G.J. Chamber Director Diane Schwenke’s Anti-Atheist Facebook Post

As if the Rick Brainard debacle didn’t offend enough people for the embattled Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, now Chamber president Diane Schwenke has dug herself a new hole by offending the local secular community with an anti-atheist post on her personal Facebook page.  As Ms. Schwenke says, she finds this nasty joke “just too good not to share,” so I am sharing it with readers. Is it ever appropriate for the president of the G.J. Area Chamber of Commerce to attack minority groups like this? Is it more politically safe to attack atheists than, say, Jews, Mennonites, Latinos or African Americans? And to make matters worse, the G.J. Chamber continues to get public funding from the City of Grand Junction! A larger screenshot of Diane Schwenke’s Facebook Page with her joke and affiliation with the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce can be seen here.

Post on Chamber Director Diane Schwenke's personal Facebook page takes a dig at atheists

Post on Chamber Director Diane Schwenke’s personal Facebook page takes a dig at atheists

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