Delta Middle School Pushes Bibles on Students During Class

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Delta Middle School Principal Jennifer Lohrberg

The parent of a Delta County, Colorado middle school student is reporting some of the most overt violations of separation of church and state yet discovered to be occurring in western slope public schools.

The parent’s child attends Delta Middle School (DMS) and reported to her mom on Friday, December 18, that her social studies class went to the school library with their teacher, Mr. Michael Long ( Once in the library, Mr. Long “announced to the class that there were free bibles available” and students “could pick one up off of a table located in the doorway of the library and take it home.” A student who noted this was a violation of separation of church and state in a public school, took a photo of the bibles on the table and sent it via text to her mother, pointing out that the table was located where students had to walk around it to enter and exit the library.

The student who did not take a bible was confronted by her classmates about why she didn’t take one, and they started shaming her for not conforming to Christian beliefs.

After finding out bibles were being distributed during school time with the endorsement of a social studies teacher, an outraged parent contacted DMS Principal Jennifer Lohrberg ( to protest the overt endorsement of Christianity on school property and during school hours. Principal Lohrberg insisted the bible giveaway was all in accordance with school policy, and sent the upset parent a copy of Delta County School District’s policy governing posting and distribution of non-curricular literature. (pdf)

DMS Violates Its Own Literature Distribution Policy, Multiple Times — And Denies It

Gideon Bibles piled on a table at the entrance/exit to the Delta Middle School library December 18, 2015

Gideon Bibles piled on a table at the entrance/exit to the Delta Middle School library December 18, 2015. (Photo credit: DMS student)

One must only read the Delta County School District’s policy, though, to see DMS bible giveaway violated the District’s own literature distribution policy four different ways

1. District policy states that any “printed non-curricular material” cannot be distributed in “any classroom of any building when being occupied by a regularly-scheduled class.” The reporting student’s class was held in the school library on 12/18 so the class could do research. The library was the students’ classroom that day during regularly-scheduled class time. Moreover, this wasn’t the only class held in the library that day, or the only class in which bibles were foisted upon the students.

2. District policy states “Distribution [of non-curricular materials, like bibles] may be made 1/2 hour before school and/or during regularly scheduled lunch periods…..Any other times during the school day are considered to be disruptive of normal school activities.” This student’s social studies class was held in the library at 9:40 a.m., as was previously pointed out, during normal school hours. More than one teacher brought their class to the library during school hours that same day.

3. Delta School District policy states “Students may not be used as the agents for distribution of such materials without the written consent of the student’s parents.” Mr. Long’s social studies students became agents for distribution when they started pressuring other students to take a bible. No written consent was solicited from the parents of these students regarding solicitation of bibles.

4. District Policy states “No student may in any way be compelled or coerced to accept any materials being distributed by any person distributing such materials or any school official.” Both Mr. Long and his social studies students pressured the reporting student to take a bible. Another element of the policy states teachers can not endorse the literature.  Mr. Long endorsed the bible distribution when he told students “There’s bibles and they are free if you want one.” 

Policy and Legal Violations Ignored by Principal, Assistant Superintendent

The violations of Delta School District policy and endorsement of religion on school grounds during class time alarmed the parent, who in turn contacted DMS Principal Jennifer Lohrberg about it. Incredibly, Principal Lohrberg denied that any violations had occurred, and even assured the concerned parent all was done in accordance with school board policy and the bible giveaway had been approved by the District’s lawyers.

After being brushed off by Principal Lohrberg, the parent called the Delta County School District Assistant Superintendent in charge of Public Relations, Kurt Clay (, who similarly insisted the bible distribution was in accordance with District policy and the school was doing nothing wrong by making the bibles available. The superintendent suggested the concerned parent take the issue up with the School Board.

Fed up with the runaround she got from the Delta County schools, the parent is now saying “This is the last straw. I have had enough.” She intends to contact the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union for help reining in the proselytizing taking place in Delta County public schools, and to protect her daughter from religious coercion in school.

Similar Incidents Endemic to Delta County Schools

Christian proselytizing is a persistent problem in the Delta County School District.  Other incidents of religious proselytizing reported at Delta Middle School alone over the last year alone have included school staff ordering all students to attend a Christian-themed religious play, students in the school’s drama club being forced to attend a Christian-themed musical performance while on a field trip to Denver last spring, and offering free doughnuts to students to coerce them to attend morning prayers led by a DMS teacher. In an interview on KVNF Radio in January, 2015, it was reported that bibles have also been distributed on campus at Paonia High School and Hotchkiss K-8 School in Delta County.


Update, 12/19: The ongoing problem of bible distributions in Delta County schools was covered in a January, 2015 interview on KVNF Radio in Paonia (in Delta County) with Assistant Superintendent Clay and Andrew Seidel, a Freedom From Religion Foundation staff attorney who pointed out how divisive Delta County School district’s “open-forum” policy is, and how these policies contribute to bullying and isolation of students who aren’t Christians, the scenario currently playing out at Delta Middle School.



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  1. You silly people. Anne isn’t “pushing an agenda” at all. She is attempting to educate you on American law. America took a giant step backwards when our national motto of inclusivity was replaced with one born purely out of fear “of the other”. Christians had been trying since the founding of our country to insert their bias into our official documents. They failed dozens of times before, because of our diverse society. What changed? A trumped up and invented fear of “communists lurking around every corner” waiting to indoctrinate your children, instilling an artificial fear in people to further their xenophobic agenda.

    Hang in there, Anne! Not only are you on the right side of the law, but the right side of history. Any references to the god of a single religion, whether on our money or in our Pledge, should be removed immediately. It does not made America great; indeed, it weakens us. The attitude of E Pluribus Unum made America great and it can once more!

  2. Hey Anne, did you check out the new sign at the top of the fifth street hill? It reads; “Arrest Obama”. I went by this morning and it wasn’t there. Came back by this afternoon and poof, just like magic, it appeared.

    Say, you don’t think this might have something to do with those “Trump the Dragon Slayer” people, do ya? I’ll send you a photo to your private email address.

  3. Wow, Anne, I sure hope you’re not planning any trips to Delta, any time soon? Didn’t you know how those Delta folks are about clinging to their guns and bibles? That’s something I found out when I spoke at Delta’s first Tea Party. My kind of folks.

    And they should be getting the GJResult.Tea Party Christmas card in their inbox any minute now. And there’s a hidden message inside. And a very Merry Christmas to you Anne.

  4. To be clear, the Supreme court has also ruled on that pesky 1st amendment free exercise clause as well.
    The Bibles may not be handed out by teachers or the school district, but it is perfectly legal for them to be handed out by students. It is also perfectly legal for them to proselytize.
    Also, if the school allows student supplied secular materials to be distributed on a table in the school, religious material must be allowed as well.

    Points of law:

    It is important to note, that public school teachers may use the Bible in instructional ways-as literature, history, comparative religions, or ethics-in the classroom. This was the holding of Stone v. Graham, 449 U.S. 39 (1980). For this reason efforts to ban the Bible and religious books from public school libraries failed. It is only formal, structured prayer and formal, structured devotional use of the Bible in public schools that are forbidden under the First Amendment as an establishment of religion.
    The First Amendment not only bars the establishment of religion by the state, it also guarantees that individual Americans have the right to the free exercise of their religion (or non-religion). “Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise (of religion].” Public school children, being citizens of America, also have a right to the free exercise of their religion–even in the public schools.
    Since 1990, United States Supreme Court decisions have brought some balance to the questions of separation of church and state by recognizing the free exercise and free speech rights of religious children in the public schools. The United States Supreme Court said in Board of Education of the Westside Community Schools v. Mergens, 496 U.S. 226 (1990), that if a state institution, such as a public school, prohibited religious speech or activities, “then it would demonstrate not neutrality but hostility toward religion. The Establishment Clause does not license government to treat religion and those who teach or practice it simply by virtue of their status as such, as subversive of American ideals and, therefore, subject to unique disabilities.” Mergens at 248 (Brennan, I., concurring).
    The new rule is that public schools must accommodate the religious expression of public school children. Justice Souter said in Lee v. Weisman, “Whatever else may define the scope of accommodation permissible under the Establishment Clause, one requirement is clear: accommodation must lift a discernible burden of the free exercise of religion.” Lee, 112 S.Ct. at 2677 (Souter, I., concurring). S.Ct. at 2677 (Souter, J., concurring).

    Public school students have the right to express their religious beliefs in public school under the First Amendment right of free speech. “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.” As noted in Widmar v. Vincent, 454 U.S. 263 (1981), the law is well settled that religious speech, even prayer, is protected free speech under the First Amendment.
    Students may distribute religious tracts or literature, including Bibles, to their schoolmates in the same manner as they would be permitted to distribute non-religious material. Schools may impose reasonable restrictions on the place and manner for distribution of all printed material, but religious literature may not be singled out for special restrictions or regulations. If the Boy Scouts or community sports team may distribute material promoting out-of-school programs, distribution of similar religious material must also be permitted.
    First Amendment rights include the right to distribute Gospel tracts or other religious literature during non-instructional times. The standard that must be applied is: Does the activity materially or substantially disrupt school discipline?
    The school must prove that such disruption actually occurs. “[U]ndifferentiated fear or apprehension of disturbance is not enough to overcome the right to freedom of expression.” Tinker at 508. When a student peacefully distributes tracts or other religious literature on school grounds during non-instructional time there is nothing that “might reasonably [lead] school authorities to forecast substantial disruption of or material interference with school activities.” Tinker at 514.

  5. Islam and the Quran was taught in a Delta high school social studies book, not to mention the United Nations and its human rights. Yes, human rights that is one of your tags, is out of the United Nations. It is the document that is better known to public school students than the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. There was a few pages on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and chapters on the other and no chapters on the Bible. I brought it to the attention of the school board about four years ago. So yes, it is different, Bible vs. Quran, Christian v. Islam or any of the other sects. We have those offended by the Bible and turn the other cheek when it comes to evolution, Quran, Islam and Muslim being taught in our books in our government schools. It is amazing that all the above mentioned religions are in books in our schools but shame on anyone if the Bible is spoke of or a display is made. Why? Parents are so unaware of what is being taught in our schools that it boggles my mind.
    Another point is that Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Dansbury Baptist Church as a reply because of a demand that they had made to him which in time has turned into the separation of church and state but not intended that way.…/jefferson-s-letter-to-the…

    Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptists
    In his brief response, President Jefferson sympathized with the Connecticut Baptists in their opposition to the state’s…
    People are so ignorant of history and are constantly trying to change it. Sorry so many are offended on what this nation was founded on. This land was preserved for a righteous people and it isn’t that way any longer. It is egregious what is happening.

  6. I love the title of the blog; Alternate News and Views from Western Colorado.

    The title itself says it, when it states alternate, though it would have been better stated to just state you have alternate views or opinions, your right of course, but when you slant the NEWS to make your own opinion seem newsworthy it is nothing more than fiction and not even good fiction at that. Too bad, but it seems this country is going the way of the lie and what once was right is now wrong and what once was wrong is now right. Oh well, maybe all you liberals that enjoy flexibility with the true can cure all our ills! (Sarcasm galore in case any of you are too dense to realize it.)

        • It’s not like teachers are forcing kids to take Bibles. The table in the library wasn’t moved, it’s been there all year and just happened to have bibles on it. What about the students who really need help and want to be a Christian but their parents won’t let them, or don’t think it’s best. I think that allowing the children to have Bibles at their access without them being forced into their backpacks or hands is a god thing weather there’s a church down the road or not.

        • Usually, the areas where there is the highest concentration of churches are the areas that children should not be walking alone.

        • That’s what’s wrong with the world today we have taken God out of everything! Maybe if he was I the schools students would see it as as a sacred place and maybe just maybe think twice before shooting their classmates!

  7. I do believe the separation of any kind of religion from school is something that should be followed. We live in America 2 free country and you can believe in what you choose and shouldn’t be subjected to any kind of religious philosophies in a public school. this should be something the parents should be bringing to their children. but the pure fact that there are so many comments here on the Christian Bible, but when professors in college as well as in high school teachers have introduced certain things from the Quran…. You don’t hear nothing from no one. not even from the atheists at that point I don’t understand this. There has been several incidents is over the last 3 or 4 years with School introducing certain curriculum surrounding the history of the Muslims and Islam. This would really tick me off as a parent because this is religion not a race but a religion which should not be introduced in public schools. that goes for any religion. it is very nice that they had free Bibles but they should have been placed outside the school off grounds or had a special place to give them away. any religious materials should be kept away from all schools including colleges unless you’re learning about religions around the world.

  8. With about 3500 different religions in the world out there plus atheism and agnosticism, it is amazing that the good people of Delta County had the sense to be born into the one right one.
    Could we also put Torahs out for our Jewish residents, Qurans out for our Muslim residents and Satanic bibles for those who are Satanists? Do atheists get to put literature out denying the existence of God?
    Nah, let’s ram the one true religion down everyone’s throat. Imposing it is the best way to get our point across and telling those who differ to leave if they don’t like it, is the best way to rid ourselves of the non-Christian threat. We are nice and neighborly but only if you think as we do. If not, we will bully and step on you. And schools, not our churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples is where this indoctrination into our beliefs should start. (What insanity!)

  9. The report of this, seems to be someone just stirring the pot. Sad, insecure people who are unhappy unless they are sewing seeds of discord and bitterness. I’m really sure the girl was being”shamed because she didn’t accept. …….” really? Do you really expect us to believe this nonsense? Maybe by her piers, but not by the teachers or adults. I just don’t believe that for a second.Bad reporting,which makes the rest of the article hard to belive. You are in a small town everyone knows each other, I would not burn unnecessary bridges if I were you.

    • Teachers don’t stop being bullied. So in my eyes. If the piers are doing it and teachers don’t stop it. Then the teachers and staff are just as guilty!

  10. Tax money should not be used for any religious affiliated teachings. Who wants faux Christians to influence their children? When you proclaim hate for any other human, turn your backs on refugee children and want more guns. You are not a good Christian. Therefore, go back to church and listen. That is where the Bible is taught. Not at public schools. Freedom of religion, also includes freedom from religion. Bible distribution at public schools happens to be illegal. Hire an attorney, there is one from Aspen who takes these types of cases, ACLU and the National Board of Education would be happy to know that Delta school think they do not have to obey the law. Anne, your child does not have to be bullied.

    • If you look at who provided the Bibles you will see that it is the Gideon’s who bought the Bibles NOT the school. There was no “tax” dollar used. The Bibles were not handed out they were there for the taking if anyone wanted it.

  11. Mitch, you are my hero. Keep up the good work. I, an actual student in Delta County, have witnessed the endorsement and pushing of Christianity first hand and would like to thank Anne and the concerned parent for brining this issue to light. I have tried on several occasions to contact school district members about this issue and have been ignored. School, a place funded by a secular state, is no place for religion. Also to other ignorant people on this post please note that not everyone in this community is a Christian. I do not believe in God and I don’t need to have that right jeapordized when I go to school. To the concerned parent I have tried so very hard to expose his issue and would love to work with you in order to ensure this never happens again.

    • Thanks Janet. I was stabbed in school in school in 1972 when a student learned that I did not believe in god and he believed that it was his duty to kill me. He stabbed me with a sharp pencil and broke it off between my ribs. He missed my lung. The principle believed that it was justified because I provoked him by being an atheist. I don’t want more generations of people to have to go to school in hostile situations. Even here in this chat, people are complaining that correcting the abuse of the school system jamming religion down the student’s throats is jamming our religious beliefs down their throats. That is religious privilege and I hope that it ends with your generation.

      I believe that your best hope is that someone with “Court Standing” would file charges against the teacher, principle, and superintendent for distributing material with sexual content to minors. This would basically put the teacher and others on the sex offenders list and send a signal to schools across the nation that Christian bullying will no longer be tolerated. Perhaps an attorney would have more ideas.

      • I am truly sorry that this happened to you Mitch, but I can assure you the God I serve would never have that. Jesus compels us to love…even our enemies…and I’ll tell you that sometimes that is not easy! To think I should love someone who hates me…that’s not an easy call. But you know what? As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that it is better for me to love than to hate. It is better for me and everyone around me. God is good…and His compelling me to love my enemy is the best thing I could do for myself…for my peace of mind…and for my enemy. What good does it do to hate anyone?

  12. Did anyone notice the sign in front of DMS? It says Happy Holidays, not have a safe Christmas break, no words reflecting Christian beliefs. We live in America where we have freedom to “bad mouth” as both parties are doing. Did someone make the child take a Bible, no just encouraged. But she percieved it has bullying. Good grief people, we have men and women fighting for our rights and you fuss over such things. A heads up, enemies like when we divide over ideas policies, and whatever we fuss over. The less United we are the easier it is to destroy. We don’t have to share the same ideas, but we sure don’t need to be cruel to each other.

    • Marissa, distributing Christian bibles in public schools violates U.S. law. When public schools violate the law, it needs to be brought to attention and remedied, or else schools are teaching children it’s okay to violate the law.

      • I would be curious to see someone post the alleged law that has been violated. It would seem that whenever we don’t agree with something, the assumption is that an unlawful act has occurred. I have seen many indicate that this is a violation of US law. Please post the law, code or Supreme Court Ruling that indicates the same.

        • In one of the leading federal court decisions on this topic, Berger v. Rensselaer Central Sch. Corp., 982 F.2d 1160 (7th Cir. 1993), the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which encompasses Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana, held that classroom distribution of Gideon bibles to fifth-graders violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. In striking down the school district’s policy permitting Gideons to distribute bibles at the schools, the court stated, “. . . the Gideon Bible is unabashedly Christian. In permitting distribution of ‘The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’ along with limited excerpts from the Old Testament, the schools affront not only non-religious people but all those whose faiths, or lack of faith, does not encompass the New Testament.” The U.S. Supreme Court let stand this decision, just as it let stand the decicsion in Tudor v. Board of Education of Rutherford, 14 J.N. 31 (1953), cert. denied 348 U.S. 816 (1954) four decades earlier. The law is clear. See more info on this at

      • It is from “of religion” not from religion. You have it wrong. Maybe other religions don’t have an advocate such as the Gideons to distribute their literature. Have you ever asked DMS or CMU if they have requests from other religions wanting to leave literature? Are you a law advocate or just against anything Christians. Marijuana is also in violation of the U.S. Law. Have you written about Colorado allowing it? Sanctuary Cities also violate U.S. Law have you written about that? What are you really afraid of? I would love to sit down with you and talk about it.

    • The split started in the fifties when the national motto was changed from e pluribus unem (from one many) to In God We Trust. Which would have been very upsetting to Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Payne, and many others who set up the United States.

    • Both parties? Did you know that there are 29 holidays that are observed by 7 of the worlds major religions between November 1st and January 15th? It’s hardly Christians against, non Christians. It’s about being respectful and having good intentions by being all inclusive. I’m Christian and have learned not to judge thy neighbor. Liberals, atheists, Jewish, Muslims are all part of gods family. We need to be respectful of others beliefs if we expect people to do the same to ours.

  13. Do bibles belong in school, no. If religion is part of history it can be taught as so, but it’s also important for children to learn that there are other beliefs as well. Parents should also be considerate of that. Although this wasn’t entended, it allowed for this child to be put in a rather difficult situation. She was bullied for not picking up a bible. Her mother has a right to be upset.

    • You are so right! They broke the rules and brought religion into school and should have known better. School is not the place to spread the word of God. It’s for learning the fundamentals. Poor girl shouldn’t have been put in this situation.

      • I’m Christian and believe that these rules are set for a reason. They broke the rules and this girl was bullied. Let the parents decide if religion is something to be introduced and when. Not our public schools.

    • You are so wrong! Bibles DO belong in school, and in homes and in libraries and in hotels, and in jails and everywhere they can fit! The words their in are life giving and have changed the world! You just haven’t accepted that truth yet, that you ARE a sinner, and you need a savior!

      • Teresa, we need no mythological saviors. What we need is for the Delta County School system administrators consult their attorney and help school system personnel understand that the District’s policy of allowing proselytizing in public schools is a violation of the law.

        • This is a shame. Kids are raised now days only to be sheltered from everything. I seriously doubt she was “forced” or “bullied”. I didn’t read anything about someone attempting a beheading over it either. Land of the free country that I served where you have to abide and bend over backwards to appease everyone else’s beliefs and religion except Christianity. Can’t say merry Christmas have to say happy holidays. So much for our free speech. And if you look at it like the schools are teaching our kids it’s ok to break laws…your ignorant. Next thing you know our schools will be teaching them how to steal cars..or rob ppl or even how to get away with murder. In a world where teen mom rules and we re worried about free bibles up for grabs so some kids might decide to read and who knows maybe even make their own decisions. God forbid that to happen. I have no religion preference. So either way none of this offends me. Wait til the real bad people come and start beheading ppl over religion…that’s bullying your belief onto people. Generation of whiners and crybabies. Smdh….what do I know though. I’m just a soldier.

          • I don’t really see a difference between and Islamic radical beheading and a Christian anti-abortion jihadist opening up on children with a machine gun.

      • Teresa,

        There are many religious in the world. How would you feel if instead of those bibles there was a Tanakh or a Torah, or a book about worshiping Buddha? Would you still feel your religion is superior? It’s not. I hope you do some soul searching and come to the realization that you are such a small piece of the overall picture.

      • Amen, absolutely right! That’s it in a nut shell! There is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus. Whether you want to believe it or not! So how can we not try to reach as many people as we can before its too late!!! What we are really trying to do is love people!! It’s all about love!!

      • Amen, absolutely right! That’s it in a nut shell! There is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus. Whether you want to believe it or not! So how can we not try to reach as many people as we can before its too late!!! What we are really trying to do is love people!! It’s all about love!!

  14. This is rediculaous!!! This is something that has happened around here since as far back as I can remember. The school didn’t push her, it was her peers, maybe she should rethink her friends if she isn’t a Christian and has such a problem with something being left on a table free for the taking if they CHOSE to take them. When did this become such a liberal area that gets offended by everything? This is a small town area, if you don’t like what happens here, leave, because obviously you CHOSE to come to small town USA and you weren’t raised here, because of you were you wouldn’t have a problem with this. Take your liberal agendas away from here, we don’t want or need them here.

    • Exactly. I just got done using the email this post shared for the principal to tell them what a great job they were doing and to not sweat the overblown claims of a leftist extremist. Thanks for making it easy!!

    • If you’re grammar reflects your small town upbringing, perhaps you’re the best example of what’s wrong with Delta schools. You cannot even spell, but you want people to listen to your nonsensical ranting?

      • Clara,

        It’s interesting that you ridicule someone’s grammar when the second word in YOUR comment is incorrect – “you’re” translates to “you are.” Just saying…

      • Yes Clara, and the great thing about the small town, is that none is belittled for their language skills, we live one another and we love our kids and your kids. If you can’t handle small town culture, please don’t move here and try to change us. Go back to your friendly cities and leave us alone!

    • Ms. Busby, this isn’t a matter of Delta County being a liberal or conservative area, or telling people to “leave if you don’t like it.” The same laws will apply wherever you go in the U.S., so location doesn’t matter anyway. This is a matter of the Delta County School District violating U.S. law, and the rights of students to be free of religious coercion in their school. The law prohibits public schools and other government-funded institutions from endorsing or showing any preference for a religion. That’s all there is to it.

      • Anne,

        You’re just a trouble-making atheist. This is such a non-story. I truly cannot stomach so-called “bloggers.”

        • Marcellina,

          Thank you! 🙂 I’m honored to be seen as a “trouble-making atheist,” because it’s important to help people better understand the U.S. Constitution.

          I hear chamomile tea is helpful for stomach problems.

          • You are in the same boat with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson who felt that the only hope that the US had to be a long existing country was to have it completely secular. Yet, many of our current presidential candidates would have had them run out of the country for not believing in god.

      • Maybe That’s Why Our CHILDRen Are IN So Much Trouble now. Drugs guns bullying just to name a few. We all turned or fine saying the pledge. Prayers…butt woopins… maybe if parents would do what needs to be done instead of ignoring the poor behavioral issues we wouldn’t be like this. If the bible offends u walk away…if the flag upsets u turn your back. My son is a usmc defending your right to run your mouth on what you think is not right in school. Just remember how things use to listened and had respect…they don’t now…hmm wonder why?

      • It is just too bad that ethical “reporting,” if you wan to call this reporting, isn’t law. So much of what you are spewing is tainted or flat-out incorrect. But I am grateful for your right to spew it and mine to make mention of your bias. Good day to you.

    • Save the bible for bible class, not our public schools. If you don’t like the rules set by our government to keep religion out of schools maybe YOU should move out of the USA.

        • There is no mention of Christianity anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. We have a secular government. The First Amendment prohibits government from endorsing a religion. Handing out bibles in a public school violates U.S. law.

        • The Treaty of Tripoli signed in 1796 and ratified unanimously by US Senate and signed by John Adams in 1797 when it became law of the land. Article 11 states that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

  15. So when my daughter attended DMS she had a teacher that made comments to let her know she was a non believer. Well my daughter and her family are very strong believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. I guess I should have pitched a fit and insisted she be removed from that classroom but instead I just simply reinforced that she should just ignor all negative comments about Our Father in Heaven and go on with day knowing God will provide! There will never be a day here on earth we will all agree on this. So go on with your day believing how you choose. My daughter was harassed for many things in school. She survived just fine. Unfortunately this how kids and many adults act. Very sad but true!

  16. Public schools must teach critical thinking, not fantasy and faith. If a parent wants their child to be proselytized, they should send them to a private institution. Public schools are tax-payer funded, and bound to the separation of church and state. What is the point of having a district policy that upholds that separation, if it isn’t followed?

    Christopher Hitchens aptly points out the infantile nature of religion:

    “Religion comes from the period of human prehistory where nobody—not even the mighty Democritus who concluded that all matter was made from atoms—had the smallest idea what was going on. It comes from the bawling and fearful infancy of our species, and is a babyish attempt to meet our inescapable demand for knowledge (as well as for comfort, reassurance, and other infantile needs). Today the least educated of my children knows much more about the natural order than any of the founders of religion.”

    “Faith is the surrender of the mind; it’s the surrender of reason, it’s the surrender of the only thing that makes us different from other mammals. It’s our need to believe, and to surrender our skepticism and our reason, our yearning to discard that and put all our trust or faith in someone or something, that is the sinister thing to me. Of all the supposed virtues, faith must be the most overrated.”

    ―God Is Not Great

    • If you’re such a concerned citizen, why are you too ashamed to put any kind of name along with your post? My question is, where are you from originally? Most native Delta County residents wouldn’t be cowardly and not post their name.

    • Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess………yes, even you! God IS in fact great,His design of you, even gave you choice to be able to say that, but His word tells us that even at the very end when people actually have proof there is a God,they will still shake their fists at Him and curse Him. Prayerfully that will not be you!

  17. There is nothing wrong with having a BIBLE in school me personally don’t think it would be a bad idea. Let’s think about this people you all obviously attend church on Sundays so are you saying that no child should be around a BIBLE then neither I understand that we all have our own believes and faith’s, so what gives the right to the one’s who come knocking on people’s doors to preach their BIBLE should that be against the law. Seriously, I attended Delta Schools my whole childhood growing up here every morning we would do the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE before starting our day there was nothing wrong with that. There was a comment i read on hear about addressing the things that are more important and its true instead of throwing a baby cry hissy fit about a bible we are all around whether at church or at home or any where in public why not address the big problems like kids on drugs or alcohol, bullying, kids getting pregnant at a young age, and disrespectful kids. Really if you want to throw a cry baby tantrum on what is in our school’s then why not throw one about all the one’s i mentioned NOT A BIBLE we all read or pick up every week or some times in our life. One question for you little missy Do You Attend Church? Do You All Have A Bible In Your Life? Do You Believe In GOD? Ask yourself these questions before going on a rampage.

    • I was a responsible parent and never took my children to church where they would have been at high risk rape by the clergy (my aunt was raped by clergy and our family was punished for her “tempting the minister”). I was a responsible parent and did not keep a bible in the house that would numb the children to actual dangers in the world. I have had my home broken into by ministers saying that they were there to save me. So, I answer the door cautiously when they come knocking. When I went to school, the clergy who were scout leaders would come give assemblies to try to talk kids out of running away because we had so many missing kids. One of the scout leaders was found with over thirty bodies in the crawlway. So, no, I don’t believe in god and I view it is my social responsibility to protect others from crimes being committed under the shield of religious privilege.

  18. Because BIBLES are the very worst thing that kids in middle school are dealing with. Are you serious? What about the drugs/sexting/the ways kids talk to each other/treat each other and those around them? That, to me, is a far bigger problem that deserves far more attention and concern than Bibles. And no, I’m not one of those religious Bible-thumpers that think that religion belongs everywhere. I just think that you are wasting your time/energy/effort on something that so minimally impacts these students. Get yourselves into the buildings. Focus on what REALLY matters. This? Doesn’t.

  19. You wouldn’t be so terrified of the Bible if somewhere deep inside you didn’t believe it could be true. My daughter was taught the 5 pillars of Islam. fear here, because as a Christian I know the truth and so does she. And there is absolutely nothing in the New Testament of the Bible that teaches Christians to kill anyone.’s quite opposite. We are to love even our enemies. If you’re so sure it’s not true, tell your kid to pass it by and go on living free from religion. ..I live free from religion too…thanks to Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross I am TRULY free, because who the Son sets free is free indeed!

    • I am not terrified of the bible. I am terrified of the people who read it and think that it is telling them personally to do horrible things or use it to justify to others horrible things that they do.

          • Jesus came to fulfill the law in that we could not ever obey the law to the degree it took to attain Heaven. He came and died so that our salvation is found in Him as a gift. Yes there is a right way, yes, there will be judgment, but not at our hand. try reading the REST of Matthew chapter 5 where He spoke to those trying to live by a law and judging others in it. ..Jesus had no tolerance for those who persecuted others in the name of God. Try Romans 12:18-21 too.

  20. Interesting that this assistant superintendent mentioned not once, but twice that he had talked to the school principal, referring to that principal in a male reference, when in fact, the principal at the offending school is female. The assistant superintendent stated that he was “not there” so could not speak to the time this took place, then promptly states that it was during lunch time. Something is amiss in this man’s perception of events. As assistant superintendent, the taxpayers should expect specific facts and truth.

  21. I think that they completely missed it on this one. School officials should have been arrested for this due to the distribution of sexually explicit materials to minors. The bible includes many acts that should give it an X rating. Why is it openly being provided to children at school? The school staff should be required to be registered sex offenders and kept 500 ft from children

  22. The Gideons also taught the students that it is OK to break the law. This is something they are supposed to be against.

  23. I want to thank you for the attention that you give to this problem. I know that you take a lot of criticism for it but the fact that there is so much animosity is exactly why it is important. I can’t talk to certain people in my family about this and it hasn’t always been this way. It makes me sad.

    • Thanks, Frances. Only if we get these problems out into the open will the proselytizing in public schools and public government meetings in our area ever be eradicated. It has been left unchallenged forever. But it’s time to confront it and start assuring all citizens are shown equal respect and dignity.

      • Anne, the new testament no where says to kill non-believers. You are full of hate and make up shit to push your agenda. What special feeling are you after to lie about a book that the majority of americans consider special to their life?

        • Buzzt…. Wrong answer.
          “Do not think that I [Jesus] have come to abolish the Law (the Old Testament) or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke or a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law (the Old Testament) until everything is accomplished. (Matthew 5:17-18)”

          “Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: ‘The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must obey them and do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.’ (Matthew 23:1-3)”

          So, that is the part of the bible where Jesus says that all the previous laws, including killing, still hold. There is no old testament absolution.

          Parts of bible that condone killing non-believers:
          Deuteronomy 13
          Deuteronomy 17
          2 Chronicles 15:12-13English Standard Version (ESV)

          12 And they entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and with all their soul, 13 but that whoever would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, should be put to death, whether young or old, man or woman.

          Luke 19:27
          ‘Bring here those who hated me and did not want me to be their king and kill them in front of me.’

          • Mitch
            You are 100% correct. Many of the people posting their religious views on here, happen to be faux Christians. They preach hate, disrespect, would be the first to deny refugee children and are gun toting fools. This is not whom I would want teaching my children about Christ. That would be up to the parents in their homes and not with my tax money. Delta schools are having more than free Bibles going on. They have youth groups during school hours and Christian guest speakers.

        • Thank you Rick. It is so obvious Anne is pushing her agenda. And, when there are so many serious problems the kids face, this is what she writes about? Very lame indeed.

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