Another Reason G.J. Needs a Recreation Center: The Skyline Warehouse

Skyline Warehouse: easy to miss if you’re driving on Highway 6 & 50

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a kids’ indoor soccer game at the Skyline indoor sports facility at 2522 Highway 6 & 50.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Skyline is an old warehouse that in 2011 was repurposed into an indoor sports facility. It is located behind the Auto Zone on Highway 6& 50, just west of Sam’s Club.

The Skyline Warehouse definitely serves a need in western Colorado. Its indoor batting cages and soccer field keep kids active in sports throughout the winter without their having to be out in the cold and the snow. It’s a wonderful thing for kids and parents alike to have a warm, indoor place to play sports in winter.

But Just Look at It

That said, the Skyline warehouse is one very sad-looking, ramshackle place. The walls separating the batting cage area from the soccer field are unfinished and barely slapped together. The insulation in the walls is shredded and falling apart. There aren’t any bleachers for people to sit in to watch soccer games, so onlookers have to stand the whole time to watch games. Many kids aren’t even tall enough to see over the wooden wall of the soccer field to see the games. A window in one of the doors leading into the warehouse is broken and the shattered glass is held together with tape. The parking lot is dirt, which turns into mud after rain and snow.

The interior of the Skyline Sports facility

It’s easy to see a facility like this is badly needed and much-appreciated by parents and kids in Grand Junction. But by the same token, local kids and families deserve better than this, don’t they?

If Grand Junction residents could be persuaded to put just a bit more public funding (yes, *gasp,* taxes!) into building an attractive, up-to-date recreation center to keep families active throughout the winter, we’d have a far more comfortable, appropriate place for families to recreate and have fun. We could also all be a lot prouder of our town, and have happier lives here.

Until we collectively start caring enough to invest a bit more in our quality of life here in Happy Valley, we’ll have to settle for sub-par, improvised facilities like the Skyline Warehouse.


No bleachers for families and fans to sit next to the soccer field


The soccer field at Skyline warehouse

The interior of Skyline Sports facility: slapdash, ramshackle, unattractive, poorly maintained


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