Grand Junction City Council to Host Satanic Invocation Wed., August 2 at 6:00 p.m.

Grand Junction, Colorado will host the state’s first Satanic invocation at their regular City Council meeting on Wednesday, August 2 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting is at City Hall Auditorium, 250 N. 5th Street. It will be only the second Satanic invocation ever to occur in the continental United States.

Grand Junction became a national trailblazer in alternative invocations after the city crafted an invocation policy in 2008 that welcomes all comers. City Council agreed to open up the invocation opportunity to anyone who wants to say it (rather than just religious groups), refused to censor what is said at the invocation or place a time limit on speakers. The policy led to the City hosting the state’s first-ever atheist invocation (video) on January 5, 2011.

People who disagree with having religious invocations of any kind at taxpayer-funded public meetings can send their opinion to the entire city council at once by addressing a single email to You can also leave a message on City Council’s recorded comment line at (970) 244-1504 or write Council at Grand Junction City Hall, 250 N. 5th Street, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501.

“We say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” — City council members bow their heads during Christian prayers at a public meeting at City Hall, September 2, 2015

If you’re in the area and want to catch the Satanic invocation, come early to get a good seat. It promises to be a popular event!

  56 comments for “Grand Junction City Council to Host Satanic Invocation Wed., August 2 at 6:00 p.m.

  1. Now that Western Colorado Atheists and Free Thinkers have adopted and published their preferred deity, and are in voluntary cooperation with; having relinquished (voluntarily) their invocation time slot to the Satanic Temple, clearly they have established their religious preference; and should be allocated with the same rights and privileges due any faith based belief system. And it behooves us all to respect their choice, and their right to make that choice.

    However, they also should be subject to the same anti-establishment of religion rules, equally, with all the other faith based belief system organizations.

    • Thank you AP. Andrew represented Satanism. WCAF represents atheism. Both adhered completely to the City’s invocation policy.

      • I think to the public, it looks at a minimum like collusion. But of course you have every right to deny it. All I can tell you is, it sure as hell twern’t the Mormons.

    • This is a disappointment, AP. Your posts used to be pretty consistent; self-congratulatory, florid rip-offs of the Founder’s statements, filled with bloated, repetitive rhetoric…but at least they were coherent. Now, you’re squealing that Atheists are expressing a religious preference by ceding their slot to someone else? Here, I thought you were all about Liberty…or is that just for the City Council, and others your agree with?

      • Was it just someone else or was it the Satanic Temple? And readers are a lot like family. I don’t get to choose em. But I do often wonder why some of them choose me. Perhaps they’ve just fallen and can’t reach their remote.

        • It was a member of the atheist group, who also happens to be a member of the Satanic Temple. He was not representing the Satanic Temple in any official capacity, so the slot was not relinquished in any way.

          • Well, that just makes all the difference, if it was a member of the Satanic Temple who also just happened to be an atheist. Obviously those convictions may be counter intuitive, but they are not mutually exclusive. A distinction without a difference.

            Is that something like being a deplorable Hillary Clinton supporter? Or perhaps a single point in time in a trans-religious conversion? Do they have special bathrooms for that??

            You are free to believe or not to believe. But doing both at the same time? Isn’t that a lot like being just a little pregnant? You know, if I were experiencing such a conundrum, I believe I’d just keep it to myself. Probably save time, and at best an implausible explanation.

          • All you have to do is accept the possibility that you don’t understand what satanism actually is, and then learn about it and all your assumed problems would go away. I doubt you will, however.

          • Well Scott, I know what God stands for and I know what Satan stands for. And since they/you choose to call yourselves satanists/atheists, I figure you should too. And if by chance you don’t, then I suppose you’ll just have to find out. Let me make it clear to you; I don’t suffer fools well. I hold no interest in why they are fools. I simply choose not to associate with them. And I do believe that falls under the heading of free exercise thereof. You do whatever you want. Just make sure and take extra care that you don’t step on any of my liberty, my free exercise thereof in the process. I wouldn’t like that.

          • If you knew what satanists are really about, and you obviously don’t, you woudn’t be worried about that. But I don’t expect you to learn anything now. You’re too used to knowing everything.

        • You know what God stands for, AP? Really? Your own hilariously overblown ego (force-fed by adulation of your own posts) may be a little out of bounds here. You do know what the Bible says about people who claim to know the mind of God, right? Or is that not in the American Patriot edition?

          • Just out of curiosity Seamus, are you an atheist, a free thinker, a satanist or just another triple dipper? I really don’t care where you are pigeon holing yourself, just trying to find out if I’m dealing with a multiple personality disorder. You’re safe. You’re safe now Seamus.

          • My religion is my own business, although I’ll be glad to offer that I’m not a member or an adherent to any of those belief systems. Not a Satanist, not an Atheist, not in-between. Any other questions you’d like to use to determine my true intentions, Herr Commandant? You do seem to be full of questions about other people’s religions. Here, I thought you were all about religious liberty. Doesn’t that mean other people’s religions aren’t your damned business?
            As for safe spaces, I can’t think of a safer space for a querulous old fool than the internet, where he can tuck himself behind an anonymous keyboard and pretend he’s Patrick Henry. Remember, those brave founders whose rhetoric and stances you continually mimic were not anonymous. They were risking their very lives. You’re nothing but a poser.

          • Interestingly enough, we do agree that all of those are belief systems; which pretty much leaves you in a neutered situation. Now, what are you doing playing around on the internet? Are you currently unemployed, incarcerated or other?

            I’m pretty sure Patrick Henry was an American patriot. Do you find that offensive? Or are you just trying to hide the fact that you’re an agnostic? That doesn’t sound very proper for a son of the Shamrock.

            My friends call me AP. And I think it would be alright for you to refer to me as El Patriot. And I’m pretty sure we’ve met, although you may not be aware of it. Thanks for the answers anyway. It always works better if I know who I’m talking about.

            Now Seamus, was there something you wanted to get off your chest? Just go ahead, let it all out. Spare me nothing. Now you’re talking to me Son, I like that.

          • I don’t cling to the fantasy that internet interaction = personal interaction, so your pretense is wasted on me. I’m sure we’ve not met. I’m confident we do not have any mutual friends. I am employed, but any other personal information is none of your business, despite your near-pathological need for it. Once again, my religion is none of your business. Why do you seem to think it’s something people are hiding? And why is someone else’s religion your business? My concern in this issue is for the Constitution. As I’ve stated before, I don’t care who the City Council prays to, as long as they offer the opportunity to all, as they’re doing. As far as I’m concerned, they’re doing right by the First Amendment. I’ve never said otherwise.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong Seamus Son, but aren’t you on the internet discussing your beliefs and defending the GJ City Council? You’ve pretty much already explained that you’re a member of a faith based belief system. And that, like a roofer’s card just about covers it all.

            The way you came on, I thought you might have something to say. But we’ve pretty well dispelled that notion. And oh, btw, you just feel free to continue yourself. I’m a good listener. And I’ll nod my head from time to time, if for no other reason than just to confirm that I’m still awake.

            And no worries that you don’t remember meeting me. It wasn’t my intent at the time to make an impression. It was more of a recognition thing for future reference. What with the election and resistance winding down, I can foresee a time when I’m going to need a new hobby. And if you can tell me something interesting, I’ll leave your name in the hat. Now, to ahead Son, impress me.

            What are your thoughts on the eschatological hermeneutical significance of the vast magnetorium of human anatomy? (It’s not a preference thing). There are just some things about you, I’d prefer not to know.

          • Seriously, dude…

            Do you really think people are living in fear of your real-world machinations, your dossier filled with snippets of other people’s lives, scrawled on index cards and stored in a Thom McAn shoebox (along with those pictures of your niece, in a bathing suit)?

            Do you really think anyone fears you showing up at their home or workplace, a terrifying presence, like Don Knotts in a baggy Wal-Mart Captain America costume, there to deliver a trembly “I am American Patriot, and this is your day of reckoning” speech?

            Do you think anyone thinks you’re the stealthy, shadowy figure, slipping around behind them, gathering information on his enemies unbeknownst to them (like people don’t notice the smell of Ben-Gay and stale urine)?

            You’re running out of venues to annoy people, aren’t you? Everyone has stupid rules about subscriptions, or threatening people with personal information. Pretty soon, you’ll be reduced to threatening figments of your imagination. But to them, like all the rest of us, you’ll be nothing.

            The only impact you have on anyone is in your own head. You will spend the rest of your life having no actual impact on anything. So, howl to your heart’s content.

          • This is how you start your day, after your lukewarm, extra-watery bowl of Cream-O-Wheat?

            Who’s Matthew (aside from the biblical author most modern Christians like to ignore)?

          • Nod. Yo Seamus, sorry about the delay. I was just taking a nap. You know how it is for us old codgers. I mean it’s not like I was 33 years old anymore. Anyway, you can suit yourself about making a false report. I always find the paperwork on such things interesting.

            While I’ve got you now, I wanted to tell you about the dream I was having, before I was so rudely interrupted. I was dreaming about this girl I used to know (back when I was young and good lookin). She was a California girl from south LA , Riverside or somewhere down there. Anyway, her name was Romana and she had this bulldog. And I do mean that was one ugly bulldog and his name was Seamus.

            Anyway, Romona lived in a third floor walk up apartment in one of those converted to rentals, old Victorian style homes. You know the kind. With hard wood floors, and those low windows. Well, there I am sitting on her couch, playing fetch with Seamus. I’d throw the ball, and he’d waddle and fetch it. That dog did love to play. But anyway to make a long story short, I bounced that ball off that hard wood floor, it went straight out the window, with Seamus in hot pursuit. You know, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sound of that dogs toenails on that slick hardwood floor.

            Now, I knew I had heard that name before. And that’s probably why I thought we’d met. Sorry about that. Anyway, back to that dream. This Seamus bulldog was so ugly that if he’d been mine, I would have shaved his butt and made him walk backwards. Now, Romana always explained Seamus’s bad temperament on the fact that he was a Taurus. And you know how they are, being extra sensitive and all.

            And you know, I hadn’t thought about that bulldog in years, until I read your screen name. Probably just a coincidence. Happens all the time. Like having a license plate or a phone number with the speed limit in it. Now, some people call that divine providence. But not me.

            And oh yeah, Seamus, isn’t that an Irish slang name for gumshoe, sleuth or the expected one or something? I seem to remember some kind of Scottish or Irish myth about a guard dog or something. But I don’t know. You know how these things come and go the older you get.

            I’d really like to stay and chat with you for awhile, but I’ve got some errands to run, down on Colorado Ave. So I’ll just have to catch you later. I do so treasure our little online chats. Never change Seamus. And we’ll do lunch sometime. Back soon. And thank you for caring.

          • Wow. That’s amazing. You didn’t mention anything that’s relevant to me in absolutely any way. If trying to intimidate strangers is your thing, as it obviously is…perhaps you should try looking in another shoebox.
            Sorry to disappoint you.
            Give it another try.

          • Lordy Seamus, I think I did mention a bull dog named Seamus or is relative a relative term. And I do believe Son you’re developing a bad attitude. I was just trying to be friendly and make small talk. And I really don’t see how that could be intimidating to you? I really didn’t expect you to deny anything. And I find it a bit weird that you may have felt that necessary.

            I understand you’re under a lot of stress, what with President Trump about to pull the nuclear trigger. I’d probably feel the same way if that little powder puff Obama had the go codes right now. But try to calm down Son. It’s pretty much the nature of life that it has to end somewhere. If you get older, you won’t find the idea of making a quick exit such an alarming thing.

            I mean, take a look at Glen Campbell (who BTW died today) of Alzheimer’s. That’s the kind of thing that concerns you when you get older. And you pretty much learn to take life as it comes. I swear, I don’t know about people anymore. Running around with no values or principles, like chickens with their heads cut off, feet all over the floor and their bare face hanging out, acting like they were in a hurry to go somewhere. Slow down Son. Take a few deep breaths and of course if you feel the need, breathe into a paper bag. That will take the edge off for ya. Try to see the irony in Donald Trump making life and death decisions for ya. It looks like he just might end up being your President after all. And maybe there’s something relevant to you in all of that.

            And I don’t mean to cut you off short here, but I’ve got to go put the chickens up. You know how it is to be dependable and predictable…don’t ya cowboy?

          • This is so sad.
            American Patriot, the self-appointed Voice of the Tea Party and Elder Statesman of GJ Result, reduced to babbling and trolling?

            I’m more disappointed than anything.

          • Nod. I have great confidence that you’ll get over your depression, cowboy. But I could offer some free advice that I think you’ll find worth every penny. Try not to puke, you may have to lay in it for awhile. I’d like to stay and chat but I have other fish to fry. Fishing is good, cowboy.

          • No Seamus; bad Seamus. Your fantasies of tripping a man and then falling under him should be kept to yourself. We know, Seamus, we know.

          • What’s next? Maybe I’m African-American?
            Will that be your latest avenue of attack?
            When did WLJ take over your screen name? Or have you always been the same person?

          • And pray tell, what exactly do you have against the Western Livestock Journal? You ought to try reading it. You can learn a lot about animals and non verbal communication. You do realize that’s what you’ve been doing. Well, maybe not?

            But thanks for playing anyway. And if I need to know more, I’ll get back to ya. My but you do have a really bizarre obsessive, compulsive disorder. But there’s nothing wrong with that. It just makes your buttons a lot easier to find and push. So I’ll go ahead and take the last word. And I hope that doesn’t bother you cowboy?

  2. Grand Junction has the highest suicide rate in the nation, turns away businesses and business development, is a major point of distribution for the Mexican Cartel and now has set a national precedent for invocation for ALL even atheists at public meetings. Aren’t we Progressive!! Atheist means a lack of belief in the existence of God. Anne Landman, like Madalyn Murray O’Hair, wants to drive God out of all public meetings by eliminating invocations. Anne feels her purpose in life is to scoff at the God of the masses and she has that right. Couldn’t you come up with anything better to dedicate your life to? To the Christian God says, be patient as evil dwells in my kingdom for the day will come when the weeds will be separated from the grain. Interesting fact that Madalyn’s own son has spent his life righteously disavowing the ruin his mother spread access our land.

    • High suicide rate, poor economic development, and run by Christian conservatives who did not want to have this invocation.

      Don’t forget the rest of the story.

    • Thank you for the comparison to Madalyn Murray O’Hare. What a wonderful compliment.

      I’m wondering why you believe an all-powerful God would give Grand Junction such a high suicide rate, by the way? Just curious.

  3. This is so dumb I really can’t believe they are going to allow this. Back in the olden days they would hang for this kind of stuff and to allow it this is so so wrong

  4. I think this is wrong.. Satan is evil and this is what he wants.. Can’t you people see that.. So all you free thinkers and atheists better hope there is no God when you die because you’ll have to answer to your beliefs then. Praying for you.

  5. So.. you took God out of schools and now putting the enemy up front? Realy? God help us.. I pray in the name of Jesus of Nazareth that you find God and wake up before it’s to late. This is not ok. I believe in freedom to do what you want but what happened to One nation under “God”??
    Praying for all of you and our town.

    • “One Nation Under God” was never part of the Founding Fathers’ documents; it’s part of the Pledge of Allegiance, and was added in 1954 to help combat the “godless Communists”.

    • Dennis, please do more than pray. Take action and tell City Council how you feel by calling and leaving them a message on their comment line at 244-1504 or emailing right away.

      • Gee, Ann…you said this on the Sentinel’s webpage, just today:

        “By Anne Landman – Thursday, August 3, 2017
        Thank you, City Council, for treating all people of Grand Junction equally for allowing all to participate.”

        And now, you’re urging ALL of those who disagree to call and comment?
        If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re trying to get these people to force the City Council to stop its open invocation practice, so you’d then have grounds for a lawsuit. Using those who disagree as your puppets, so to speak.
        Nah…that’d be really disingenuous, especially after thanking them in print, right?

  6. If the city council is going to honor Satan they need to honor the serial killers to and the pedophiles because that’s who is behind their evil.
    The city council is playing The Most Dangerous Game in Town telling God that he is not God but that anyone can be God or is God.
    Satan is not God and this is going to stop because other Christians are not going to put up with this evil.
    I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that every one of those City council members are voted out and never be allowed to be in any position of authority.

    • The City Council allowed an invocation to Satan, because if they’re going to pray to their god during a government meeting, they have to offer others the same opportunity. They’re just trying to protect their own ritual.

    • Jarr,
      Damn straight. Please take action and tell City Council exactly how you feel by calling and leaving them a message on their comment line at 244-1504 or emailing right away.

  7. Regardless of your beliefs or disbeliefs, great care should be taken in all manner of things even remotely related to the free exercise thereof, to hold to the power of persuasion over the persuasion of power. To do otherwise simply removes the free from the exercise. It’s not about religion, it’s about liberty. Let us pray that a free people never forgets that.

  8. Personally, I don’t care if the City Council prays to their made-up deity, as long as they allow people to offer prayers to the made-up deity of their choosing, or to even offer an invocation that denies the existence of all made-up deities. It doesn’t matter to me if they are only allowing other faiths as a legal maneuver to justify their own. That’s still adhering to the First Amendment.

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