Donald Trump Jr. to Appear in Grand Junction


Donald Trump Jr. poses with an elephant he killed. He holds the hacked-off tail of the elephant in his left hand.


Donald Trump’s sons pose with a leopard they killed on a trophy hunt.

Tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. Donald Trump Jr. will appear in Grand Junction at the Mesa County Fairgrounds, nominally to talk to sportsmen.

Donald Jr. likes to kill rare and endangered animals in expensive trophy hunts overseas. He is supposed to be speaking about “wildlife conservation.”

Anyone who can stand to be in the presence of a human being like this, or who can manage to do it without losing their stomach, is invited to attend.


  4 comments for “Donald Trump Jr. to Appear in Grand Junction

  1. NO sweat …..No hunting….So why would he come here, and people actually showed up to hear him speak about public lands and the wildlife therein. ANyone who showed up to hear him and not taunt him were ignorant easily influenced buffoons. I feel sorry for them. I wonder if they can read the issues booklet.

  2. Just to point out…in all the pictures…none of the “hunter(s)” are sweating. Even in the coldest part of winter, on the plains of Africa, the Sun is warm. The natives are acclimatized to this. But guy(s) from New York? Their clothes should be soaked.

    • From what I’ve heard, the animals are herded to the hunter, so he just waits until it arrives and shoots. They don’t have to really hunt for it…so horrible, they don’t work up a sweat…probably wait in an air conditioned Land Rover sipping champagne!

  3. Thanks for doing this Anne! Sorry, I will be working. Can I give you some $$ to make a poster of one of these pix to show at the protest. Copy Copy can do 18 X 24 for around $35 unmounted. Call me 260-8559

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