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  1. The Western, scholastic, materialistic world has gone a bit nuts.
    In ancient times (and modern if we really want to look) human beings knew intuitively that there was something like ‘God’ or ‘Great Spirit’ out there and within, here. A few who tried really hard had direct inner experience of such deeper realities. Hope that we were more than a random collection of atoms, a sense of the sacredness of life was present.
    Humankind today is caught in nihilism. Man is nothing. Post Enlightenment, etc., modern and tragic world view.
    ‘God’ is Person in most traditions. How can a forum of experts, without experience, having only academic debate/logic to call upon prove a Person exists or not.
    It’s impossible by definition (the person is a mystery) and too, we know this from our own experience. Try to prove to any other person you know, that your mother exists, without them meeting in person, your mother. Can you prove that someone loves you, that love ‘exists’? It takes a personal meeting. Experience, emperia (Greek for empirical,experience. It’s actually on the level of ‘science’, inductive, repeatable experimental logic that leads to knowledge of God’s existence. That’s another story.)
    That is how ‘God’ is met and proved to each who looks. (The hardest thing to do, but not impossible at all. Humility, Love, etc are doors) The modern world, post WWI and WWII especially, is run on Pride and Arrogance. Old idea? yes, Quaint idea? yes, True? I would submit from personal experience (we each have these dark sides to us), yes.

    • Is it possible to disprove the idea of God? No.

      Is it possible to disprove a specific definition of God? Certainly. All you need is a description of the particular god you are trying to find and then look to see if reality is consistent with the existence of such a being. Fortunately, the bible offers a pretty specific list of characteristics that the Christian god is supposed to have. Specific enough that we can be pretty confident whether such a being exists or not.

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