Grand Junction Jackalopes accept sponsorship by Red Rock Auto Group

Logo of the Grand Junction Jackalopes baseball team

The Grand Junction Jackalopes announced in a May 29 press release that they have “agreed to a sweeping partnership that will make Red Rock Auto Group the official auto dealer of the Grand Junction Jackalopes.”

Local baseball fans will now be confronted with the name of “Red Rock Auto” at every turn in their Jackalopes game day experience. As part of the sponsorship deal, the Diamond Club at Suplizio Field will now “officially be renamed the “Red Rock Auto Diamond Club,” and fans will now enter Suplizio Field through gates re-named the “Red Rock Auto North Gate” or the “Red Rock Auto South Gate.” The grill is even named the “Red Rock Auto Grill.”

That will be tough to swallow for local baseball fans who fell victim to Red Rock’s illicit sales techniques.

Red Rock Auto has been struggling to redeem its image after it was exposed in 2022 that dealerships had long been systematically defrauding customers, banks and lenders, which helped them rake in enough cash for the company buy out five local dealerships since arriving in Grand Junction in 2016.  In August, 2023, two Red Rock financial managers were arrested on charges of forgery, identity theft and criminal impersonation of customers. Forgery was also discovered to be a particularly common practice at Red Rock dealerships. One customer discovered a Red Rock employee had forged his signature on a contract for a $10,000 extended warranty that had been added to his purchase without his knowledge. The customer only found out about it after his bank discovered the forged contract when the customer went to arrange financing. Other customers found extended warranties costing thousands had been added to their contracts without their knowing, even on purchases of brand new cars that came with manufacturer warranties. Extra charges were also slipped into contracts for Resistall coatings, Drive-Pur detail packages and even something called “Worry Free Gas,” that people did not want.

In their arrest affidavit (pdf), the financial managers said Red Rock management encouraged employees to engage in fraudulent behavior. One of the two said he was fired from Red Rock not because he had committed fraudulent acts, but “because he got caught.” In the affidavit, the investigator also wrote that Tyson Chambers, General Manager of Red Rock GMC, pressured Red Rock Human Resources Manager Amy Felix to lie on a form about the reason why the female arrested employee had left Red Rock, so she would remain eligible for rehire elsewhere. Chambers told the HR manager to write that she had left Red Rock because of a long commute, not because she had been arrested for committing crimes against customers.

Tyson Chambers, General Manager of Red Rock GMC 

In March of last year, the Better Business Bureau put a red alert notice on Red Rock Auto dealerships in Grand Junction, saying they had…

“…conducted a file review and found that this company has a pattern of complaints alleging contract issues and customer service issues. Specifically, consumers have alleged contract issues with requests to remove items from their contract. Issues with receiving inconsistent information for vehicle repairs, and receiving delayed responses for assistance and complaints.”

Dale Sundeen, the state Auto Industry  investigator who was investigating Red Rock and then jumped ship and took a job working for Red Rock instead. (Photo: Auto News)

An investigation at the time also found that Red Rock Auto Group had 15 times more complaints submitted about them to the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Auto Industry Division than other locally-owned dealerships. The Auto Industry Division took no meaningful action against Red Rock, however, and in what appeared to be an effort to stymie investigations into their activities, Red Rock management hired Dale Sundeen, the western slope state investigator who had been in charge of investigating all of the complaints against Red Rock, as a “Corporate Director of Compliance.”

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  1. So many brilliant, carefully reasoned arguments:

    “Go swim in the river without a life jacket.”
    “Anne is scum!!”
    “You are trash. Your reporting is trash.”
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    “You should go hang out on the railroad tracks. If I ever see you in public I will make it so uncomfortable that you leave.”

    I am sure that convinces thugs and other losers that violence is the best way to solve problems.

  2. It’s okay to take folks money, as long as you give it to those that don’t really need it.

  3. You are scum. False information false accusations false false false! Get a life and make a difference in the community instead of being a horrible person. I have never seen anything like you. You are a horrible person with fake news. You should go hang out on the railroad tracks. If I ever see you in public I will make it so uncomfortable that you leave.

  4. Your reporting is garbage! Nothing is going on with investigations. Your stories are made up and not true at all. You tried to do a little damage since Red Rock put your son out of business. You info is false and you are just beating a dead horse. Find something else to make up lies about. You are scum of the valley.

    • The Colorado AG is conducting an investigation into Red Rock Auto (I’ve been in touch with the investigator), and it is public record that two Red Rock Auto financial managers were arrested in August, 2023, and charged with forgery, criminal impersonation and identity theft.

        • The NEW news here, if you read the article, is that in spite of their track record of fraud, forgery, shady sales tactics, arrest of employees, etc. that have negatively impacted struggling individuals and families in the community for so long, the Grand Junction Jackalopes were amenable to accepting a major sponsorship by Red Rock Auto, which presumably was accompanied by a large amount of $$$$.

          • You are trash. Your reporting is trash. No new news just using old stories. How is your son’s store? Oh it’s closed! Please go for a long walk in the desert with no water!

            • Seamus! Anne is scum!! Wake up all of you. Anne has no new news. She is salty cause her son’s business failed and wants to blame it on RR. Just blame yourself because you are scum. Find something new to report on. No new news but keep beating that dead horse. Guess that’s what atheists do. Anne is the scum of the valley!

  5. That’s just not right. Yet another reason, unfortunately, to not attend Jackalopes games, the name and lack of MLB connection being the others.

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