Better Business Bureau puts red alert notice on Red Rock dealerships

These days, if you visit the Better Business Bureau web pages for Red Rock Hyundai, Nissan and Kia, you’ll see a red warning at the top of the page like this:

BBB has “conducted a file review and found that this company has a pattern of complaints alleging contract issues and customer service issues. Specifically, consumers have alleged contract issues with requests to remove items from their contract. Issues with receiving inconsistent information for vehicle repairs. And receiving delayed responses for assistance and complaints.”

The warning continues,

“On February 1, 2023, BBB submitted a written request to the company encouraging them to address the complaints. The business has responded to complaints that were included with the complaint pattern. The business has responded to the pattern of complaint, and the following is a summary of the action they agreed to take:

1. The GM of the store will personally reply to all reviews. And the GM will reach out to consumers with negative reviews to help resolve it. And the GM will use the information for internal training.

2. They have signed up with Dealerlogix. This program is for service customers to receive a digital Multi Point Inspection which will allow the consumer to review all suggested repairs and maintenance. Which may include pictures and videos. [NOTE: DealerLogix website says the purpose of its service is to “Drive more revenue” and “Boost dealership profitability.”]

Dale Sundeen (Photo: LinkedIn)

3. Their website will contain a link to contact the owner via his cell number and/or email address.

4. The Service Manager will hold trainings for customer service.

5. Hired a Corporate Compliance Director. [NOTE: Red Rock’s new “Corporate Compliance Director” is Dale Sundeen, who was formerly the Colorado Department of Revenue Officer who was investigating Red Rock.]

6. BBB complaints will be directed to the GM and Owner.”

  3 comments for “Better Business Bureau puts red alert notice on Red Rock dealerships

  1. I agree with Erica. Plus, BBB is not for consumers usually, but business to business. Businesses use it all the time to tout their standing but they can pick and choose what they respond to. Anne,I think this is a case of you bringing to light so many repeated irregularities that they had to respond.

  2. Red Rock Motors, which earned a red-letter warning from the local BBB, is good reason to consider having a witness along, and/or audio/video recording all business and legal exchanges. I wonder what happens to the former state auto sales investigator, turned Red Rock shill, when Red Rock pulls out and flees to another state.

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