Red Rock promotes its reviews on TV, but wait…

Screen shot of a Red Rock TV ad

The Red Rock Auto Group, which owns five dealerships in Grand Junction, has been advertising heavily on local news with ads that tout what they say are their many positive reviews.

We’ve already seen evidence, however, that indicates  Red Rock manipulates online reviews by coercing its employees to write positive reviews (a violation Google policy) and by purchasing good reviews from customers by offering them perks like free gas and oil changes in exchange for positive online reviews.

But we shouldn’t forget the slew of gritty and honest negative reviews that show the real difficulty Red Rock has caused so many customers, and the responses or lack thereof to such reviews from “the owner.”

The following Google review stood out as an example of this, and deserves notice. The poor customer tells his truly sad and disappointing story of his experience with Red Rock and how he got taken, and asks a lot of good questions in his review.  Red Rock completely blows off his experience and his questions, raising yet another red flag for area residents about this company and how it treats its customers, as if we need any more:

Review of Red Rock Nissan by Mark Spangler on Google Reviews





  1 comment for “Red Rock promotes its reviews on TV, but wait…

  1. Lacking self checks for integrity, schemers, scammers , depleted core values the Red Rock operational manual of deception and denial reminds me of a certain ” R” presidential candidate and his associated supporters that continue to deny his 2020 election loss.
    They (all) just keep sashaying through their self imposed muck-in both cases confronted w legal turmoils and now dubious, shameful reputations.
    Thanks again Anne for your update.

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