Hyper-conservative “ReaganGirl” Marjorie Haun backs tax increase

Local far right winger and gun nut Marjorie Haun takes a liberal stand in support of an increase in the local sales tax

The worm turns.

However uncharacteristic, prominent local conservative Marjorie Haun, who bills herself as “ReaganGirl,” has found a tax she likes, and she’s urging others to like it, too — and vote for it.

Haun backs a proposed sales tax increase on the next local ballot that will help support the Mesa County District Attorney’s office and the Mesa County Sheriff Department.


It’s a very weird thing in Mesa County when normally tight-fisted, vocal local conservative goes all out to support a tax.

In January, 2014, Haun a blog written by a third party titled “Taxation: the Enemy of Free Enterprise,” and she normally rails against the evils of taxes in a capitalist society. In addition to opposing taxation, Haun promotes the use of firearms and has written in her blog, “ReaganGirl.com,” that poverty is a lifestyle choice, white privilege is a myth and marijuana use “turns young men into biological young women.”

For the moment, though, ReaganGirl is acting like a good liberal by putting her community’s needs above her own conservative dogma of keeping as much money as one possibly can to oneself.

Conservative “ReaganGirl” Marjorie Haun supports raising the local sales tax, but got the date of the Commissioners meeting wrong

  4 comments for “Hyper-conservative “ReaganGirl” Marjorie Haun backs tax increase

  1. Okay, so now that you’re all in the mood to support law enforcement, how about “MO Jo” (Sheriff Joe for Senate)? Got a hunch, bet a bunch. It’s all good. The ground’s already shakin’.

  2. Why would it surprise me that there’s no conversation to be had? And why is that? Because those that I could have the conversation with think they already know what the official Republican party line and agenda is? And that they have no doubt in their minds that yellow flag represents that party line? And it’s all simply a ploy by unprincipled men to keep their stuff from being redistributed? Well, tell me folks, how much of my four hundred and eighty seven dollars a month Social Security do you think I can afford to lose?

    And so what does that predicament make me? A useful idiot? That I would take fifteen years of my retirement to repeat by route and ad nauseam what Benjamin Franklin said; “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic”.

    Where do my riches lie? In the bank, or in the liberty? And what do I have to leave as an inheritance for my children, if not liberty. Are you surprised that I would make every effort, pay every price, bear every burden for sustainable liberty? There’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you want it to be sustainable, you have to work for it. You have to fight for it. Yeah, and sometimes people have to die for it.

    And one last thought; If someone took your message and attributed it to someone else, applied it to someone else’s agenda, how many times would you keep getting up, keep trying to say this is who I am? And you don’t know me. You only think you know who we are, and what we have to say. Could it be important to you too? Or should I just ask; when did you make the decision to re-purpose your life to a political party’s agenda. Because we never did.

    That’s what the Republicans know that you don’t.

  3. What’s wrong with this picture??

    An interesting photograph you present of Marjorie Haun; painted in pastels, right wing, gun nut, conservative, “Reagan” and of course for a background, no doubt Marjorie herself staged the American flag and a Tea Party flag, which pretty much verifies for twenty bucks, (ten dollars per flag), you can become whatever political persuasion you choose to be identified as.

    Of course, being personally acquainted with Marjorie Haun, my first question would be what happened to the GOP flag, which seems to somehow have mysteriously gone missing. It’s enough to make a reasonable person curious as to just how that happened? And perhaps what would happen?

    What would be the effect if say, a local atheist group came out in favor of the tax, just to address the communities needs of course? Would there be an equal and opposite reaction? And for only ten bucks, (and a false flag), you too can be a player in the psychological warfare games to divide any resistance to your political party’s agenda.

    I mean, who are you going to believe? Marjorie Haun or your lying eyes? Or is that just a false choice? Are you just going to believe the part that fits your political party’s agenda? Pretty amazing isn’t it, that it’s so easy to believe what you want to believe? What is a convenient conclusion?

    Well no worries, you’re not the first one to fall for that. And you definitely won’t be the last. So here’s a little free thinking exercise for you Anne; why not review what you know occurred over the past decade between the Tea Party and the local GOP? But perhaps you think all of that co-opting that occurred was perhaps staged for your benefit? Do you know what happens when you follow your instincts and lay blame and target the wrong group of people? How do you suppose they feel about that? Or is that even a concern?

    What’s wrong with our country is that we’ve lost the ability to trust and/or verify. Perhaps for more than any other reason that we have our cell phones, our government first responders but most of all, we have the illusion that it’s someone else’s job to fix what is broken in our people. Oh, we still get the opportunity from time to time, but the urge to use it is put into assisted, self imposed submission.

    So tell me Anne, what is it that our people, our communities really need? And how do you suppose another false flag operation will serve that need? But who you gonna believe? Your lying eyes?

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