Trump endorses accused child molester Roy Moore for Senate

Newspapers in New York today with stories about Trumps endorsement of accused child molester Roy Moore

In a new low for the country, President Donald Trump has endorsed the denials of Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican senate candidate who has been accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with teenagers. Trump’s endorsement indicates he has elevated the strength of Moore’s denials about the encounters over accounts given by the eight women who stepped forward and graphically described the sexual assaults by Moore they experienced when they were younger and Moore was in his 30s.

Moore made a name for himself as a public Ten Commandments moralizer while he served as Chief Justice for the state of Alabama, but he was twice ejected from his position on the Court for violating federal laws. Despite getting kicked off the bench twice for failing to follow the law and being accused of sexually molesting teenagers, Moore has maintained the support of many Christian conservatives in the state. He now also has the support of President Trump.



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  1. Roy Moore confessed to dating children on Sean Hannity. Hannity understood this and laid out what turned out to be a lame “line in the sand.” Roy Moore is perverted. This is NOT politics. This is a serious denigration in the honor, integrity and cultural norms if this man wins. He is NOT fit.

  2. At a girl, there was no reason for that pesky presumption of innocence to apply to your political enemies. And you know what they say; do unto others as you would have done unto you. And heaven can wait, Ms Landman. Case closed.

    • That’s cute, Tim; you actually think anyone is shocked to see you siding with a pedophile. Onward, Christian Soldiers!

      • Like I said, at a girl Seamus. And oh, just as an aside, I think you still might have that reading comprehension problem. Good luck with that.

    • Moore hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime, AP, so he doesn’t get a presumption of innocence. And I definitely believe the word of eight women who had the courage to come forward and tell their stories and risk adversity in doing so over the word of Moore, a Ten Commandments bloviator who has already been convicted of violating U.S. law twice and was ejected from his job as Chief Justice TWICE for that reason.

      • You know Anne, women aren’t stupid. And now that the true colors of the Democrat party are on display, you’d be better off to try and help Trump drain that deviant, perverted, swamp. I’ve been hearing from women all day, in their emails responses back to today’s commentary. And I just don’t believe the identity politics is going to supersede their common sense.

        You saw the beginning of that in the last Presidential election, but it is kind of fun watching the Clinton’s and the Democrat party implode. We fought the GOP for a decade, and just look what we’ve done in less than a year with the Dems.

        May I suggest that your better course of action would be to get behind the Bernie insurgency and run on a reform ticket. It won’t be easy, because we already have a reform President in office. And just as an aside; how’s that fundraising going? A word to the wise is usually sufficient. But two words will work as well.

        • I’m pretty sure that Anne will be able to withstand any slings and arrows from a querulous little old wanna-be hero, who does little but co-opt the and actions of others and take credit for them with his bloated, self-congratulatory prose and transparently false allusions of actual potency. Go gather ’round the Gadsden flag with your playmates and tell each other how it was your bravery and patriotism that made the sun come up today.

          • Seamus, I think there’s something you should know. Being delusional and an angry little man, if that’s what you’re identifying as in this post, is not a strategy. And shouldn’t you be out doing something productive, like picking up aluminum cans? Can’t you see the adults are talking here?

          • That’s the beautiful symmetry between you and the Russian Stooge you worship so fervently, Tim. You’re both tough talkers who love to sling mud at others, but are actually whiny little cowards who can’t take a fraction of what they dish out. No wonder you admire him so much.

          • Hey have you heard this one Seamus; Bill Clinton will go down in history as the only president to have sex in the oval office between two bushes?

            Just out of curiosity Seamus, do they let you sit at the adult table at Thanksgiving dinner? And was that at the request of the kids?

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