Step up to the plate, and show the world how brilliant you really are. Are you sure?

          • What’s the matter Shameless son, cat got your tongue? Maybe I can help. Here’s what you’re looking for.
            “Anne Landman
            July 27, 2017 at 1:25 pm
            Note: Personal identifying information was removed from American Patriot’s post of 7/27 @1:06 p.m.”

            And here’s what you need to know. I have copies of the original post by American Patriot now deleted in its entirety, and a copy after the identifying information was deleted. Times and dates. And someone might ask why the entire post is now deleted from Anne Landman’s blog? The post you’re looking for was deleted from the space just before the following post which still appears;

            “American Patriot July 27, 2017 at 1:54 pm
            That’s all right Anne, I think the people will pretty well be able to fill in the blanks. And I also believe that a point was made. If all Christians are bad, as Scott suggests, one would have to wonder why years ago, when Scott told me that he couldn’t reveal his true belief or rather non-belief ******** for fear of reprisals, why didn’t we post the kind of info that you deleted then? We certainly knew where *******. If you poke at a dog with a sharp stick long enough without getting bit, there’s a good chance that it’s the dog who is showing restraint.”

            It’s all about the equal application of established policy as a cause of action. Good Boy.

            Editor’s note – references to personal information have been removed.

          • First Amendment issues (and rights of any blog owner to control their blog, however they see fit) aside, are you saying that meeting in a Safeway restroom is a real-life, factual identifier of the GJ Result/Tea Party, or that the Nazi and homophobic graffiti is the real-life, factual identifier?

          • No Shameless, what I’m saying is, you’re still having the problem with your reading comprehension. And that the truth is catching up with you. But let me be clear.

            Here, in its entirety is the post that was deleted. “Scott, you are obviously not aware that ideology and theology are peaceful and history itself is violent. You said that I didn’t understand as much as I thought I did. Well, Matthew, if you don’t mind me using your Christian name, perhaps I know and understand more than you think I do. Like ****** Inc., and the ******* Camp. And for sure, I do due diligence. But while you’re assuming, you can just assume I know all the rest”

            And as you’re reading this, so are untold numbers of Christian conservatives all over this nation. And they’re asking themselves why devout atheists would be volunteering at Bible camps? And my guess is, they’re finding a cause of action in there somewhere. And I would also speculate that they’re going to be monitoring atheist activities where-ever they live, under a microscope. I think we just made you famous.

            –Editor’s note – References to personal identifying information have been removed.

          • So, now, you’re squirming away from the impotent threats of a” legal cause of action”, and are now trying to threaten me with the scrutiny of the Conservative Christian community? If you’re any representation of their untold numbers, I think I’m pretty safe. After all, if those pictures are as factual and personally identifiable as you initially alluded to, you silly SOBs can’t even get a swastika right 50% of the time.

          • I’m sure if you keep practicing Shameless, you’ll be able to get the swastikas right. And I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for a reply. I was writing a commentary.

            But since you seem to be pretty sure where to locate hate graffiti on bathroom walls, my guess is you’ll probably be spending a lot of time checking out the local toilets. And I suppose that’s one way for your hate speech to be read. And what else you do there in your off time, well that’s your business. Just please keep your feet inside of your own stall, else someone could mistake your toe tapping for a cause of action.

          • As we’ve seen in the news, Swastikas, homophobia, Trump-lovin’, and toe-tapping in bathroom stalls is sort of a Republican thing.

          • I wouldn’t know, I’m not a Republican or a toe-tapper. And I’m pretty sure you’re at least half knowledgeable on that. And if you will excuse me, Seamus, I have another turkey waiting.

          • So, big bad threats of a legal action, big bad threats of the scrutiny of the Konservative Khristian Kommunity, and then just impotent, whiny insults. No wonder you’re such a Trumpkopf. You’ve definitely got his Beta Male style down.

          • Pray tell, what happened to your imaginary friend Tim? Tell me, Seamus, why do you feel threatened so much? Maybe you should see a certified family counselor about that? Patience Son.

            You remind me of a three-legged rat named Ferdinand. But that’s a whole nother story from a bygone era. Back when I was teaching Marine Biology to UC Davis Professors. You like Bag Pipe music Shameless?

          • Oh, Tim? He’s hiding behind a Gadsen flag while blubbering meaninglessly, hoping no one remembers how he keeps making empty, stupid threats. Because he’s actually a cowardly blowhard.

          • It’s J E S U S Christ on a rubber crutch. Seamus, for once I totally agree with you. And there’s got to be a ton of Tea Party members rolling on the floor and laughing out loud. You’ve just proven the theory that even a blind hog will find an acorn occasionally.

          • I wouldn’t know about your Teabagger pals, Timmy. You’re the only one I know of who trumpets his insecurities so blatantly. All of your comments on this post have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re nothing but a joke; a sniveling wanna-be bully who thinks he can threaten people online with “legal causes of action” or all kinds of scary things that can happen to them as a result of you, a miserable, sniveling, wanna-be tough guy, knowing their real identity. Both are completely empty threats, which you’ve openly made to other people. What are you going to do, drive by my house and post that you saw my car, or my family? Not really scary, but completely within your bailiwick. Your threats are as empty as your claim to your own screen name, because you’ve got nothing to prove the legitmacy of either. It’s all just talk with you. You talk trash, you get slapped down consistently, then you claim victory and scurry away. Everything scary about you exists no where but your own addled little head.
            The law and common decency among other people (and, one could assume, enforcement of restraining orders) actually prevent you from bringing any of your fantasies to life. You hide behind Trump’s pant leg, clinging to whatever it is you’d be clinging to, thinking the tough guy you think he is somehow relates to you.
            So, where are all these Teabaggers you claim are also reading this blog? Are they as imaginary as the rest of your life?

          • Is your rant what passes in the progressive world for laughing at a joke? I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone with such a bad case of insecurity. Chill out. Try to get a grip on yourself. It’s not paranoia if someone’s really after ya. And with your attitude, I can see how that could happen? You really should try to get some kind of help. I mean, I don’t really care, but you appear to be making yourself miserable in your current delusional state.

            And to think, just a few moments ago, you seemed so reasonable on our new found common ground of supporting the second amendment. Mood swings??

          • This is one of the only blogs remaining that still puts up with your silly, pusillanimous BS, and I’m apparently the last person on this blog to even bother responding to you. But no, the issue can’t be you, can it?

          • As far as I can tell Shameless, the only people left on this blog are you, Scott and Anne. And of course by now, the other two know better than to come out and play with me. But no worries, it’s entertaining. And I know you guys are all about diversity of opinion. And I just want to let you know; you can depend on me. I’ll be here as long as the wind blows, and the grass grows. Cause I think this blog is a valuable source of information.

            I think of it as my own personal barometer. Keeps me in the loop. And of course, deleting my posts or banning me would say something wouldn’t it? And just think of how quiet it would be over here without your posts or mine. It would just be quiet, maybe too quiet.

            Now, about those second amendment negotiations. My opening bid was two guns, and your retort was I can have as many as I want. And I never was someone who couldn’t take yes for an answer. But at least you’ve calmed down some now, and perhaps you’d like to renegotiate, being a man of your word and all?

          • Yes, Tim. They’re all afraid of you. It’s not that you’re just an annoying little sap whose constant empty badass posturing, combined with spinless squirming and distractions have become tiresome….everyone’s just in fear of you.
            Are you really that sad and pathetic, that skulking around different venues, annoying people with the same silly posturing and empty threats actually makes you feel good about yourself? How sad do you have to be?

          • He has to believe we’re afraid of him. His ego won’t let him think anything else. He can’t accept that we’re really just laughing at him.

          • Afraid of a diversity of opinion? Wow, who knew? Now, Seamless, I can see where I might be irritating to you, and of course, so can anyone else who can read your posts. But like I said, or rather like you said; no one’s reading, because there is no one to read. And just look at all the buttons that have been pushed. It’s pretty hard to play the victim and be aggressive at the same time. You do get that now, don’t you Seamless?

            But to be fair, I’ve noticed a certain, shall we say collapse of your resistance movement as of late. Could it be that all the Democrat Congressmen under investigation or ethics review on sexual harassment accusations has had a chilling effect? And its fairly obvious to even the most novice political follower that the Democrat party is in the process of trying to find its true identity.

            But there’s really nothing there to choose from. It’s either the baggage and fleeing donors, and the loss of not only your working class base but also married women and working women. And as you know, pretty quick the illegal alien vote will be pretty much at the local sanctuary city level, or they’ll be back voting in their home countries. Your party is broke, according to Hillary Clinton, and it’s broke according to the Bernie insurgents, as in rigged primaries. And by the way, Donna Brazile agrees with that revelation. Podesta just took the last train to the coast and we have a seated President who ran on a reform (drain the swamp) ticket. And it would appear that the swamp is now in the process of self-draining.

            And a personal note here; the next time you guys decide to play the sexual harassment card, try to make sure it’s not in concert with a circular firing squad. As I’ve said before, I believe in a two-party system, but it’s getting a bit lopsided with the retention of Republican officials. And as we both know, they’re just as crooked as the Democrats. And I do have an interest in not only swamp draining in a fair and equitable manner, but also what direction you guys are moving at any given time. It’s my version of nudge politics. A little course correction here, a little course correction there, and before you know it, it turns into real political power.

            But thank you for playing. And as usual, I do value a second opinion. But you should probably talk to Scott or Anne about that. And you might try breathing into a paper bag or holding your head underwater just for a little while, before you retort in your usual intellectually dishonest meltdown. Who knows, if we put our heads together we might find we have a lot of common ground. Just as we found in our most recent “conversation” that ended with your total support of my second amendment rights.

            I make it a practice to include in a lot of my commentaries the advice to our people, to think before you act. So drop the baggage, put your talking points in your pocket, get behind your insurgency, run on a reform ticket and listen to your base. I think they might be trying to tell you something. I’m over here because I want to know whether you’re listening or not? And how’s that working out for you so far?

          • Aw Scotty, right on cue. Two down, one to go. And since you mentioned it, what I really think you should be afraid of is the one-party system that’s being constructed. Unless you’re into the theory that “we’ll hit theirs as well”? I know it’s hard, thinking outside the box. But what you’re going to discover is that this train ain’t got no brakes. Look around, where are you going? And will it be a place you want to be when you get there?

            And I believe I’ve told you before Scotty; ideology is peaceful, but history is violent. And which direction do you think we’re all headed? And all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, in political paralysis and division.

          • No, Timmy; no one’s afraid of your, or any other impotent old man who shrieks about how everyone around them is afraid of them. The only reason you’re not banned is that the owner of this blog practices tolerance; even tolerance of intolerant old creeps who get off on that irony.

          • Christ, it’s actually creepy to watch the relief and release Timmy shows, when someone else finally pays attention to him. Makes you feel sorry for all of those people whose contact with him is an unfortunate part of their job description.

          • Oh yeah Shiftless, and I can give you references from the local GOP to that effect. But my guess is, Tim can’t. Are you really that dense? And how embarrassed will you be when you find out you were wrong? Naw, never mind, by now your hypocrisy proof. And you’ve pretty much adopted ‘by any means necessary’. I’m still trying to figure out why you follow the little farm animals around?

          • Now, Tim…Projecting your sexual fantasies on other people is pretty standard for an upstanding member of the Konservative Khristian Kommunity; pointing your finger at others and hiding behind Jeezus, while any first-year psych student can see you are one creepy, hilariously deviant little old man.

            No one has to put up with your creepy, nasty ranting.

          • Quick seamless. Paper bag; out goes the bad air, in comes the good. If that doesn’t work, call me back. I’ll arrange for a rubber room, and one of those white coats you like so much. The ones with the sleeves that buckle in the back. Easy there little fella. If you keep this up, you’re not going to be allowed to play with your little imaginary friend Tim anymore. I think he might be a bad influence on you.

          • Yeah, I know…you’re a big, bad man and everyone is supposed to be afraid of your BS threats, until you take the position you’re taking now.


            You’re a spineless, hypocritical, coward who licks the boots of a would-be dictator and calls himself a Patriot. A self-professed Godly man who threatens people with the wrath of his fellow Godly folks. A pretender, who sucks off of other’s lives and lets people believe their bona fides are his own, because, you know…you didn’t technically lie.

            So, go ahead and play your tattered “I’m above it all, this amuses me” card. It’s all you have left, when someone replies to your tough-guy BS.

            So, play it, skedaddle like the brave warrior you are, and we’ll wait until you feel comfortable pretending to be a bad ass again. Then, you’re start in again. And someone will slap you down again.

            It’s the circle of life.

          • Yeah, but I know what you mean about those liberals. Just way too tolerant. But isn’t that the same gripe Antifa has with “those people”? Say Seamless, you’re not one of those Antifa people are ya? Boy they’re really scary. I can put you in touch. Why, I’ve got a whole list of them.

            And there’s really no reason to be afraid of Trump. He’ll just be there for at least the next seven years or so. I mean, you made it through Obama, right?

            Now, see, it’s all better now. Stock market’s booming, low unemployment, and your Democrat party is just doing so, so well. Say, you’re not on some kind of blood pressure medication are ya? And did you go see that certified family counselor that I recommended? You really should, you know.

      • No, I mean in totality the content of your posts. And of course, copies of the deleted post were included as well as a brief statement of my concerns re; red flags/false flags. Just tell them the truth and let the chips fall where they may. When it has the possibility of involving children, it can’t be ignored.

          • My concerns are not superficial. And I considered the possibility that the question; why is an atheist volunteering at a Bible camp might have a perfectly rational and reasonable answer. And since I have been conversing to some limited extent with Scott on-line for over ten years now, I thought the reasonable thing to do was give him the presumption of innocence and offer him an opportunity to assuage and address the obvious concerns. But that has not been forthcoming.

            Instead, for all practical purposes, it appears there is neither intent nor desire, (on Scott’s part) to answer the question to wit; every time it comes up, my posts are deleted, either in part or in their entirety. And I must assume that it is not Scott who is deleting those posts. And then there were two.

            And when I was holding a conversation with Benita, you felt the need to insert yourself into that conversation, and you’ve been trying to furnish a distraction, while simultaneously indicating that you have knowledge of a hate crime that either I myself or some member of the Tea Party may have had some part in. I know I didn’t do it. And if a member of our Tea Party (GJResult) had any part at all in something like that, I would want to know who it was. And we just as well get both questions answered at the same time.

            Do you ever bother to read what’s posted before you reply? Before you assume the role of attack dog? If you think I am Tim, then I could accept that explanation for some real or perceived wrong done to you by Tim. However, I’ve told you I’m not Tim in just about every way possible. Which just might be your saving grace. It indicates to me at least, that you haven’t been communicating with either Anne Landman or Benita Phillips, because they both have my home phone number and they both know I’m not Tim.

            Now, why do you suppose they would just let you go on and on digging that hole deeper and deeper, without even a whisper in your ear? Your problem Seamus is that you don’t listen. You’ve decided who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, based on their political affiliation. Okay, so you don’t like Trump. Well, neither did I, but he was necessary. For more than any other reason because he is not a “real Republican”.

            Look around you, Seamus. Nobody discusses the issues. We are a nation divided. And a nation divided cannot stand. So how did we get to be a nation divided? Because the political parties, (the status quo), have started something they don’t know how to stop.

            If your desired result is the destruction of this nation and your people, then you’re absolutely doing what you should be doing. And if it’s not, then we should at least work as hard to find some starting point, a common ground where we can de-escalate this partisan divide before it destroys the very engines of our liberty and our freedom. And right now, both of us are losing that battle. And this train ain’t got no brakes.

            Look, Seamus, I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe in, and I respect your right to do either. But that’s not something to play games with, at least not from my perspective. If you think I am a joke, then laugh and dismiss me. But if you think there’s an important point buried all down in here somewhere, then you might want to start talking to me and I will respond in kind. Otherwise, you can just get on with your bad self, cause I can’t think of another word I want to hear you say.

            You’ve opened a can of worms, and now you’re going to play the hand that was dealt you. My patience with you is at an end. So I’ll just let someone else ask the questions, and I’ll just betcha they get the answers without further delay.

          • You’re right, ap. I have no interest in answering your questions. You’re wrong, and that’s all the answer you’re going to get.

            Have a nice evening.

          • Well, thank you for saying it out loud and clear. I know you must have a reason, and I won’t ask again. I’ll worry, but I won’t ask again.

          • You think this is hilarious? Son, I pray I’m wrong. But I don’t know that to a certainty. And it’s the not knowing that is the heavy burden of responsibility. Hilarious? Well, damn you for that. Hilarious? Really? What happened to your soul?

          • I think its hilarious that you are so arrogantly sure you know what you claim you know, and I know for a fact that you’re wrong. Yes, I find that hilarious. But don’t worry about it. The more you assume, the more you get wrong and the more mistakes you make. You’ve always been prone to that, and I see that time has not changed you in that respect. keep up the good work.

            Have a nice evening.

          • This is the same old routine from you;

            Post your usual crap, assailing including conspiracy theories about a dark cabal of Atheists infiltrating Bible Camps, providing personally identifiable info in an effort to intimidate people, because that’s your style.
            Post impotent rambling threats when people start to fight back, threatening everything from legal action, to persecution from the holy Konservative Khristian Kommunity, to the Effa Bee Eye.

            Then, when someone actually bothers to challenge your BS, you fall back and try the, “we’re all in this struggle together” stance, pretending you are anything but a bootlicking sycophant to Donald Trump, a stupid, spoiled child in the body of a perverted old con artist.

            Because just like him, you don’t have the spine to either follow up on your threats, or take what you so gleefully dish out.

          • I don’t hate you. I’d have to care about you in some fashion in order to hate you. I hate your disingenuous lying, empty threats, and cowardly, sniveling attempts at diversion and escape from your own words, but you personally…I couldn’t care less.

          • Well, I see your hate break time is over. You need to get some help son, I think you’re exceeding the limit of your meds

          • Don’t pretend to be the sane one, pal. You’re the one obsessed with toilets and who sees an Atheist lurking behind every tree. You’re used to Liberals who put up with your crap in the name of tolerance of your intolerance. I’m not so constrained, and you can’t hack it. You keep making threats, and I’ll keep showing you’re nothing but a sniveling, cowardly hypocritical phony.

          • Shameless, I reread your previous post. And I think the word you were looking for is “vicarious”. Did you have something specific in mind, or that you could point to, just to help me understand your diagnosis? Was it something to do with a rat named Ferdinand? Are you challenging my academic credentials? I just checked my bonafides. Everything looks copacetic. How am I to know what you’re talking about if you’re afraid to say what you’re talking about?

            I think you should know by now that I may not agree with a single word you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it. Or, at least I’m a definite maybe. And I’ll bet them Antifa people you hang with wouldn’t do that. Just sayin’!

          • So, Antifa is your latest boogeyman that has you pissing your saggy, yellowed jockey shorts?
            No one questioned your academic credentials. Why would they?
            I can imagine that a group that’s Anti-Fascist would scare you, what with all the Trump hearts and swastikas around here….

          • And you never did say what happened to your little friend Timmy. Well, so much for being specific. Why not just skip on down? See I told you my bonafides were just fine. But if I were you, I wouldn’t eat the yellow snow. Acid rain, you know. Your tax dollars at work.

            Originally when you started posting, I was convinced that you had a reading comprehension problem. But now I understand. It’s just your mental pigmy gene, acting out again.

          • You spelled pygmy wrong, smart guy.

            For someone who makes a lot of vague claims and sucks off of other people’s lives to puff out his own sunken chest, you might want to be a little more careful of the words you choose.

            Otherwise, people can see right through your facade.

          • Oh, there you are Shameless. There for an hour or so, I thought we lost ya. By the way, your room’s ready, anytime you feel the need. All that other stuff you wrote doesn’t make a lot of sense. But it’s good, it’s all good. Yup, that was some really top notch stuff. Is somebody helping you, on the level, on the square, and on the plumb? And if you don’t know what those things mean, that’s okay. Not a problem. No worry at all. It’s all good.

          • When I’m delusional enough to think that I have a shadowy cabal of Khristian Konservative Kommandos of the big, bad Effa Bee Eye at my disposal to back up maudlin threats on the internet, or that a group of trembling old fools marking up a public restroom with symbols of hate and boundless man-love for a Fascist pig equates them with the Founding Fathers, maybe then I’d need some help.

          • Sorry, Seamus, I wasn’t ignoring you. It’s been a really busy morning. And your concerns are important to me. However, this may not be the ideal time for you to make light of a federal investigative agency, online. Have a nice day.

          • Still using your lame-ass threats of the FBI? You’re even more full of crap than the President you worship. And, just as with him, a person would have to be an idiot to believe you.

          • Then, by all means, continue yourself. Sorry for the interruption. And I believe you were saying about a federal investigative agency being a joke.

          • And now Seamus, you know better too. And then there were three. And welcome to the happy valley. Will you be with us for awhile?

          • I think you’re mistaken again. Perhaps you’re more knowledgeable about inter-jurisdictional activities, but I’m not sure your weekly reports to the Effa Bee Eye as their self-appointed “man on the inside” of the Restroom Associating Teabagger Manly-man American Network* buys you enough brownie points to compel them to intercede on your behalf while you get yet another internet beat-down.

            * codename: Operation R.A.T.M.A.N.

          • That would be Mr. Rat Catcher to you. Patience Son. All things in good time. And at least I don’t have to worry about the kids anymore.

          • You don’t have to worry about the kids “anymore” ? That’s a bold admission, Uncle Touchy. But are you sure the Statute of Limitations will protect you?

          • My work here is finished, and yours is about to begin and all your garbage can’t change that. The Methodist Bible Camp kids are safe, and that is what was important to me.

          • Classic American Patriot: Shows up, talks smack and threatens people, gets his scrawny butt handed to him, then he runs away crying that he’s going to tattle on everyone, and calls it a victory.

            His fellow TeaBaggers should throw him a party to celebrate; but they’d need a large venue…maybe the Men’s restroom at the Fruita Welcome Center takes reservations?

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